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Democrats Have Come Up With A New Scheme To Target Donald Trump

Democrats are going to insane lengths to go after Donald Trump. There’s no way that they can justify what they’re doing. Democrats have come up with a new scheme to target Donald Trump. Chicago owes former President Donald Trump a…

Joe Biden Decided To Hide An Awful Report That Could Destroy Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is failing at her job in a devastating way. It’s terrible news for Democrats. Joe Biden decided to hide an awful report that could destroy Kamala Harris. Vice President Kamala Harris was placed in charge of handling the…

Joe Biden Waived the White Flag of Surrender with These Three Humiliating Words

Joe Biden is struggling. And as Biden’s cognitive decline is on full display, economic growth lagsbehind expectations, and the border is in crisis, Biden’s finally admitted enough is enough. Joe Biden waived the white flag of surrender with these three…

Joe Biden is Going to End Up at the Supreme Court for This Insane Reason

Joe Biden and his administration are asking for trouble. Republicans around the country are beginning to fight back. Joe Biden is going to end up at the Supreme Court for this insane reason. Americans wereappalled to learn the news that…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces Arrest if Another Photo Like This Surfaces

All hell is breaking loose in Washington, D.C. The Democrats big plan backfired. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faces arrest if another photo likes this surfaces. Nancy Pelosi is leveraging COVID hysteria to establish a dictatorship in the House of Representatives. Pelosi issued…

These Eighteen Republican Traitors Gave Chuck Schumer An Awful Victory

Republican sellouts are giving the Democrats exactly what they were looking for. There’s no excuse for what they did. These eighteen Republican traitors gave Chuck Schumer an awful victory. Eighteen Republicans have given in and are giving Democrats the votes…

Kamala Harris Wants a 1 Billion Dollar Payment to Make this Giant Problem Go Away

Kamala Harris is scrambling to avoid a career killing failure. Harris is counting on money to buy her way out of this catastrophe. Kamala Harris wants a 1-billion-dollar payment to make this giant problem go away. Kamala Harris claimed her…

Joe Biden Went Off The Rails With Eight Abusive Words

Joe Biden can’t even face simple questions without a breakdown. He’s unable to cope with the duties of being president. Joe Biden went off the rails with eight abusive words. On Monday President Joe Biden was asked a question about…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Lose Her Mind When She Sees the Results of This Poll

It’s not always good for Democrats when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is driving the policy discussion. The American left may learn that lesson the hard way. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will lose her mind when she sees the results of this poll. Democrats like…

All Hell Broke Loose When the NSA Made This Confession about Spying on Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson claimed the Biden administration spied on him to try and force his show off the air. The corporate media screamed that Carlson was a liar. But all hell broke loose when the NSA made this confession about spying…

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