WikiLeaks Newest Leak About CIA Could Mean SO Much More

WikiLeaks just released a new batch of classified material which specified how the CIA can utilize a massive overreach on any digital device and turn it into spyware – something that would be an attack on every American citizen’s right to privacy.

Yet, while in office, former President Barack Obama told the American people the government had set up a Vulnerabilities Equities Process which would no longer hide the zero-day exploits that allow such spyware attacks to be possible from digital device manufacturers.

But these newest leaks show that either the CIA misled Obama, or the former President misled the American people – meaning this newest batch of hacked CIA information was a tactically planned release and so much more.

The Washington Times reported:

“The documents detail some of the roughly 500 projects from the CIA’s Engineering Development Group (EDG), the majority of which consists of tools used for penetration, infestation or implanting, control and exfiltration from computer systems.


The CIA’s ‘Weeping Angel’ spyware attack on Samsung smart TVs, which was developed in cooperation with the United Kingdom’s MI5, places target TVs in a ‘Fake-Off’ mode and then operates the TV as a listening device.  The recorded conversations are then transmitted over the Internet to a covert CIA server, according to the documents.


The data also revealed a CIA project in 2014 that attempted to infect vehicle-control systems used by modern cars and truck.  The purpose of the cyber attack was not specified, but it would potentially give the CIA control over operation of vehicles.


WikiLeaks speculated the agency could use the hack to ‘engage in nearly undetectable assassinations.’  WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange said the document dump, which he dubbed ‘Year Zero,’ revealed the extent of U.S. cyber espionage and the risk proliferation this unchecked technology posed to the world.


‘There is an extreme proliferation risk in the development of cyber ‘weapons.’ Comparisons can be drawn between the uncontrolled proliferation of such ‘weapons,’ which results from the inability to contain them combined with their high market value and the global arms trade,’ he said in a statement.


‘But the significance of ‘Year Zero’ goes well beyond the choice between cyber war and cyber peace. The disclosure is also exceptional from a political, legal and forensic perspective.’


WikiLeaks said that it carefully reviewed the ‘Year Zero’ disclosure and published substantive CIA documentation while avoiding the distribution of ‘armed’ cyber weapons, awaiting a consensus on the technical and political nature of the CIA’s program and how such ‘weapons’ should be analyzed, disarmed and published.


WikiLeaks also redacted and rendered anonymous some identifying information in ‘Year Zero’ documents.  The redactions include tens of thousands of CIA targets and attack machines throughout Latin America, Europe, and the United States, according to WikiLeaks.


The ‘Year Zero’ dump eclipsed the total number of pages published over the first three years of information from NSA leaker Edward Snowden.”

This massive overreach, unchecked power, and manipulation of the truth is obviously the overall takeaways of just how dangerous the CIA and the federal government, in general, have become.

But what’s more curious about the newest WikiLeaks dump is the timing.

Recently, President Trump called out Obama and announced on Twitter that he tapped his phones during the campaign.

While the mainstream media attacked President Trump, stating his accusations were baseless with no evidence to back it up, a couple of days later this new information was released – describing just how easy it actually is for the CIA to tap and monitor, not just phones, but any digital device.


Founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, may have discovered this new information and released it accordingly, or maybe he released this information in direct response to Trump’s tweet to show just how simple it is for the government to spy on anybody in the world.



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