Why Is Black Lives Matter Absent In Louisiana? Because They Don’t Care About Black Lives

Black Lives Matter doesn’t care about black American lives, according to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

If the radical black supremacy group actually cared about helping black Americans, they would be helping the victims of the flooding in Louisiana.

African American cities like Baton Rouge have been severely devastated by the flooding, yet the racial activists in the Black Lives Matter movement are nowhere to be found.

In the words of Sheriff Clarke, they’re noticeably absent.

And it’s becoming obvious that the Black Lives Matter movement has no intention of actually helping people who are in dire need.

Instead, Clarke says that Black Lives Matter only cares about political power — and they’re using the bodies of dead Americans to accomplish it.

“Black Lives Matter? They don’t care about black lives,” Clarke said. “They don’t care about anybody’s life. They only care about political power. I am not shocked.”

Clarke continued by pointing the finger at President Obama, arguing that, “this has all trickled down” because he remained on vacation instead of rushing to the flood zone.

“President Obama views everything through the prism of race,” Sheriff Clarke said. “He’s a race hustler. He engages in race politics.”

“He’s an elitist. He’s at Martha’s Vineyard while American people are suffering down in Louisiana.”

Obama has come under intense scrutiny lately for staying on vacation with his family while a natural disaster destroys a large American community.

So far, Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, is the only active presidential candidate from the two major parties to visit the state of Louisiana, and during his visit, helped hand out food and other items needed to the victims of the flooding.

In contrast, the Clinton campaign decided to take a different route.  Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called in to reporters to discuss the tragic situation unfolding.

Sheriff David Clarke has blasted the Black Lives Matter movement for weeks for spreading a vicious anti-cop sentiment and attacking law enforcement.

After the police slayings in Dallas, Texas, where at least ten officers were killed or maimed by a gunman who was “upset” with white people and “white cops”, Sheriff Clarke called for the Black Lives Matter movement to be labeled a “domestic terrorist agency.”

Clarke has long maintained that Black Lives Matter is nothing more than an anti-cop movement, and he has refused to apology for his defense of American police officers.

“This anti-police rhetoric sweeping the country has turned out some hateful things inside of people that are now playing themselves out on the American police officer,” said Clarke.

Recently, the Milwaukee County sheriff called for the mobilization of the Wisconsin National Guard to return peace and order to the streets of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee has come under siege from Black Lives Matter protesters who rioted and looted the city following the death of an armed black criminal who was shot and killed by a black police officer.

“We as a people need to declare that we stand with rule of law, and not with the false tales of the revolutionary Marxist forces, who most recently have rebranded themselves from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter,” declares the Sheriff Clarke.