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Joe Biden Was Destroyed By Ten Honest Words On Trump’s Important Legacy

Even the mainstream media is having a problem with the huge lies Biden is telling. He’s trying to take credit for Donald Trump’s accomplishments. Joe Biden was destroyed by ten honest words on Trump’s important legacy. During the years Donald…

Andrew Cuomo Was Horrified To Learn The Impeachment He Could Be Facing

Andrew Cuomo’s shocking behavior has been exposed for all the world to see. And there’s a bipartisan push to get him out of office. Andrew Cuomo was horrified to learn the impeachment he could be facing. It was clear at…

Ivanka Trump Made a Surprising Decision about Challenging this Senator

Control of the United States Senate is up for grabs in 2022. Republicans need to win just one Democrat held seat to oust Chuck Schumer and take back the majority. And now Ivanka Trump made a surprising decision about challenging…

Joe Biden Made a Promise about a New World Order that Has all Hell Breaking Loose

Joe Biden is determined to wipe out Donald Trump’s legacy in both foreign and domestic policy. Biden made it clear just how far he intends to go in catering to the swamp. And Joe Biden made a promise about a…

Jen Psaki Confirms This Rumor About Joe Biden

Joe Biden wanted this to be a triumph. But now Americans are worried for the future. Now, Jen Psaki confirms this rumor about Joe Biden. President Biden has signed more executive orders into existence than any other President. But what…

Tucker Carlson Revealed A Shocking Conspiracy Theory involving Nancy Pelosi and the Military

Nancy Pelosi is showing that she can’t be trusted with any amount of power. Her investigation is a horrifying partisan witch hunt. Tucker Carlson revealed a shocking conspiracy theory involving Nancy Pelosi and the military. Since the January 6th riot…

Ilhan Omar Under Massive Fire For This Minneapolis Disaster

She thought it would be her crowning achievement. Now it’s simply a disaster of epic proportions. Now, Ilhan Omar is under massive fire for this Minneapolis disaster. May 25th, 2020 was a day that truly changed this country. After the…

Nancy Pelosi Delivered An Unbelievably Disgusting Insult To A Military Mother

Nancy Pelosi’s  paranoia has gotten completely out of control. She’s acting like every Republican is her enemy. Nancy Pelosi delivered an unbelievably disgusting insult to a military mother. Republican New York Rep. Claudia Tenney said that Speaker of the House…

Mike Pence Could Not Believe What This Republican Said about Him Behind his Back

Mike Pence spent four years as Donald Trump’s Vice President preparing himself to one day run for the White House. But as the Republican Party tried to reset itself for the next election Mike Pence is learning something. And Mike…

An Undercover Sexual Relationship Going Public Caused a Big Headache for Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s administration was rocked by a sex scandal. Even Biden’s allies in the media turned against him when the full truth was known. And this undercover sexual relationship going public caused a big headache for Joe Biden. Politico PLAYBOOK’s…

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