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Joe Biden Revealed His Shocking Scheme To Vaccinate Millions Of Young Children

Joe Biden wants to force Americans to get the covid vaccine. Even children as young as five. Joe Biden revealed his shocking scheme to vaccinate millions of young children. The risk of a child getting seriously sick with Covid is…

Joe Biden Drove Nancy Pelosi Crazy With One Blunder That Cost Democrats the Election

Tensions are rising and the partnership between Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress is beginning to fray. Biden’s poll numbers plummeted and Democrats are desperate to contain the damage. And now Joe Biden drove Nancy Pelosi crazy with one blunder…

Fox News Took One Anti-Trump Host off The Air in a Stunning Announcement

Donald Trump’s relationship with Fox News alternated between love and hate over the course of the last year. There was one host that frustrated Trump more than another. Fox News took one anti-Trump host off the air in a stunning…

A Rising Democrat Star Just Left His Job Right In The Middle Of A Terrible Crisis

One of the Democrat’s top choices to replace Joe Biden has failed in a disastrous way. It’s going to be hard for Democrats to get themselves out of this mess. A rising Democrat star just left his job right in…

Tucker Carlson Stunned Fox News With Apology to This Democrat

Democrats spent years trying to get Tucker Carlson canceled. And Carlson always fought back and refused to back down. Now Tucker Carlson stunned Fox News with an apology to this Democrat. Americans were shocked to learn that Joe Biden’s Transportation…

Donald Trump Got Wind of One Criminal Prosecution That Will Have Him Seeing Red

The Washington swamp is so afraid of a Donald Trump comeback that its inhabitants are crossing lines that were previously unheard of. After impeachment failed – twice – Democrats are looking for the FBI and Justice Department to step in.…

A Heartbroken Father Exposed How The Government Is Weaponized Against Parents

Joe Biden wants the DOJ to start targeting normal parents like terrorists. He’s trying to silence any opposition to his schemes. A heartbroken father exposed how the government is being weaponized against parents. Attorney General Merrick Garland has instructed the…

The Military is Sitting on a Smoking Gun That Could Put Dr. Fauci in Jail

Dr. Fauci’s allies in the corporate media won’t touch this story. There is good reason for this liberal media blackout. And the military is sitting on a smoking gun that could put Dr. Fauci in jail. For over a year…

Kamala Harris Made A Disgusting Attack On America With These Seven Words

Democrats will stop at nothing in order to push their complete insanity. They’ll completely destroy America’s heritage in order to get their way. Kamala Harris made a disgusting attack on America with these seven words. Traditionally America has held to…

Joe Biden Suffered a Huge Setback in Court that Has Democrats in a Panic

This was a historic defeat in court. Liberals never knew what hit them. And Joe Biden suffered a huge setback in court that has Democrats in a panic. Joe Biden proposed – but never followed through on issuing – a…

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