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Brett Kavanaugh Is Sitting on This Impeachment Surprise That Changes Everything

It was inevitable that the impeachment witch hunt came down to the Supreme Court. Donald Trump thought the court’s conservative majority would come down on his side. But Brett Kavanaugh is sitting on this impeachment surprise that changes everything. Brett…

Trey Gowdy Gave Trump the One Answer on Impeachment He Did Not Want to Hear

It’s all hands on deck for Donald Trump and the Republican Party as the impeachment witch hunt reaches the end game. The President is counting on every Republican to stand their ground against Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi’s anti-American coup.…

All Hell Broke Loose When Adam Schiff Got Caught in This Impeachment-Ending Lie

Adam Schiff produced what Democrats believed was the smoking gun that would end Donald Trump’s presidency. But then everything the Democrats planned went down in flames. That’s because all hell broke loose when Adam Schiff got caught in this impeachment-ending…

William Barr Drew One Line in the Sand That Turned the Tables on Barack Obama

Attorney General William Barr continues to raise the ire of the left. This time it’s because the Attorney General set his sights on the Democrats’ head honcho. And William Barr drew one line in the sand that turned the tables…

Nancy Pelosi Was a Nervous Wreck After Getting the Worst News of Her Career

The election of President Donald Trump turned Nancy Pelosi’s life upside down. She now has virtually no real power, despite being Speaker of the House. And now she is a nervous wreck after getting the worst news of her career.…

Hillary Clinton Said Nine Words About 2020 That Will Leave You Speechless

Every Democrat from Barack Obama on down was dreading this moment. Once again Hillary Clinton inserted herself onto the national stage. And Hillary Clinton said nine words about 2020 that will leave you speechless. The Democrat presidential primary field continues…

This Top Democrat Pulled the Rug Out From Under Adam Schiff on Impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff never thought it would end this way. The Ukraine scandal was supposed to be the Democrats’ ticket to power in 2020. But then this top Democrat pulled the rug out from under Adam…

A 2020 Democrat Could End Up in Big Legal Trouble for a Reason You Won’t Believe

Democrats are working overtime as the 2020 election gets closer every day. But they may not be following all the laws in their blitz to take down President Trump. And one 2020 Democrat could end up in big legal trouble…

CNN Smeared Rush Limbaugh With This Lie That Will Leave You Red With Rage

Fake news CNN continues to suffer from a series of scandals that put the network at risk of losing everything. But this time, instead of CNN targeting Donald Trump with hoaxes, the fake news network picked on Rush Limbaugh. And…

William Barr Is Sitting on a Bombshell That Has Barack Obama in a Full-Blown Panic

After months of waiting, the day President Trump and his supporters have been waiting for is about to finally happen. That’s bad news for Barack Obama. And it’s because William Barr is sitting on a bombshell that has Barack Obama…

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