University Allows SIX Gender Choices When Enrolling

gayprideMore fall-out from the Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Students at University of California schools no longer answer a “Gender: Male or Female” question on their application, they are not presented with six different choices for gender. And no longer do they have to answer that homophobic gender question with male or female. Students are now asked how they describe themselves. According to The Blaze:

Asked the question, “How do you describe yourself?” prospective students can choose from the following: “male, female, trans male/trans man, trans female/trans woman, gender queer/gender non-conforming and different identity.”


Students are also asked on admissions forms which sex they were assigned at birth, but given only two options for that question: male or female. Another question allows students to proclaim their sexual identity as either “heterosexual or straight,” “gay or lesbian” or fill in the blank.


According to the University of California, Riverside’s UCR Today, the questions are not mandatory and only serve the purpose of compiling demographic data. Students’ answers will also not be used to determine application status.


In addition to the new application forms for the fall, the university will implement a two-year program for the study of genders and sexualities throughout the UC system. UCR Today said the project will include UC stakeholders’ opinions on ways to advance students’ learnings of LGBT issues.

California has always been at the forefront of change in America. Be it good or bad change, what happens in California tends to spread to the rest of the country before too long. Let’s hope it’s ‘too long’ becomes a really long time.

What do you think? Is California doing the right thing by allowing people 6 ways to describe themselves? Or should they revert back to male/female. Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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