CNN Attack Against Trump Backfires After An Astounding Admission of Guilt

CNN reporter Ana Navarro implored her Twitter followers not to get “used to” Trump’s insanity. In reality, she was the one promoting insanity and falsehood. But CNN’s attack against Trump backfired after an astounding admission of guilt. CNN claims to…

Loretta Lynch Is On The Hot Seat After This FBI Whistleblower Turned Her In

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch spent months hiding away from the spotlight. Lynch hoped to avoid scrutiny for her role in Barack Obama’s “Spygate” scandal. But now Loretta Lynch is on the hot seat after this FBI whistleblower ratted her…

CNN Is In Full Crisis Mode After Getting The News That Could End Their Network

The release of the Mueller report is the worst thing that has ever happened to CNN. It proves that they have been lying to their viewers for two years. And now they are in full crisis mode after getting the…

Whistleblower Just Blew The Lid Off Of Barack Obama’s Biggest Crime In Office

Barack Obama’s former allies are starting to talk, and they are spilling the beans about Obama’s biggest scandal during his time in office. For years, Obama’s allies in the media and the Deep State covered up this massive wrongdoing. But…

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