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Trump Was Grinning From Ear to Ear After Getting News That Liberals Fear

Whenever Trump is happy, you can guarantee that millions of liberals are furious. They truly have unthinkable amounts of hate for the President in their hearts. And Trump was grinning from ear to ear after getting news that liberals fear.…

Adam Schiff Was Caught Red-Handed in a Sick Scheme That Will End Him

Adam Schiff believes he can get away with anything. But there are some lines that even he can’t cross in his attempts to impeach Trump. And Schiff was just caught red-handed in a sick scheme that will end him. Since…

Adam Schiff Just Jumped Into the 2020 Election With a Move Trump Will Hate

Rep. Adam Schiff is the closest thing the Democrats have to a leader currently. He is working overtime to make their pipedream of impeachment a reality. And he just jumped into the 2020 election with a move Trump will hate.…

Brett Kavanaugh Is About to Hand Trump News That Will Destroy Obama’s Life

Democrats spent months trying to stop Brett Kavanaugh from making it to the Supreme Court. But despite their best efforts, he is the newest Justice on the highest court. And now he’s about to hand Trump news that will destroy…

The Supreme Court Dealt Trump This Major Defeat on the Eve of Impeachment

As the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt takes a dramatic turn with the start of public hearings, Donald Trump needs all the wins he can muster. But the President just got some very bad news on that front. That’s because the…

Trump Got Handed This Report About His 2020 Prospects That Left Him Speechless

Democrats from Barack Obama on down believe the 2020 election is theirs for the taking. They look at the polls and are convinced Donald Trump is toast as the President heads into this re-election campaign. And now Donald Trump just…

Rush Limbaugh Told One Truth About 2020 That Is Bad News for Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his campaign are studying the polls ahead of the upcoming Presidential Election. The President’s campaign is trying to figure out the path to re-election. But Rush Limbaugh told one truth about 2020 that is bad news for…

Sean Hannity Went on TV and Issued One Ultimatum That Could End His Career

Barack Obama’s Deep State allies and the Democrats declared total war on President Trump. In addition to ending the Trump Presidency, the conspirators seek to punish Trump’s highest profile supporters. That’s why Sean Hannity went on TV and issued one…

Megyn Kelly Shut Down This Impeachment Rumor With One Harsh Reality Check

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s emerged as a player in the impeachment witch hunt. Because of her past feud with Donald Trump, many pundits expected Kelly to try and damage the President. And then Megyn Kelly shut down this…

Barack Obama Made This Big Decision About 2020 That Democrats Were Waiting For

There was one big unknown in the Democrat Presidential primary. And that was, what were Barack Obama’s intentions about the race? That speculation just ended because Barack Obama made this big decision about 2020 that Democrats were waiting for. When…

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