William Barr Is About to Drop the Hammer on Joe Biden for This Act of Treason

Joe Biden thought he was on a glide path to the Presidency. Early polls showed Biden leading the Democrat field, and even leading President Trump in a head-to-head matchup. But then the former Vice President got bad news when he…

Trey Gowdy Drove the Final Nail in Mueller’s Coffin With This Reality Check

Robert Mueller thought he set the table perfectly for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to impeach President Trump. Mueller’s final report included an entire section designed to convict President Trump on charges of obstruction of justice. But Trey Gowdy just…

Maxine Waters Lost It When One Surprise Destroyed Her Impeachment Dream

Maxine Waters is one of the craziest members of Congress. And she’s been out to destroy Trump for over two years. But she absolutely lost it when this devastating news from Robert Mueller hit her. California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is perhaps…

Robert Mueller’s Final Report on Trump Left These RINO Traitors Speechless

Robert Mueller’s rigged witch hunt dragged on for over 2 years and rang up a $33 million dollar tab on the taxpayer’s dime. Anti-Trump forces salivated over the prospect of the special counsel arresting President Trump. But Mueller’s final report…

Robert Mueller Just Gave Nancy Pelosi Some Awful News

Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump is nearly over. But at the 11th hour, he has Democrats fearful that he won’t deliver the knockout punch they want to see against the President. And now, Mueller may have just given Pelosi…

Robert Mueller’s Coup Against Trump Went Down In Flames Because Of One Betrayal

This was the day Robert Mueller spent two years building towards. Michael Cohen stepped in front of the House Oversight Committee as the secret weapon to take down Donald Trump. Mueller wound him up and turned him loose on the…

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