See This A-List Actors Viral Facebook Post for Fallen Soldier

channingtatumIn February of this year, Hollywood A-List actor Channing Tatum participated in a USO tour of Afghanistan. During his tour, he was inspired by many people. One in particular was US Army 1stSgt Peter Andrew McKenna.

The other day, Mr. Tatum learned of 1stSgt McKenna death during a recent attack in Afghanistan. Moved, Mr. Tatum posted a tribute to Facebook that quickly went viral. According to The Blaze:

“I’d like to offer my deepest condolences to the family of [1st Sgt.] Peter Andrew McKenna, a brave soldier we had the honor of meeting in Afghanistan,” Tatum said.


“He tragically lost his life in an attack on one of the bases we visited on our USO Tour back in February. Let’s always remember to thank the men and women who serve this county and so often sacrifice their own lives for ours,” the actor continued.


Hollywood is one of the most liberal towns in the US. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity honoring the troops, and willing to speak out in such a liberal town.

1stSgt McKenna obviously made an impression on the actor and word of his death clearly affected him.

What do you think, did Channing Tatum honor the fallen soldier? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.



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