WHOA! Joe Was “Biden” His Time To Finally Say Something Shocking

It feels good saying “former Vice President Joe Biden” doesn’t it?  We can finally undo the damage of the former administration and move this country in a direction that is not headed for disaster.

And finally, we can rid the Internet of those insufferably unfunny Obama and Biden “bro” memes that evoked eye-rolls with lame jokes.  To be clear, it’s not that they’re offensive, they’re just really lame jokes.

Obama held a surprise Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony recently.  No, not the one this past November with numerous celebrities and sports athletes receiving the honor.

The former President “surprised” Biden and presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is normally the highest honor a civilian can receive for their service to the United States. And in this case, it was a head scratcher.

Obama commented on the memes featuring Biden colluding to make life difficult for the incoming administration by acting out silly pranks before Inauguration Day.

Obama said, “This will give the Internet one last chance to talk about our bromance.”

The media and liberals found his comment especially hilarious because he acknowledged the running joke.

But exactly why was Biden given the highest honor a civilian could receive?  No idea.

On a very serious note, and all political affiliation aside, Biden has suffered an enormous amount of grief from immediate family deaths in his lifetime.  He lost his wife and two children in his lifetime.  President Abraham Lincoln saw three of his four children pass away as well.

Maybe his tragic losses were Obama’s reasons to award him with such an honor?  Was it given to him out of pity for his tragic losses, or to specifically acknowledge their “bromance” publicly?  Otherwise, it’s a head scratcher.

But after receiving the Medal of Freedom, Biden appeared on that heinous show, The View.  You know the show – the one with the obnoxious women on the couch.

And Biden had some surprising things to say about the incoming administration, particularly Mike Pence.

Biden eased the panel’s minds when he said he has confidence in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s ability to perform the duties of his office.

Biden said:

“The Pences know this.  They’ve been pros.  They’ve been doing this,” he said, calling them “fine people” and a “beautiful family.”

He did compensate, however, saying, “I have strong disagreements with them on social policy, but they’re fine, they’re decent people.”

Ask most Democrats and liberals everywhere and they’ll explain to you why Pence is an evil man while giving you no substance as to why.

On the issue of national security, Biden said:

“I am confident Mike Pence has a clear understanding of American foreign policy, where the genuine threats are.  We disagree, as we have, between mainstream Democrats and Republicans, but he is fully aware …”

Biden also surprisingly offered good words about some of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. He said he had “great confidence” in nominee for Secretary of Defense, General James Mattis.  Frankly, most liberals surprisingly like Mattis as well.

He continued to share his thoughts on the rest of Trump’s picks:

“There are serious, serious people around the president who know a great deal about national security and foreign policy.”

This could’ve been an untruthful gimmick by Biden to put people at ease, but it seemed genuine.

It was a shockingly honest and obvious assertion most people already see in Pence. It was also a nice departure to the baseless criticism the Democrats have been spewing in their direction for a while.  At least Biden’s remarks seemed that way. But again, he may have just been blowing smoke.

What do you think?



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