Trey Gowdy Struck The Fear Of God In Dems By Suggesting Trump Investigate This

It’s been a while since Trey Gowdy’s made a big stir in the news. Ever since retiring, the former Congressman and prosecutor has laid low. But something Trey Gowdy did last week has struck the fear of God in Dems…

Trey Gowdy Just Dropped A Tip That Could Bring The Deep State Down For Good

Trey Gowdy made a name for himself by exposing corrupt Democrats. During his time in Congress, he became the worst enemy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And now he just dropped a big tip that could bring down the…

Trey Gowdy Exposed the One Crime That Will Shut Down Robert Mueller’s Coup

Robert Mueller has one last trick in his bag to overthrow Donald Trump. The crazed, anti-Trump Mueller will not admit that his scheme to impeach the President failed. But Trey Gowdy just went on Fox News and exposed this crime…

Trey Gowdy Drove the Final Nail in Mueller’s Coffin With This Reality Check

Robert Mueller thought he set the table perfectly for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to impeach President Trump. Mueller’s final report included an entire section designed to convict President Trump on charges of obstruction of justice. But Trey Gowdy just…

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