Rush Limbaugh Let Everyone in on a Secret That Just Changed Everything

Now that the Mueller report is in, Democrats are ramping up their calls for impeachment. But there is one fact they never counted on that will derail their efforts. And Rush Limbaugh let everyone in on one secret that just…

Rush Limbaugh’s Prediction About the 2020 Election Will Leave You Speechless

The 2020 Presidential campaign is heating up. And this Democrat is surging to the top of the polls. But Rush Limbaugh’s prediction about why the 2020 race is over will leave you speechless. When former Vice President Joe Biden announced…

Rush Limbaugh Made a Big Prediction About 2020 That No One Saw Coming

Rush Limbaugh has some bad news. It concerns the upcoming presidential election. And Rush revealed it to his audience when Limbaugh made this big prediction about the 2020 race that no one saw coming. Now that former Vice President Joe…

Rush Limbaugh Gave Barack Obama a Rude Awakening With This Surprise From His Past

The fallout from Attorney General William Barr releasing the Mueller report continues to spread. The bombshells within the report are causing unexpected problems for Barack Obama and his Deep State allies. And now Rush Limbaugh gave Obama a rude awakening…

Rush Limbaugh Exposed The Biggest Threat To Trump That No One Is Talking About

Rush Limbaugh emerged as one of the largest voices in conservative politics for a reason. He has the ability to point out the left’s own plans before the Democrats themselves do. And this time, he just exposed the biggest threat…

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