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Rush Limbaugh Just Gave The Trump Legal Team A Huge Reality Check

Trump’s legal team is doing incredibly important work for the American people. But they have a difficult fight ahead of them. Rush Limbaugh just gave the Trump legal team a huge reality check. The Trump legal team’s challenges have huge…

Nancy Pelosi Betrayed Democratic Voters With One Underhanded Political Move

For Nancy Pelosi this was a surefire way to gain a Democrat victory. But it ended up backfiring horribly on her. Nancy Pelosi betrayed Democratic voters with one underhanded political move. Nancy Pelosi predicted before the election that she would…

This Poll of Joe Biden Voters Proved the Election was Stolen from Donald Trump

Donald Trump was grinning from ear to ear. The proof of a rigged election was finally in his hands. And this poll of Joe Biden voters proved the election was stolen from Donald Trump. In a monologue that went viral…

Tucker Carlson Demands The Truth From This One Person

Coronavirus continues to dominate our lives with a new rise of cases across the US and more lockdowns. But some politicians seem to have not gotten the message. And now, Tucker Carlson demands the truth from this one person. On…

Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are Panicking Thanks to One Thing

After claiming he won the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden celebrated like never before. But his joy soon turned to horror. And now, he and Chuck Schumer are in a full-blown panic thanks to one state. After weeks of election…

This Shock Poll Shows Trump Could Win in 2024

While President Trump continues to fight Joe Biden over the 2020 election results, some are already looking at 2024. If Trump loses the election this year, he’s in great shape to win in 2024. And it’s all thanks to one…

Rush Limbaugh Asked a Question about Fox News that Worried Every Trump Supporter

President Trump faced unprecedented opposition in his bid to win a second term. And at the tail end of the election a former ally betrayed him. Rush Limbaugh asked a question about Fox News that worried every Trump supporter. Trump’s…

One Joe Biden Ally Hit Donald Trump With This Threat about Jail Time

Joe Biden and his allies are not messing around. Biden declared himself President-Elect and now Democrats across the country are fighting to shut down and discredit Donald Trump’s legal challenges alleging widespread voter fraud. And now one Joe Biden ally…

Is This New App Really “A Threat To Democracy?”

The media is going wild. Is this something Americans should be worried about? Is this new app really “a threat to democracy?” America is truly politically divided. Nothing has proven that more than this past election. And now a new…

Trump Launches One Assault Against This Foreign Enemy

With the election over, Trump is focusing his energy on a new source. One that should be taken care of. Now, Trump launches one assault against this foreign enemy. Axios reported that President Trump announced his plans to “sound the…

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