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This Big Milestone For Joe Biden Ended With A Disaster For Democrats

Joe Biden was hoping to start off the year on a high note. Instead everything went completely wrong. This big milestone for Joe Biden ended with disaster for Democrats. Joe Biden has just completed his first year as president and…

Ron DeSantis Hit the Supreme Court With a Nasty Surprise that Joe Biden Will Hate

Joe Biden thought he scored a major win. But then Joe Biden got some And Ron DeSantis hit the Supreme Court with a nasty surprise that Joe Biden will hate. The Supreme Court stunned Americans by tossing the Constitution, common…

Rush Limbaugh’s Replacement Just Got Suspended for a Reason You Won’t Believe

Rush Limbaugh’s passing created a void of uncertainty in conservative media. One attempt to fill Limbaugh’s shoes took a strange turn. And then Rush Limbaugh’s replacement just got suspended for a reason you won’t believe. Cumulus Radio signed popular conservative…

Ron DeSantis Heard One Word That is Going to Destroy Democrats in 2022

There is no doubt that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the Democrats top target for defeat in November. But Democrats are learning that is easier said than done. That’s because Ron DeSantis heard one word that is going to destroy…

A Top Democrat Ripped Joe Biden To Shreds For Calling Americans These Three Words

Joe Biden’s insane radicalism has gone too far for some members of his own party. His partisan tactics are horrifyingly ugly. A top Democrat ripped Joe Biden to shreds for calling Americans these three words. President Joe Biden promised that…

Nancy Pelosi Is Terrified Of A New Bill That Could Kill Her Secret Cash Cow

Politicians get away with deals that would be illegal for ordinary people. The way they are getting rich is completely unethical. Nancy Pelosi is terrified of a new bill that could kill her secret cash cow. Speaker of the House…

Something from Chuck Schumer’s Past Just Resurfaced and Now Democrats are Doomed

Democrats tried one last ditch effort to save Joe Biden’s socialist agenda ahead of the 2022 midterms. But Democrats never expected to face this huge problem. And from Chuck Schumer’s past just resurfaced and now Democrats are doomed. Democrats tried…

There’s A Huge Poll The Leftist Media Wants To Keep You From Seeing At Any Cost

Democrats’ lies about January 6th have gotten completely out of hand. But their propaganda campaign isn’t going as well as they hoped. There’s a huge poll the leftist media wants to keep you from seeing at any cost. House Speaker…

Trump Explained the Big Truth about January 6 Democrats Don’t Want You to Know

Democrats thought January 6 was their ace in the hole. But that backfired big time. And that’s because Donald Trump explained the big truth about January 6 Democrats don’t want you to know. Joe Biden’s controversial and dark speech on…

Donald Trump Will Be Red With Rage When He Sees What This Fox News Star Just Said

Liberal critics routinely attack Fox News Channel hosts for being “state TV” because they all don’t irrationally hate Donald Trump. That’s all about to change. Donald Trump will be red with rage when he sees what this Fox News star…

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