Will Comey Try To Sabotage The 2018 Elections?

For almost two years, Former FBI Director James Comey has had his sights set on one goal, and one goal only: bringing down Trump.

After leading a disastrous investigation against former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, without a doubt, Comey set out to sabotage the election in 2016.

Now, a recent tweet from Comey reveals that he is not done meddling in politics — and is working to sabotage this year’s election as well.

Former FBI Director Comey spoke out against President Trump this week as he ripped into the president and his views on his Twitter feed.

Comey, who was fired by President Donald Trump in May 2017, used his public presence to pressure voters to vote against Trump at all costs.

In a tweet, Comey pressured United States voters to vote for a Democrat in the 2018 Election –regardless of their political party affiliations.

Comey urged that “history has its eyes on us”– a ridiculous play off a line from the liberal Broadway musical, Hamilton.

Comey’s pressure to endorse Democrats came only days after President Trump’s controversial summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Many were frustrated with Trump’s open acceptance of Putin’s denial of whether or not Russian operatives had interfered in the 2016 election.

Trump claimed that while he has great confidence in the U.S. intelligence community, the Russian president, Putin, gave a “strong and powerful” denial.

Trump also added that he did not see any reason why Russia would be behind such an attack on the American political system.

Finally, he added that both the U.S. and Russia are to blame for strained relations — but confirmed that was merely a call for peace in corrupt times.

Trump later released a statement saying he was not questioning whether or not it happened, but why he wouldn’t have believed it would have happened.

Comey later accused President Trump of treason after his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland — and used the misinterpretation of Trump’s words as “evidence” that voters need not side with Republicans.

Nonetheless, Comey attacked the President, calling him a “murderous, lying thug.”

This was the day an American president stood on foreign soil next to a murderous lying thug and refused to back his own country. Patriots need to stand up and reject the behavior of this president.” He claimed in a tweet.

But President Trump has since rectified the situation after he realized his comments needed clarification.

After reading through a transcript, Trump confirmed that he accepts the American intelligence community’s conclusion that Russian meddling in the 2016 election took place.

He claims his words were misinterpreted, and that he truly meant he wouldn’t believe the Russians in lieu of his own people.

Do you believe Comey is out to sabotage the 2018 election and undermine Trump?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



16 thoughts on “Will Comey Try To Sabotage The 2018 Elections?

  1. meangreenMarine

    This man was fired for a reason. Before you listen or read his recommendations, remember, he lacks three primary characteristics.
    Character, Integrity and Honor!
    Pres. Trump has all three!

  2. Den Zampieri

    Comey needs to join Hillary, Nancy P, Maxine W and her crook of a husband, Barbara J and leave this country.

    1. Dorris Ponstingl

      NO, leaving the country doesn’t secure America from them returning. NO ,there new residents will be GITMO. They have it enlarge to accommodate all the traitors..this is going to be sooner than there expecting. WE have a VERY INTELLIGENT PRESIDENT now And they CAN’T compete with him.. show there ignorance every time they make a threat.

      1. Tom

        If Trump is going to send them to GITMO, he had better get cracken, because liberals think that they are above the law, and if Hillary is any example, they are right, because she is so guilty, she should be buried beneath GITMO, after she is tried convicted and then hung for all her crimes, just think of all of the people that have mysteriously died, that have been on her death wish list.

  3. FedUp-Chuck

    This “director” directed nothing but a corrupt bunch of lieing, cheating, socialist, Anti-American DEMONCRATS that are living as if the world is going to end if they don’t get back in leadership. Obumass, Pukeface, Schcumbag, Wicked Witch of the West, BullyBob, (and I hesitate to, but put McCan’t and Old McDonald in the bunch) need to disappear from the face of the earth. They have no credibility, no morals, no love of country, no love of the office of president, no respect for the constitution or flag,and only have love for themselves that, because of Mr. Trump’s election, can’t stand to see America being the great nation the forefathers designed it to be. They are our worst enemies, not Russia, not Syria, not ISIS, not Al-kyda (sp.) not even North Korea; THESE WICKED PEOPLE IN WASHINGTON ARE OUR WORST ENEMIES AND THEY NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE WHERE ?PEOPLE? ACTUALLY THINK THEY ARE GREAT, SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! It’s going to get to the point that Patriotic Americans are going to rise up against the stupidass liberals and wipe them out if something isn’t done soon to unite the country, but these dumbasses think they can defeat that uprising!

    1. Tom

      Yeah, and I bet when they do, they will not be unarmed, although they should be, because remember they don’t believe in guns.

  4. Dorris Ponstingl

    Yes, he will try, HE IS TO STUPID TO KNOW HE IS A LOSER.Can’t wait to see when he gets sent to GITMO how he wished he would have shut his lying mouth.. IDIOTS just don’t seem to believe there going until there shipped off.But his room mate Mueller will not be alone.

  5. Jerubbesheth xx

    That’s like asking “does a bear crap in the woods” Of course Comey will interfere. Comey is part of the reason why the U.S. is in this mess. Per Comey “if you love your American Values vote Democrat. Comey and the Liberal Commie Democrats could care less about American Values. What the Democrats want, is open borders and a one party rule. A one party rule = communism. Americans aren’t stupid as you look Comey, just the ones that believe Comey’s Bull $%&^ and vote Democratic. So if you like your freedoms and liberties, gun rights, and your American Values, Vote Republican. The past 8 years of Commissar Obama, should be enough reason not to vote Democratic.

  6. Ulla Camp

    Comey you can kiss me where I’m highest while plucking strawberries and thanks but no thanks, I’m NOT listening to you, why would I listen to a liar??? I have my own agenda and yours and mine are NOT the same…. I hold my country and my President way to dear to listen to you…….To me you are somebody, who belong in prison, you would look so cute in orange……..lol

  7. Wayne Mayer

    James Comey is a lying leaker who corrupted the FBI !!! He needs to be held accountable for his actions as FBI Director.


    finally Comey admitted that he is a Hillary’s boy, …. imagine .. he had to try to clear her from all those crimes and breaking laws as it never existed. PROBLEM .. Comey, what it is written, written it is. no matter you forget about it, it will come back and those written words will get you, straight to jail. the same goes for Hillary and a whole bunch of YESTERDAY’S that think they belong today. DEMOCRATS ARE YESTERDAYS, REPUBLICAN IS TODAY .. RIGHT NOW .. AND OUR NOW WILL LAST FOR A WHILE.

  9. Alleged-Comment

    Who appointed Corney? The Nerogro obama. Who appointed obama? 535 Congogressmen.

    You been played and betrayed.

    Good bye.

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