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Joe Biden Had a Four-Word Answer to Democrats Making One Unthinkable Demand

Joe Biden is feeling the heat. All the pressure is coming from within his own party. And Joe Biden had a four-word answer to Democrats making one unthinkable demand. A reporter confronted Joe Biden about the results of a brand…

This Group of Democrats Just Made the One Demand of Joe Biden That Will End His Career

Joe Biden is facing a massive political crisis. Democrats are turning on him left and right. And this group of Democrats just made the one demand of Joe Biden that will end his career. Joe Biden has no real political…

Donald Trump Wrote This Letter That Turned Joe Biden’s Life Upside Down

Joe Biden’s political standing grows more precarious by the day. The left’s nightmare scenario is playing out before their very eyes. And Donald Trump wrote this letter that turned Joe Biden’s life upside down. Nancy Pelosi created the January 6…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Leveled This Major Threat to Put Clarence Thomas Out Of A Job

The Democrat rage at the Supreme Court is boiling over. Liberals demand radical measures. And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just leveled this major threat to put Clarence Thomas out of a job. In a six to three decision in West Virginia…

A Smoking Gun Email is Devastating News For the January 6 Committee

The Trump haters on the January 6 Committee stepped in it big time. Their witch hunt to bring down Donald Trump just hit a major stumbling block. And this smoking gun email is devastating news for the January 6 Committee.…

A Fox News Host Called Out the Three Words That Were the Final Nail in Joe Biden’s Coffin

Joe Biden is facing one of the most toxic political environments of any president ever. But the bottom just fell out. And this Fox News host called out the three words that were the final nail in Joe Biden’s coffin.…

Ron DeSantis Is About To Change Everything With Two Jaw Dropping Decisions

Joe Biden and the Democrats spent all of 2021 trying to turn Florida Governor Ron DeSantis into their new boogeyman. Biden and his allies on the left are coming to regret that decision. And now Ron DeSantis is about to…

Kamala Harris is Going to Wish No One Ever Saw This Humiliating Video

Kamala Harris’ political career is a slow rolling dumpster fire. Harris manages to find a new low seemingly every day. And Kamala Harris is going to wish no one ever saw this humiliating video. Kamala Harris traveled to Highland Park,…

All Hell Broke Loose When Nancy Pelosi Got Her Hands on This Mind-Blowing New Poll

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had one last trick up their sleeves to hang on to power in the midterm election. Democrats think they have a way of avoiding getting sucked under by Joe Biden’s rapidly declining approval ratings. And…

Joe Biden Waved the White Flag of Surrender in the Face of this Stunning Rejection

Joe Biden is careening from one failure to another. Even Biden’s own party is turning against him. And Joe Biden waved the white flag of surrender in the face of this stunning rejection. Joe Biden and the Democrats are still…

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