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Joe Biden Refused to Say One Thing About Brett Kavanaugh That Will Leave You Red With Rage

A liberal activist attempted to assassinate conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Joe Biden’s reaction to this horrific event is mindboggling. And Joe Biden refused to say one thing about Brett Kavanaugh that will leave you red with rage. Real…

Amy Coney Barrett Learned the Devastating News That Will Turn Her Life Upside Down

Conservative Supreme Court Justices are facing unprecedented threats. Liberals are losing their minds and the situation is growing more dangerous by the day. And Amy Coney Barrett learned the devastating news that will turn her life upside down. A leaker…

Sean Hannity Made a Shocking Proposal to Donald Trump About Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is the subject of a criminal investigation. But what happened behind the scenes will leave you speechless. And Sean Hannity made a shocking proposal to Donald Trump about Hunter Biden. The January 6 Select Committee continues to leak…

Mitt Romney Admitted Something to CNN That Will Leave You Red With Rage

Mitt Romney is at it again. The RINO Senator and Never Trump Founding Father is set to betray conservatives yet again. And now Mitt Romney admitted something to CNN that will leave you red with rage. Gun grabbing Democrats and…

Tucker Carlson Was Blindsided By What This Whistleblower Leaked About Joe Biden

Joe Biden is facing another massive scandal. The administration got caught in a massive lie. And Tucker Carlson was blindsided by what this whistleblower leaked about Joe Biden. Missouri Senator Josh Hawley appeared on Carlson’s Fox News program to break…

You Won’t Believe Why Fox News Just Picked a Fight With Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the rising stars of the Republican Party. But right now, Governor DeSantis can’t catch a break from Fox News. And you won’t believe why Fox News just picked a fight with Ron DeSantis.…

Jen Psaki Owes Brett Kavanaugh a Big Apology After the Unthinkable Just Happened

Democrats crossed a major line with the Supreme Court. But this is not some ordinary political dispute. And Jen Psaki owes Brett Kavanaugh a big apology after the unthinkable just happened. U.S. Marshals arrested 26-year-old Nicholas John Roske for attempting…

Tucker Carlson Made a Promise That Left Nancy Pelosi Red With Rage

Nancy Pelosi had one final arrow in her quiver to keep control of Congress. But Pelosi got some devastating news. And Tucker Carlson made a promise that left Nancy Pelosi red with rage. Nancy Pelosi formed the January 6 Select…

A Criminal Investigation Just Dealt Nancy Pelosi This Massive Defeat

Nancy Pelosi thought she had an ace up her sleeve in the 2022 midterm election. But Pelosi’s plan went sideways. And one criminal investigation just dealt Nancy Pelosi this massive defeat. The January 6 Witch Hunt Select Committee has one…

Ron DeSantis Just Destroyed Joe Biden’s Excuse For Low Poll Numbers With One Perfect Answer

Joe Biden’s poll numbers show no sign of rebounding. Biden is trying to explain away the fact that each new round of polling continues to show record low approval ratings. But now Ron DeSantis just destroyed Joe Biden’s excuse for…

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