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Rand Paul Made This Scary Prediction About the Senate Impeaching Donald Trump

The Senate is about to hold its second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. America has never seen anything like this before. And now Rand Paul made this scary prediction about the Senate impeaching Donald Trump. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul warned…

These Top Democrats Are Planning A Stunt That Will Change The Senate As We Know It

They think they’ve found a loophole. The Democrats want it, but can they legally defend this plan? Now, these top Democrats are planning a stunt that will change the Senate as we know it. America is still shaking in the…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made An Outrageous Proposal That Could Destroy Joe Biden

The Democrats are no longer trying to hide their radical insanity. They may even try to keep duly elected officials from doing their jobs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made an outrageous proposal that could destroy Joe Biden. The Democrats want to make…

Hillary Clinton Says Impeachment Will Not Solve This Greater Issue

The world of politics is facing its largest test yet. But will it truly change the system for the better? Now, Hillary Clinton says Trump’s impeachment will not solve the greater issue. The events of January 6th will go down…

Big Tech Came Together To Completely Destroy This Trump Friendly Platform

The radical left is completely out of touch with the American people. They think that they have the ability to crush the Republicans from having a voice. Big Tech came together to completely destroy this Trump friendly platform. Last week…

Mark Levin May Lose His Radio Show After He Was Handed One Ultimatum

The entire American left is like a group of sharks circling in the ocean. Democrats in Congress, corporate America and Big Tech see this moment as their chance to exile President Trump and his 75,000,000 voters from American life. And…

Franklin Graham Made One Request That Left Donald Trump Speechless

Franklin Graham was one of Donald Trump’s strongest supporters in the faith community. But with Donald Trump set to leave office in less than 10 days everything is changing. And Franklin Graham made one request that left Donald Trump speechless.…

Joe Biden Was Stunned To Hear A Piece Of News That Changed All His Plans

Democrats are ready to unleash their most radical proposal yet. There’s nothing that stands in their way now. Joe Biden was stunned to hear a piece of news that changed all his plans. The mainstream media has currently called both…

The Squad Went To Nancy Pelosi And Demanded This Radical Attack On Trump

The radical left are unwilling to abide by the elections or the courts. They want to take matters into their own hands. The squad went to Nancy Pelosi and demanded this radical attack on Trump. President Donald Trump called Georgia…

This Startling News May Mark The Beginning of Nancy Pelosi’s Downhill Spiral

She thought she could continue to win. But that simply will not be the case. Now, this startling news may mark the beginning of Nancy Pelosi’s downhill spiral. Just recently, Nancy Pelosi was re-elected to another term as Speaker of…

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