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George Soros Is Preparing for a Big Election Loss. See His Plan to Take Out Trump

Democrats know that Donald Trump is going to crush them in a fair election. But they aren’t going to play by the rules. George Soros is preparing for a big election loss. See his plan to take out Trump. Since…

Donald Trump Uncovered an Illegal Scheme That Has Mike Bloomberg Panicking

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign is going down the drain faster than he can spend his money. His hope to buy out the election outright has hit a major roadblock. Donald Trump uncovered an illegal scheme that has Mike Bloomberg panicking. The…

Nancy Pelosi Is Becoming Unhinged. She’s Got an Obsession That She Can’t Let Go

Nancy Pelosi is killing the Democrats’ election chances with her insane delusions. Her bizarre accusations against Trump and Mitch McConnell aren’t making any sense. Nancy Pelosi is becoming unhinged. She’s got an obsession that she can’t let go of. Trump…

Is William Barr Going to Be Impeached Next? One Top Democrat Thinks So

William Barr is fighting for his political life as Democrats try to take him down. They’re furious that he’s keeping them from framing Trump with fake crimes. Is William Barr going to be impeached next? One top Democrat thinks so.…

Ilhan Omar Was Caught Red-Handed in a Love Affair. You Won’t Believe Who It Was

Ilhan Omar’s tale of scandals continues to grow. But this time the misdeeds hit close to home. That’s because Ilhan Omar was caught red-handed in a love affair. You won’t believe who it was. Ilhan Omar found herself in the…

Mike Pence Shut Down This Top Democrat With One Game-Changing Video

The problems the Democrat Party are facing heading into the 2020 election continue to multiply. Democrats are scrambling after a major gaffe put their chances of winning a key swing state in jeopardy. And Mike Pence just shut down this…

William Barr Is Investigating This One Crime That Could Destroy the Democrats

Democrats are experiencing a terrible case of “be careful what you wish for.” After years of demanding the FBI and Justice Department investigate Donald Trump and his allies, the shoe is on the other foot. And now William Barr is…

William Barr Delivered an Ultimatum to Trump That Stunned Him Into Silence

Since taking over as Attorney General, William Barr functioned as one of President Trump’s most loyal and effective cabinet officials. But now all hell is breaking loose. And it’s all due to the fact that William Barr delivered an ultimatum…

Barack Obama Was Forced to Accept This Reality That Left Him Red With Rage

Barack Obama’s number one goal in 2020 is defeating Donald Trump. But Obama got some bad news as everything is not going according to plan. And now Barack Obama was forced to accept this reality that left him red with…

Nancy Pelosi Went Berserk When She Walked Into This Trap Trump Set

Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are licking their chops at contrasting their record with the Democrats’ socialist and anti-American policies in the 2020 campaign. Now that job just got easier. And Nancy Pelosi went berserk when she walked into this…

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