Will Transgenders Control Your Church’s Sermons?

Obama’s transgender bathroom law is dangerous and its effects are permeating throughout America.

Indoctrination of children in public schools to accept the transgender lifestyle is being managed through Common Core, and the dangerous march continues towards forcing the rest of America to comply.

In the interest of 0.3% (those who identify as transgender according to The Williams Institute, 2011), state mandates protecting “transgender rights” are allowing men to enter girl’s shower rooms, dressing rooms, and restrooms if they merely say they identify as a woman.

(The Transgender Problem For The Rest Of America, Part One)

The state mandates also allow transgender supporters to ban any statements made “open to the public” that “might cause individuals to believe that they are unwelcome because of their perceived gender identity”.

So, where are these transgender mandates being forced now?

In the house of the Lord.

The so-called “Civil Rights Commission” in Iowa has made a claim that it has the right to control the content of church services open to the public.

The mandate violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which protects free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to peaceably assemble.

Forcing churches to allow men in women’s restrooms and dressing rooms to accommodate 0.3 percent of the population – so they feel better about themselves and their “identity” – would put our most vulnerable in danger and violate the church’s understanding of God’s truth.

Muzzling our faith leaders is inconceivable.

Buckle up, because we’re in for a bumpy ride.

People of faith have already been under intense attack for their religious beliefs against homosexuality.

In addition to threats of death and destruction for businesses who choose not to cater to homosexuals based on their religious beliefs and an incident where a Missouri State University student was recently dismissed from a counseling program for expressing opposition to counseling same-sex couples, recent court cases in favor of homosexuals are already stacking up, including these most recent cases:

  • Court clerks in Missouri cannot cite their religious beliefs to excuse themselves from issuing marriage licenses to homosexuals.
  • Christian pharmacists in the state of Washington are forced to dispense abortion pills against their deeply held faith.

No doubt, judges will continue passing similar cases in favor of transgenders.

Those pushing the transgender agenda despise religious liberty.  People of faith are seen as a thorn in their side as their push for acceptance is met with resistance.

After all, people of faith bring a deep sense of ethics and logic to the table, something those confused about sexual identity don’t seem to understand.

Ethical standards say we must protect our most vulnerable, and logic states that putting the interests of 0.3% above the interests of 99.7% of Americans is a gross injustice.

The First Amendment is under siege, and now they are coming after our churches.

Be aware.  Yours may be next.