Will This Lead To Hillary’s Impeachment?

House to consider perjury charges against Hillary Clinton for lying to Congress and the FBI

Even if Hillary Clinton wins the Presidential election in November, she may not be eligible to take the oath of office.

That’s because the House of Representatives is considering bringing perjury charges against Clinton for lying to Congress and the FBI – both of which are federal crimes.

“Members of the House Judiciary Committee are set to question FBI officials next month about allegations of perjury involving Hillary Clinton’s conflicting statements to Congress last year,” The Washington Examiner reports.

“A Judiciary Committee spokeswoman confirmed the hearing to the Washington Examiner and said lawmakers plan to approach the issue at an FBI oversight hearing the panel holds each year,” the paper reports.

At issue are specific claims Clinton made to the House Select Committee on Benghazi while answering questions about her email server.

However, her statements, made under oath, conflict with the evidence collected by the FBI.

“Goodlatte and Chaffetz detailed four of the Democratic nominee’s assertions that clashed with evidence Comey revealed to the oversight panel last month, including her insistence that no material marked classified had passed through her network.


Comey testified that his agents had recovered at least three emails bearing classification markings from the multiple devices Clinton used to communicate while serving as secretary of state.”

If Clinton is charged with, and convicted of, perjury, that could lead to an even bigger legal showdown.

It could mean Clinton could be impeached as President – or as President-elect.

There is precedent for impeaching a President for lying to Congress and committing perjury.

Clinton should know.  She served as Democratic staff on the House Judiciary Committee that drafted and adopted Articles of Impeachment against Richard Nixon in 1974.

Specifically, the Committee recommended Nixon be impeached for “making false or misleading statements to lawfully authorized investigative officers and employees of the United States.”

Among those whom Nixon provided false testimony to was Congress, the same body to which Hillary Clinton lied.

The Judiciary Committee approved the Articles, but Nixon resigned before impeachment could be voted on by the full House.

Most prominently, Clinton’s own husband was impeached by Congress for perjury.

The first of Articles of Impeachment passed against Bill Clinton convicted him of having “willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony” to a federal grand jury considering a sexual harassment suit against him.

Bill Clinton’s second Article of Impeachment convicted him of having “willfully provided perjurious, false and misleading testimony in response to questions deemed relevant by a Federal judge.”

There is precedent for impeaching a President for lying to Congress, just as Hillary Clinton did.

While it’s nice to see couples doing things together, a Presidential impeachment shouldn’t be one of them.



4 thoughts on “Will This Lead To Hillary’s Impeachment?

  1. gladys whipple hurtis

    God knows we are so sick of this woman. Everybody knows the problem but no one seems to have a real solution.

  2. hdrydr

    The House is filled with geldings. If she gets elected (which I doubt will happen) the House will do what it normally does…NOTHING.

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