Did You Hear Obama’s Un-Presidential Response to Greece?

greek-obamasIt seems President Obama to disrespect the office he holds. Many Americans would not be surprised by another example of President Obama’s un-presidential behavior.

You may recall that he doesn’t like to put his hand over his heart for the Flag of the United States. You may also recall his saluting with a coffee cup in hand. Now comes word from the former finance minister of Greece, of yet another un-Presidential moment of President Obama.

According to Independent Journal Review:

In an interview with The New Yorker magazine, recently-departed Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis referenced a conversation he had with Obama in the White House years ago. According to The New Yorker:


“Obama showed more solidarity than Varoufakis was expecting. “I know—austerity sucks,” Obama said. (“He used those words. Very un-Presidential.”) According to Varoufakis, the President was referring less to austerity’s unpleasantness than to its ineffectiveness.”
He maintains that Obama was simply referring to the effects of austerity measures, saying that it “doesn’t work—it creates misery, and it’s self-perpetuating, and it’s self-defeating.”

Now, it could be argued that President Bush may have used some inappropriate language at times. However, I think it’s fair to say, whether you liked him or hated him, Bush 43 loved the US of A and did his best to act Presidential.

However, with the growing instances of un-Presidential behavior by Obama, it’s hard to imagine this guy actually respects the office or even the US at times.

What do you think? Was Obama’s language Presidential? Or just some over-reacting? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.