White Cops Targeted Across America

It’s a dangerous time to be a police officer in America –especially if you’re white.

With the recent cop shootings, and the manufactured race war being pushed by Obama and his crew, chaos is rumbling through America’s neighborhood streets.

In Detroit, four men were arrested for posting on Facebook their intent to murder cops.

The Detroit News reports:

“One of the men reportedly posted “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter. Kill all white cops.”

Police Chief James Craig reacted and said threatening to kill cops goes way beyond the First Amendment right to free speech.

The Detroit News continues:

“Social media is new territory, and while it’s been established that hate speech is protected by the First Amendment, we’re talking about people specifically saying on Facebook they want to kill white police officer,” said Craig who said the Police Department’s counterterrorism unit saw the alleged threats while monitoring social media.

“If someone threatens to kill the president, that person would be arrested and prosecuted. How is it any different when someone threatens to kill white cops?”

Earlier last week, a Tennessee man was so upset at the recent shootings of black men by white cops that instead of posting to Facebook his intent to kill, he actually carried it out. The Tennessee man randomly opened fire on innocent white people and white cops.

The Blaze reports:

“Investigators say Scott killed one person, 44-year-old Jennifer Rooney and wounded three others. The TBI identified those who were injured as Deborah Watts, David Whitman Davis and Officer Matthew Cousins.

Scott had two guns early Thursday morning when he shot at a motel in Bristol, Tennessee, and then shot indiscriminately at several passing cars. When he was confronted by police, he fired at the three officers who responded.”

In Missouri, a cop was shot in the neck while walking back to his car after a traffic stop.

Additionally, two cops were shot in Georgia.

Threats are continuing to mount against law enforcement officers as a bitterly divided nation is pitted against one another by the Obama administration.

Do you think the lives of white cops are in danger? How do you think the authorities should handle death threats leveled at law enforcement officers?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Roy Johnson

    Is America no longer a Nation of law? The democrap party has disgraced America! Where is Our WH? Can it be anymore criminal?

  • Ted for President

    I have always said ( even when I was a U.S Navy Master at Arms ) . that all lawmen should not go out with out full body armor ..especially in this day and age and none should go out alone. and they should have a monitor in a High hide protecting the headquarters building Plus they should be a Drone in the air overseeing the cops on foot. and also keeping track of the Prowl cars at the same time . Also make a threat against a cop on Facebook or anywhere automatic 10 yr sentence before Trial even if it is witnessed by more than one person.. NUFF SAID!!

  • Ted for President

    Oh I almost forgot . Wherever there Beat Cops ..There should be a Cop Sniper in a High Hide with a Clear field of fire to protect them just like in the middle east cause lets face it folks this is a war against those who are sworn to protect and serve ..Amen !!

    • Edgar Longenecker

      The second amendment need not apply to the Gestapo, considering, the right to contract, supercedes their right to work the system from both sides; armed and, psychologically challenged…just as those misfits who hired then…. Snidely…. Edgrrr……. Protection of the people is better done without these Fascist Feeding Frenzies…. and, artillery toting Gestapos…..

  • JS417

    what else can you expect with the shit that is in the white house. This one is the number 1 racist in the world. All he has done, is travel and enjoy the world at the tax payor expense. I can tell though, not all of the Negro race are bad. I have a manager at work that is of the Negro race and, I can honestly say that he is a very good and cool person.We also have two more co-workers of the Negro race and, they too are very good people. What I do not understand is why is this dumb mother fudger in the white house want to divide the country. Can he be any more of a dumb ass-hole. Fortunately, he is at the end of his tenure. (AMEN to That)

    • rchguns

      I hate to burst your bubble.
      Dirty Diaper Head Obama has absolutely no intentions of leaving office. You will more than likely change the title from president to something else or grand Muslim Leader or some equally stupid title.
      He said eight years to prepare for this and has prepared quite well. Our best military leaders have been purged from the Pentagon replaced by his flunkies. He’s got the majority of our best friend military personnel locked down in this cesspool of countries in the Middle East.
      Homeland Security is the one political promise that he kept. ” I will create a civilian police force as well armed as well trained as the US military and they will be answerable only to the executive branch” in the event declare martial law homeland security will come in and take the place of local, county, and state police. The courts will be shut down because the writ of habeas corpus is totally negated under martial law.
      The TSA will limit the travel of Americans either by air or by any other means the TSA can also control the movement of supplies because they control not only what flies but what is on our freeways and are rail systems.
      NSA they basically control all communication between individuals and have been and continue to be monitoring private conversations either by landline or cell phone.
      Radicalized Syrian rebels have been brought into this country and some reports indicate that there may be as many as 100,000.
      Mainstream media, he’s had virtual control of them since before he was elected they will happily write anything that there told to.

      All that Obama needs is an excuse the only legal way that if president can declare martial law is in the face of a bona fide emergency and with the support of the local agencies. In other words if the writing is bad enough that the civilian authorities feel that they cannot handle the job they can request federal-aid and once the president has that it’s all over he will instigate his coup. Ferguson was only address reversal see how quickly he could organize a riot.
      With Ferguson being a success he moved on and each time it is getting progressively worse. Angers of frustration are reaching the flashpoint.

      Obama is going to have to make his move no later than January and possibly even before November but in either case there will not be a new president sworn in to office if things go his way.
      Take time out and say a prayer for the United States of America that are Constitution and our Bill of Rights will be maintained and that there are still sufficient Americans who are willing to stand up for their country.