What These Democrats Are Doing to Kill the Kavanaugh Nomination Will Floor You

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been the center of a political firestorm for months now.

After President Trump declared he was his newest nomination for the Supreme Court, Democrats went wild.

And now, the same Democrats have put the nomination on hold — and their collusion may have killed it for good.

Brett Kavanaugh is now the center of an investigation by the FBI.

The investigation is to decide whether Kavanaugh has sexually assaulted a woman.

This ludicrous notion came out when Dr. Ford reached out to Dianne Feinstein and claimed Kavanaugh had assaulted her.

Ford claims that he drunkenly forced himself on her at a party.

Three months later, Democrats are still reeling over the nomination.

A Mission Gone Wrong?

Democrats have turned their goals as senators from advise and consent to seek and destroy.
The allegations brought forward by Ford are three decades old.

They do not have supporting evidence to prove he assaulted anyone.
Read more about Ford’s disastrous testimony here.
And worse yet the Democrats betrayed Ford too.

Ford sent her letter to Feinstein asking to keep it confidential.

But she pushed Ford to testify, and her team of lawyers released the information without consent.

Feinstein and her team may be investigated for breach of confidentiality now too.

An Investigation Gone Too Far?

Now an investigation is underway.

The investigation is being handled by the FBI.

But Trump doesn’t seem concerned that his nomination is under scrutiny.

Trump claims the case is a “blessing in disguise.

He feels Kavanaugh’s name will be cleared.

But Democrats want to push the case even further.

Now they want Kavanaugh punished for lying.

The Democrats lack the evidence they need to support Dr. Ford’s claims.
Now, they are reaching to find something wrong with Kavanaugh.

Republicans agreed to give the FBI a week.
But Democrats are fuming that it will not be enough.

Democrats have never been supportive of Republican nomination picks.

Just take a look at when Obama did not attend the funeral of former Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Read more about it here.

They want the investigation, intended as an expanded background check, to include perjury.

Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler claimed, “We would have to investigate any credible allegations, certainly of perjury and other things that haven’t been properly looked into.”

Democrats want the investigation to be long and lengthy.

They want this so that the investigation is dragged out as long as possible.

When interviewed by the Daily Caller, Kavanaugh’s policy manager had this to say:

This has become a pattern: when Ford’s allegations started unraveling, the Democrats started pushing out more and even less-well founded allegations,” Carrie Severino, policy director at the pro-Kavanaugh Judicial Crisis Network, claimed.
When a hearing was set they insisted that wasn’t enough and further FBI interviews were necessary. Now that the FBI is doing an investigation they are turning to absurd attempts at nitpicking and intentionally misinterpreting Kavanaugh’s testimony,”.
This has never been about finding the truth; it has always been about delay and making outrageous claims to rile up their far-left base,” she concluded.

Do you believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh is being wrongly accused?

Do you think Democrats are sabotaging his nomination?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



6 thoughts on “What These Democrats Are Doing to Kill the Kavanaugh Nomination Will Floor You

  1. A patriot

    Feinstein sounds like a crook, looks like a crook and just was reincarnated as a liar that works for the devil, I mean the communist democrats. She is so old and crazy that she needs a medical exam–Please

  2. roboteq

    Socialist Democrats are working off of the premise that if you swing a hammer long enough, eventually you might hit a nail. They are doing what manipulating Progressive Socialist always do, which is to confuse an issue to the point of decent people being in fear of making a wrong decision. Keeping the masses in a constant state of confusion and fear, divide and conquer are ways that fascist regimes have been working for centuries.

  3. Sean Rickmin

    The densoc RATS are working to take away our AMERICA bit by bit.Their slime slug nobamba was very good at this and then they thought that the queen of the darkside would continue the destruction but the patriotic AMERICANS screwed up their agenda.Now they are just a bunch of very sore loosers and that includes ALL densoc RATS and a few RINOS.

  4. John Mueller

    Unfortunately, David, the left is not led by idiots; it is lead by ruthless, demonic, planning individuals who have only one thought in mind: power. And what do they want that power for? To globalize the United States and make it a weak sister under a globalized world run by a few wealthy, evil men. Most of the left are too stupid to realize what Progressive really means and therefore they think it might be good. However, if Progressives really exposed their plans, they would loose more of their base.
    First, the progressive plan is to do away with all history because history teaches lessons from the past. They wish to do away with anything that is “behind” them and only introduce new things; new teachings, new technology, new behaviors, etc. This is why they have done away with the Math that we learned, (common core is the only math being taught today), new writing (no more curirory writing), no more teaching how to read an analog clock or watch, etc. All of these things are things of the past. Bring back the metric system, don’t teach history, geography, government, social studies, or anything reference to the past. Tear down all the statues because they are a big part of history. Talk down anyone who opposes them.
    This is being taught to grammar-school children as well as higher grades. Colleges and Universities are being loaded with “professors” who teach hate and condemnation of what this country was built on. The entertainment community, which never has had many really intelligent people feels that this is all right.
    God and patriotic feelings have been either forgotten or ridiculed. The flag no longer is respected. Athletics are the new hero’s; police, fire fighters, the military are now the enemy. God is technology. This is the United States we are becoming today; and if the left is allowed to lead, that is the America we will become.
    This is where Obama took us; this is what Hillary was supposed to expand. If she would have won, we would not be anywhere near the country we were thirty years ago. She lost and President Trump is tearing down the “legacy” of Obama as quickly as he can. If Brett Kavanhaugh gets on the Supreme Court, we stand a real good chance of what I have described never happening. If one more Justice (Ruth) leaves the Supreme Court and President Trump can appoint on more Justice, the progressives can kiss their idea of where the United States should be goodbye. And that’s their biggest fear. All you and I can do is wait and see….

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