You Won’t Believe Who Shut Down A Gay Rights Parade Using Mob Threats

It’s not a hate crime when liberals do it

The mainstream media is in a wall-to-wall feeding frenzy of coverage after a mob of violent protesters shut down a gay rights parade.

Actually they’re not.

The mob was the “Black Lives Matter” movement, so the media is keeping their mouths shut.

Black Lives Matter protesters shut down Toronto’s annual gay rights parade Sunday by lying down in the street and screaming, “Shut it down!” while lighting pyrotechnic flares and smoke grenades.

BLM activists shut down the parade for half an hour, demanding parade organizers to adopt racial quotas and ban police officers from the area.

The parade resumed only after Toronto Pride Director Mathieu Chantelois literally signed a document agreeing to their childish demands.

The use of flares and threats to attack a gay rights parade went virtually unreported in the mainstream media.

In fact, what little coverage there was largely favored the disruptors.

“How Black Lives Matter used Toronto’s gay pride parade to make a statement,” a Christian Science Monitor headline blared.

Imagine the headline if a Catholic church had lain down in the street to stop a gay rights parade.

“Toronto’s annual gay pride parade came to a sudden halt Sunday afternoon, as Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists staged a protest against Pride Toronto’s “anti-blackness” amidst puffs of rainbow-colored smoke,” the Monitor reported.

Beaten down by a regime of political correctness that places gays and lesbians beneath other groups in a liberal hierarchy, Toronto Pride praised BLM for shutting down their parade.

“During the parade, BLM-TO started a conversation with us to explore how we can create an even more inclusive and safe festival. We, like BLM-TO, have a commitment to ensure our most marginalized communities feel safe and welcome at the festival,” reads a statement from Pride Toronto.

Yet, it seems unlikely to think that any gay rights’ groups would refer to the Westboro Baptist Church’s tactics as “starting a conversation.”

Not that you can blame them.  Liberalism has made it clear that gays and lesbians are second-class citizens in a system where being a victim is a career choice and something to aspire to.