Barack Obama Quaked With Fear After What This Court Just Announced

Former President Barack Obama was completely blindsided. Obama thought a court case that could ruin him for all time was dead. But then Barack Obama was left quaking with fear about what this court just announced. Conservatives failed twice to…

One New Supreme Court Decision Is Life-Ending for a Trump Ally

Anyone who allies with President Trump is an enemy to the Democrat Party. They become a target who must be destroyed. And one new Supreme Court decision is life-ending for a Trump ally. Robert Mueller’s Russia witch hunt proves that…

William Barr Asked The Supreme Court To Do The One Thing Chuck Schumer Fears Most

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have no idea what’s about to hit them. The left is about to lose the number weapon in their arsenal to try and destroy Donald Trump. That’s because Attorney General William Barr asked the Supreme…

Neil Gorsuch Was Part of a Victory That Left Barack Obama at a Loss for Words

When Barack Obama left the White House, he figured his legacy was secure. But Obama thought wrong. That’s because Neil Gorsuch was part of a victory that left Barack Obama at a loss for words. When Donald Trump ran in…

Brett Kavanaugh Is About to Give Trump the One Victory Nancy Pelosi Fears the Most

The Supreme Court are soon to rule on two cases that threaten Pelosi’s speakership. And you won’t believe what court watchers are saying about the likely outcome. In fact, Brett Kavanaugh could be about to hand Trump the one victory…

All Hell Broke Loose When Democrats Took This Act of Revenge on Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats searched far and wide for a way to take out Brett Kavanaugh. They may have finally settled on their plan for revenge. And all hell will break loose when you find out what it is. Democrats raged over Republicans…

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