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William Barr Is Fighting One Lawsuit Nancy Pelosi Will Use to Impeach Trump

Nancy Pelosi and her allies in the House Democrat caucus launched their boldest attack yet on the President. Administration officials were left scrambling to respond. And William Barr is fighting one lawsuit Nancy Pelosi will use to impeach Donald Trump.…

One Court’s Decision Left Donald Trump Stunned Into Silence

Democrats leaned on the courts as the central pillar of their “resistance” to Donald Trump’s agenda. Handpicked Obama judges routinely ground the gears of the Trump administration to a halt. And now this court’s decision left Donald Trump stunned into…

Bombshell Leak Revealed Donald Trump Will Drop Out of the Race on This Date

The 2020 Presidential Election is shaping up to be a close race. President Trump faces unprecedented opposition from the Democrats, traitors in his own party, the fake news media, Hollywood and countries like China and Iran that want to see…

Joe Biden Is on Thin Ice After This Devastating Scandal Broke

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is rapidly turning into a textbook case of how not to run for office. And it’s all because Biden himself keeps torpedoing his own campaign on a weekly basis. And this time, Joe Biden is on…

Bill Barr Made One Move That Could Stop Pelosi’s Gun Control Dreams

Nancy Pelosi has been working overtime to push a host of gun control bills through Congress in the wake of two tragic shootings earlier this month in Ohio and Texas. But Bill Barr may be about to destroy Pelosi’s gun…

Joe Biden’s Heart Sunk When He Got This Bad News From One Key Swing State

Democrats are bullish on their chances to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. Top party officials also believe former Vice President Joe Biden is the party’s best bet to win back the White House. But Joe Biden’s heart sunk when he…

Trump Betrayed by Someone Close to Him and It Could Cost Him the 2020 Election

Everyone thinks that Trump has the 2020 election on lock. They think this because the Democrat infighting is destroying the party and the Republicans don’t have an alternate candidate. But now that Trump was betrayed by someone close to him,…

William Barr Just Gave Hillary Clinton the Worst News of Her Life

After being crushed in the 2016 elections, Hillary Clinton thought the worst was behind her. But her nightmare is only just getting started. And now, William Barr just delivered the worst news ever to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has had…

Elizabeth Warren Just Got Smacked With News That Could End Her Campaign

Elizabeth Warren’s campaign is in serious trouble. The Massachusetts Senator could be just months away from watching her White House dreams fall apart. And now, Warren just got smacked with news that could mark the beginning of the end. Massachusetts…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shocks the Nation by Saying This About Jeffrey Epstein

When Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on charges of sex-trafficking, the world took notice. And his recent passing has left more questions than it does answers. Even crazier is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the nation by saying this about Jeffrey Epstein. It’s…

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