You Won’t Believe How Much Robert Mueller’s Probe Cost Taxpayers

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has now spent years leading an investigation into accused collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russian organizations but has gotten nowhere.

Members of Trump’s campaign have been picked apart and slandered by Mueller’s team – yet the Democrats have nothing to show for it.

Worse yet, Mueller left more devastation in his wake than originally thought – the financial strains of his witch hunt.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been operating with almost limitless power during his investigation and limitless funds from taxpayer money it seems.

Under the appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Mueller has created more havoc with fewer results than even James Comey, who famously butchered the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crooked business affairs.

And Mueller certainly used his connections in the government to not only wreak terror on members of Donald Trump’s former presidential campaign but amassed a shocking $17 million debt since it began.

As a result, President Trump has started to take offensive measures against Mueller and his team.

While President Donald Trump frequently takes to Twitter to discuss topics of hot debate, his recent tweets are directed solely at the Special Counsel’s failure.

President Trump took to Twitter this past week to express his unparalleled frustrations with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s botched collusion case.

Shockingly, it seems this was not enough to close the case for good.

Mueller’s investigation is now launching into its second year, with costs still increasing.

According to the Daily Caller, between October 2017 and March 2018 the Special Counsel spent a stunning $10 million.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the spending went to personal compensation and benefits for Mueller’s staff.

The remaining funds were used for building space, travel, and other operational expenses.

The Department of Justice reportedly spent nearly $5.5 million to directly support Mueller and his investigation alone.

President Donald Trump is confident this is not the end, either.

Though the President has repeatedly said there has been no collusion, Mueller’s efforts against the President’s campaign are still going strong.

While Trump remains guiltless in this case, Mueller and his team are digging themselves deeper.

The investigation has also ensnared other officials under Trump’s administration and campaign alike, such as former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort–over other issues, however.

Regardless, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s campaign will certainly continue, per Donald Trump.

In fact, the President is certain the investigation will break a $20,000,000 million record, without getting any results.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt may soon be over after this report was revealed.

Not only is he wasting government funds by leading an investigation with no results, but he is demoralizing the current administration under the taxpayer dime.

Do you think Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt may soon be over?

Or do you believe the Department of Justice will let the investigation run up a $20,000,000.00 tab?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • A patriot

    but the bastard mueller and his crooked communist demogog staff on trial and put them in GITMO for life

  • Lobolobo

    I think it’s about time an investigation is started on Mueller. He has scammed the
    American people long enough and needs to stop this rip off!
    The People have had enough!!