White House Leak May Prove To Be Major Security Threat

Another leak from the White House just made headlines.

Portions of a secure conversation by the President were released and may prove to cause issues with foreign affairs.

The new leaks affirm the ongoing witch-hunt against the Trump administration.

The Washington Post released transcripts of conversations President Trump held on separate occasions with the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of Mexico.

The conversations were in large part related to immigration and border safety.

The Daily Caller reported:

The release of the transcripts is likely to anger Trump for two reasons. First, the transcript of the phone call with Peña Nieto shows that Trump views construction of the border wall more as a political necessity than as a security issue. Trump has also fumed about sensitive leaks coming from his administration, which he sees as an attempt to undermine his presidency. Last week, Trump publicly criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not doing enough to find and punish the leakers.


There is no indication in the Post report of who leaked the call transcripts. But the newspaper notes that read-outs, which are compiled from notes taken during the phone calls, are often shared among White House staff and policymakers.

The leak may prove to be a major security threat for several reasons.

The call transcripts reveal President Trump arguing about the border wall with Mexican President Pena Nieto — and when taken out of context, Trump’s conservation makes it seem that the border wall plan is crumbling.

Furthermore, the conversation with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull revealed the United States may be accepting dangerous refugees, thanks to a deal made by former President Barack Obama.

The Daily Caller continued:

“This is going to kill me,” Trump told Turnbull, according to The Post. “I am the world’s greatest person that does not want to let people into the country. And now I am agreeing to take 2,000 people,” he added, inflating the number of refugees being allowed into the U.S.


“I hate taking these people,” Trump said later in the 24-minute conversation. “I guarantee you they are bad. That is why they are in prison right now. They are not going to be wonderful people who go on to work for the local milk people.”


Turnbull attempted to appeal to Trump’s experience as a businessman.


“There is nothing more important in business or politics than a deal is a deal,” Turnbull told Trump. “You can certainly say that it was not a deal that you would have done, but you are going to stick with it.”

President Trump recently criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not doing enough to find the source of the White House leaks, which continue to cause issues for the President, as well as reveal government information that seems damning when taken out of context.

Do you believe the leaked phone calls may prove to be a security threat?

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  • lark2

    Of course these leaks will be a security threat to the country. Their purpose is to embarrass the administration and if there are ANY negative outcomes, Trump will be blamed. Negotiations involve a give and take and in the development of relationships. Leaks taken out of context could defeat the administration’s negotiating position. Leakers should get “Clinton justice” … they need to be shot in the back of the head …like a “robbery gone bad”.

    • David Gearhart

      Just because Michelle said that all old white men need to be taken out and shot. Doesn’t mean that you too can talk genocide. Only the Obama racist, BLM, black panthers, nation of islam can demand the slaughter of all whites to include their babies. With the white alt left being suicidal supporting them as they kill off our police that are there to protect us from their hate.

  • 1IndianaSeniorCitizen2

    Why is a former obama aide still there — we need to get rid of these weasels NOW.

    • Carolyn DeVoe-forrest

      STFU, as a woman if you voted for an accused child rapist, a sex assaulter, a fornicator, liar, Traitor, tax evader, that sure speaks volumes of what and who you are, so as far as I am concerned your opinion means nothing.. you are as disgusting as he is..

      • reggie

        Your rabid rant is totally uncalled for. Shame on you.

  • David Gearhart

    All of the Obama radical left overs need to be removed. They are still a part of his crime wave.

  • Kathy Moon

    This is old news….

  • Perry Perno


    • will rodgers

      congress, even the GOP is blocking him. McConnell is allowing the DEMS to slow walk all the replacements Trump needs. Fire Mitch and we’ll get tax, health and a clean staff. The house sent up over 300 bills supporting the Trump agenda, and McConnell is sitting his fat RINO ass on them. He needs to be put out.

      • Marvin Durnil

        I totally agree. I have said this from the beginning of McConnell’s first week as Senate Leader!!!!!1

  • Brad Fisher

    For “Pete’s sake” Mr President, don’t just talk about firing, do it. Fire any Bum holdover.

  • mary murphy

    When I worked in a government office with a Secret security clearance, a leak of that kind of information would have meant loss of security clearance and, more than likely, jail time. Why doesn’t that happen any more? Just wonderin’.

  • Kika68

    I have been saying it is Jeff Sessions all along. He is a RINO. He tries to hide that fact but he is a RINO. Where are the grand jurys for Hitlery and her gang of cronies. Why isn’t that being taken care of. Sessions is a RINO. Trump needs to remove him , period

  • Bob Barton

    That’s the communist(Obama)way.The white house needs to bring in some shit eating dogs to clean this mess up.

    • Marvin Durnil

      Agreed, but are you trying to kill the dogs????

  • Brenda Sinclair

    i would sure want to know who leaker is, and clearly someone on the inside, i think it is mike pence, i may be wrong but too many things just adds up https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ac8d2beb5385fff4186258939703734a7f8e52baabb0cede8bcea83292e2ecc9.jpg

  • Hildegarde

    Time to send McMistrer out of the CIA he is your leaker for one and get rude of the rest of OBAMA hold over

  • charlie

    all of the demonrats in goverment need to be removed as none can be trusted. THEN we need to see kilery, oblunder and all their henchmen tried, convicted and hung for their treasons. then we need to start getting rid of rino’s. Them rino’s can be investigated if we have a Real Attorney Genera li nplace of good ole but sessions and there are several things that each can be chraged and convisted of if the proper investigation is done. Start with mclame, ryan, mcconnell and graham the n keep going