You Won’t Believe What Megyn Kelly Just Did

Megyn Kelly is once again at the center of controversy.

The former Fox News anchor jumped to NBC.

But the transition has been anything but smooth, and now she is in the middle of another storm.

When Kelly moved to NBC, she was promised a weekday talk show, a Sunday night news magazine program and a role with NBC News for breaking stories.

But her daytime talk show has yet to be announced, and it is already causing problems.

NBC made room for Kelly’s new program by canceling the popular “Today’s Take” 9 a.m. hour show hosted by Al Roker and Tamron Hall.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

NBC is dropping the third hour of its morning show “Today” to make room for a new talk show with former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.


Staffers of the third-hour show, known as “Today’s Take,” were informed of the decision after Friday’s program. An NBC representative declined to comment.


Kelly’s new show will debut in the fall and air in the 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. hour, said two people familiar with the plans who were not authorized to comment publicly.


If it airs at 10 a.m., the current fourth hour of “Today” with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford will move to 9 a.m.


Other people who work at “Today” who have been briefed on the plans but were not authorized to discuss them said NBC News is leaning toward giving Kelly the 10 a.m. slot with a live show in front of a studio audience. If that’s the case, it will not have the “Today” brand name.

The move caused tension at the Today Show and NBC.

Celebrity Insider reports:

A source said staffers are confused, and they do not know if they will keep their jobs if Kelly decides she wants to hire fresh faces.


According to Radar: “It is a mess and causing massive internal drama. The staff at the Today Show’s 9 and 10 am hour do not know if they should be looking for new jobs.”

Gifford and Kotb are among those left in the dark.


The insider added: “Kathie Lee and Hoda have been kept in the dark about what is happening to their show and are livid. And now Megyn is pissed that she’s going to get a slow rollout starting with just a weekend show that no one cares about.”

NBC has only added to the intrigue by not announcing a start date for Kelly’s show.

This has also reportedly upset Kelly.

Celebrity Insider also reports:

Kelly is not thrilled by her quiet rollout.


“She was promised fireworks and a huge advertising campaign around her debut,” the person shared. “Now it doesn’t even look like she will be getting a weekday show until the end of the year. They have managed to piss off everyone!”

Kelly became a controversial figure during the 2016 election.

She angered many conservatives by firing personal attack questions at Donald Trump during the first 2016 Republican Presidential debate.

Trump then boycotted a second Fox debate that she was set to co-host.

Kelly was applauded by left-wing media outlets for her treatment of Trump, but she alienated Fox News viewers.

She could be facing a difficult situation at NBC.

Kelly has been off the air for months, and there is no guarantee her audience from Fox will follow her new show.

And liberal viewers could see her as a former Fox News host and judge her to be too conservative.

Will Kelly’s new show at NBC succeed?

Let us know in the comment section.



15 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe What Megyn Kelly Just Did

  1. Sharon Jeanguenat

    I don’t think it’ll succeed. She ticked off too many conservatives, who were followers of her show, not to mention the ones that didn’t follow her. She let her ego get too big, & thought she had it all to take what she wanted. Not only did she get ugly with Trump, she also helped sabotage Rand Paul’s bid. The media needs to stay OUT of the political side, & just report the facts for each candidate. She tried harder to sabotage Trump than the lamestream media did.

  2. Jay

    Fox has a great lineup & other than Shep Smith I watch most of the others. Shep is probably on CNN payroll working at Fox. He is constantly on an anti-Trump tirade. I turn off the 3-4 slot until Cavuto comes on. Megyn Kelly is likely to flop big time. Conservatives will not watch her so she loses the Fox audience & the liberals at NBC are likely to think she’s a phoney which she is. She’s further damaged herself by appearing on femanazi shows like the ‘View’. She is a bimbo as Trump said & it was Roger Ailes who launched her career & gave her a prime slot. She’s a ungrateful wretch who spits on the steps she climbed !

    1. kroz

      The best way to sink Shep’s ship is to turn him off everyday. His ratings will suffer….. and everything is about “ratings”!!!

      1. Jay

        It’s not just Shep – The Murdoch brothers reportedly don’t like the rightward tilt of the network & want to change that. They sweetened the offer to Megyn Kelly but she still walked away. That’s when Papa Murdoch stepped in & gave Tucker the spot. Now with attacks on Bill O’reilly & with Fox to investigate him, Bill may also be gone as his contract is up for renewal. Fox needs to understand if they want to be CNN light they’ll lose viewership rapidly.

        1. kroz

          I would like to see Tucker get a two hour evening gig. Give him O’Reilly’s hour!!
          Everything and everyone in America is fighting back against the conservatives. FOX News needs to remember who butters their bread and not desert their viewers.

  3. Trou De Culle

    NOPE – – – –

    Just one of the not so latest has-beens attempting resurrection via personal believed merits. It Don’t work that way.

    In Victorian times they used the rotten fruit n vestibules to throw at the bad actors.
    They did not recycle them . . . .

  4. drbhelthi

    Regardless of how Kelly presented the questions, it was possible for Mr. Trump to answer them with honest answers. Which he did _ to an extent. Quite obviously, Kelly was working from her agenda, Mr. Trump was working from his agenda, and the two did not mesh.
    Mr. Trump´s agenda required support for his candidacy, while Mrs. Kelly´s agenda required answers for some subtleties that she used her lawyer skills to investigate. She did her job very well, which did not coincide with Mr. Trump´s agenda at the time. Supporters of (president) Trump continue to think that Megyn Kelly should have supported Donald Trump, but which was not her job. Had candidate Trump responded with candidly honest answers, it would have strengthened his image during the candidacy.
    President Trump´s continued defensive stance is being seized upon and used against him by the evil owners of western world media and their stooges. The Bush-CIA-Clinton-Obama-DNC-FBI continue the attempted coup détat against Americans.

    1. kroz

      There was never a question about whether Kelly should or should not support candidate Trump. That was honestly never the issue. The issue was her vicious rancor in questioning Trump. She was seething venom. THAT is what infuriated many viewers. It was not a fair delivery of a possibly legitimate question.
      Personally, her “ratings” went to her head and she felt invincible. She became cocky and self confident. I had already quit watching her program before she jumped ship.

  5. 67primrose

    She changed to the left on Fox so I stopped watching her and I’m sure a large number of other viewers won’t follow her either.

  6. Richard Bagenstose

    a bitch that used her tight ass to get where she is at , and now she wants to cry about it, face it any half desent looking women is a bitch , either give them what they want or your history , not to mention she has gone lessie , feel sorry for her old man, probly ain’t got laid in 10 years,

  7. Mimi

    I will never forget how she launched her attack on Donald Trump right out of the box in the first debate at Fox. That did it for me – I don’t plan on watching anything she does. Seems too narcissistic for me…

  8. Eli Charlie Noseworthy

    SPOILED BRAT, she’s hurting a lot of people, hope she FALLS FLAT ON HER FACE, she deserves it !!!

  9. drbhelthi

    It is a bit unfair to blame Kelly for the disappointment of viewers who wanted her to follow the agenda of (president) Trump rather than her agenda as a journalist for FOX news. The habit of scapegoating others for ones personal dissatisfaction seems to be a world-wide carry-over from the historical, Biblical practice that has been continued by Judaism. The search for popularity is related with viewer audience statistics which is related with profits and high-salaried TV journalists and moderators.

    HOWEVER. It is possible to pose the most stringent questions without being in attack mode, as though one is a prosecuting attorney.

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