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Rush Limbaugh Raised One Question About Coronavirus Deaths that Put Jaws on the Ground

Americans are wondering when the coronavirus outbreak will end and what toll will it inflict on the American people. The White House projected up to 240,000 Americans may succumb to the virus during this pandemic. And now Rush Limbaugh raised…

Sean Hannity Threatened this Lawsuit to Stop Fox News from Canceling Him

Fox News and Sean Hannity are under fire. Liberals seized on the coronavirus pandemic to try and take down Fox News and muzzle Hannity. And now Sean Hannity threatened this lawsuit to stop Fox News from canceling him. During a…

Mitt Romney Joined the Democrats’ Coronavirus Crusade and Now Trump is Boiling with Rage

Utah RINO Mitt Romney is the Founding Father of the Never Trump movement. But even in a national emergency Romney will not lay down his sword and stop working to undermine President Trump. And now Mitt Romney joined the Democrats’…

Dr. Fauci Told One Truth to CNN That Left Americans Stunned into Silence

Americans are counting on Dr. Anthony Fauci to explain the status of the nation’s battle to contain the coronavirus outbreak. But they could not believe what they heard. And that’s because Dr. Fauci told one truth to CNN that left…

The FBI Exposed One Shocking Way Criminals May Target You During The Coronavirus

Criminals have come up with a shocking new way to gather data. The FBI released the steps everyone should take to protect themselves. The FBI exposed one shocking way criminals may target you during the coronavirus outbreak. Because of the…

Barack Obama Took An Irreversible Step To Secure Democrats A Coronavirus Win

Barack Obama took a desperate gamble that could pay off big. If Americans aren’t careful they could see their freedom disappear forever. Barack Obama took an irreversible step to secure Democrats a coronavirus win. The government in the last month…

Adam Schiff Let the Cat out of the Bag on this Coronavirus Witch Hunt

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is not leaving anything to chance. Schiff is determined to get rid of Donald Trump by any means necessary. And now Adam Schiff let the cat out of the bag on this coronavirus witch…

William Barr Shot Down A Crazy Democrat Demand That Would Put The Public At Risk

Democrats are pushing an insane scheme that’s placing American citizens in danger. They’re making the safety of criminals a top priority. William Barr shot down a crazy Democrat demand that would put the public at risk. There are now laws…

Andrew Cuomo Has A Dirty Coronavirus Secret That Will Bring Him Down

The Democrats overlooked an important fact when they made Andrew Cuomo the face of their coronavirus response. It’s about to cause a nasty scandal. Andrew Cuomo has a dirty coronavirus secret that will bring him down. There is one state…

Joe Biden Made an Announcement About his 2020 Future That No One Could Believe

The coronavirus scrambled plans for every sector of American life. That includes the Presidential campaign. And Joe Biden made an announcement about his 2020 future that no one could believe. States across the country are delaying their Presidential primaries or…

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