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Joe Biden Felt Sick When He Saw The Articles Of Impeachment That He’s facing

Joe Biden is beginning to realize just how disastrous his presidency is going. He’s got multiple problems there’s no way of fixing. Joe Biden felt sick when he saw the articles of impeachment that he’s facing. On Tuesday Rep. Bob…

Ron DeSantis Hit Joe Biden Hard For A Disgraceful Piece Of Revenge

Joe Biden changed the rules suddenly in a way that’s hurting the people of Florida. He’s withholding lifesaving treatment all in the name of “equity.” Ron DeSantis hit Joe Biden hard for a disgraceful piece of revenge. The U.S. Department…

A Supreme Court Justice hit Democrats with a Decision They are Not Going to Like

The Supreme Court is the one power center in American life that Democrats do not control. That burns many on the left. And this Supreme Court Justice hit Democrats with a decision they are not going to like. Democrats in…

Hillary Clinton Has More to Fear From this Criminal Investigation Than Anyone Knew

Hillary Clinton got some bad news. Donald Trump and his supporters are grinning from ear to ear. Hillary Clinton has more to fear from this criminal investigation than anyone knew. The Clinton’s campaign’s attempt to frame Donald Trump as a…

Joe Biden is About to Be Under Investigation for the Murder of These Seven Children

Joe Biden just landed in the middle of the mother of all scandals. This could end up being an impeachment worthy event. Joe Biden is about to be under investigation for the murder of these seven children. Joe Biden’s incompetence…

Paul Ryan Schemed Behind Trump’s Back to Plot One Mind Blowing Betrayal

Paul Ryan was always a Never Trump RINO. Now the American people are learning just what Ryan thought of Trump. Paul Ryan schemed behind Trump’s back to plot one mind blowing betrayal. In 2016 Paul Ryan was among the many…

Joe Biden is About to Cut a Secret Deal With Terrorists That May Lead to Impeachment

There are a growing number of calls among Republicans to impeach Joe Biden. Now all hell is about to break loose. Joe Biden is about to cut a secret deal with terrorists that may lead to impeachment. Joe Biden deserted…

A Terrifying Moment Shows How Out Of Control Joe Biden Is Becoming

The president of America is supposed to be the most powerful man in the world. However Biden clearly isn’t the one calling the shots. A terrifying moment shows how out of control Joe Biden is becoming. It appears that President…

This Chilling Assessment Revealed the Security Threat Joe Biden’s Creating

Joe Biden’s mental decline is putting America at grave risk. The problems he’s creating can’t be ignored. This chilling assessment revealed the security threat Joe Biden’s creating. President Joe Biden’s first few months in office have been utterly disastrous. Former…

Jen Psaki Was Horrified To See A Single Picture That Destroyed Her Cover Up

The Biden administration is lying to the American people while they negotiate with terrorists. But there’s one unavoidable piece of evidence. Jen Psaki was horrified to see a single picture that destroyed her cover up. President Joe Biden’s withdrawal from…

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