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Nine RINO Senators Just Stabbed Trump in The Back With One Election Betrayal

Donald Trump is running for re-election facing more obstacles than any incumbent President in history. Not only is he running against Joe Biden, but the entire fake news media, Hollywood and academia teamed up against him. But President Trump had…

Ilhan Omar Delivered An Unbelievable Support of Violence While Her City Burned

Riots have ravaged Minneapolis destroying the buildings and businesses. Ilhan Omar had the chance to try and stop the destruction. Instead, she delivered an unbelievable support of violence while her city burned. Every instance where a police officer abuses his…

Dr. Fauci Just Admitted To A Jaw-Dropping Mistake In His Coronavirus Numbers

America is paying a high price economically for Dr. Fauci’s medical errors. It will be hard to undo the damage that’s been caused. Dr. Fauci just admitted to a jaw dropping mistake in his coronavirus numbers. There’s no way to…

Joe Biden Said Four Shocking Words That Made His Racist Statement Even Worse

Racial tensions in the American political landscape have reached a fever pitch. And Biden isn’t helping. Joe Biden said four shocking words that made his racist statement even worse. The video that showed the Minneapolis police officer placing his knee…

Donald Trump Is Putting His Career On The Line To Destroy This Obama Legacy

Some causes are even more important than winning elections. There’s one growing power in the government that needs to be crushed. Donald Trump is putting his career on the line to destroy this Obama legacy. The Obama administration took steps…

Democrats Admitted They’re Hoping For This Awful Disaster To Fall On The USA

Obama officials are willing to go to terrible lengths to win the election. They’re going to take down Trump at any cost. Democrats admitted they’re hoping for this awful disaster to fall on the USA. The Obama administration took terrible…

Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Believe What Happened After She Found Herself in Court

Hillary Clinton spent years dodging investigators and legal jeopardy. It looked like her time was about to run out. And then Hillary Clinton couldn’t believe what happened after she found herself involved in this court case. Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard…

Dr. Fauci Went on CNN. What He Said Caused Donald Trump to Hit the Roof

Dr. Fauci’s controversial time leading America’s coronavirus response just took a turn for the worse. In recent weeks, Dr. Fauci has gone out of his way to contradict Donald Trump on reopening the economy. And now Dr. Fauci went on…

Joe Biden Made A Desperate Effort To Pretend He Didn’t Make This Racist Claim

Joe Biden said an unthinkable statement that could lose him the election. He’s just lost an important demographic of voters. Joe Biden made a desperate effort to pretend he didn’t make this racist claim. When Donald Trump campaigned in Michigan…

Blue State Governor Got Hit With Two Lawsuits That Will Hurt All Democrats

Democrats across the country are taking a deep breath. They know they are on shaky ground in several high profile court fights. This blue state governor got hit with two lawsuits that will hurt all Democrats. The lockdowns were put…

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