You Won’t Believe Why The IRS Covered Up Over 1 Million Illegal Alien ID Thefts

Greedy government agents said nothing for four years as illegals stole identities, because they saw dollar signs

If you’re willing to sneak over the U.S. border and steal someone’s identity, the IRS believes you’ll also be a law-abiding taxpayer.

No, really.

They said that.

The agency is just now admitting that, between 2011 and 2015, over 1.1 million Americans had their identities stolen by illegal aliens.

“The 1.1 million cases of identity theft that the inspector general found from February 2011 to December 2015 involved so-called Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers that did not match the Social Security numbers that were listed on other documents included with the tax return, such as a W-2,” The Washington Free Beacon reports.

The IRS knew the identities were stolen, but never notified taxpayers or even law enforcement for five years.


Because the IRS saw the 1.1 million stolen identities as free cash for the government – in the form of payroll taxes.

Yes, IRS officials actually covered up massive crimes by illegal aliens because they thought some of the stolen identities would be used to get jobs, from which the IRS could collect extra payroll taxes.

Only the government would think people who’ve already broken two laws would suddenly obey a third.

When asked why his agency did nothing after they had learned of the identity thefts, IRS Administrator John Koskinen responded, “Obviously, priority for taxpayers and the IRS is collecting those taxes.”

That’s just one – of several – reasons Congress may impeach Koskinen later this year.

But if a private company had refused to report 1.1 million crimes because they thought they could make a small profit from it — their executives would be in prison.

The agency’s decision to process stolen identities may have caused great harm to thousands of taxpayers, as Indiana Senator Dan Coats notes.

“Employment-related identity theft involves workers who steal the identity of another person in order to get a job. The Internal Revenue Service learns about this theft through tax forms but forbids its employees from notifying victims. Instead, the agency simply processes the tax return of the thief and sends a refund,” said Coats.

That means not only does the taxpayer have his identity stolen, he or she is liable for paying the taxes earned by the illegal.

“As a result, victims may suffer accusations of not paying enough taxes or lose health, Social Security or other benefits because the government believes the victim earned income that was actually earned by the thief,” said Coats.

Only after receiving bad press from the incident has the IRS decided to start notifying taxpayers when their identities are stolen.

Starting next year.