What Netflix’s Racist “Dear White People” Writer Said On Election Night

‘Dear White People’ is a new Netflix series set to roll out in April. This original series is about a diverse group of minority students attending a predominantly white Ivy League college where they try to make sense of and navigate through different forms of racial discrimination.

In other words, it’s a show about racist, anti-white people.

The trailer was recently released on Netflix, as they do with all of their upcoming releases, and it obviously wasn’t received well.

After digging deeper into the filmmakers involved with the series, someone had come across something heinous one of the writers, Jack Moore, had posted to Twitter on election night.

It was short and to the point what Moore tweeted.  It simply said, “[Screw] white people.”  Of course, the word “screw” wasn’t the actual word he used – it was the much more profane version of that word.

And what’s odd is, Jack Moore is white.  Really, really white.  Like nerdy white.

But people noticed his racism immediately after researching the show – and here are some of their responses when they found out on February 9th:

@amadora27000 tweeted “@JackPMoore let me guess… voted Hillary.”


Revolution MAGA @Douglasmaher tweeted “@JackPMoore @GQMagazine @jack Absolutely unacceptable.”


Deplorable Dave @Serenity3033 tweeted “@JackPMoore what is wrong with you?  I subscribe to @netflix, I hope they terminate any dealings they have with you…”

But people didn’t stop there.  Many canceled their Netflix subscriptions for good and encouraged others to do the same.

But this, by far, was the best tweet:

So as it turns out, racism isn’t cool.

Netflix is yet another in long list of businesses supporting the anti-Trump movement.

Don’t give them your money.



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