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This Big Barack Obama Mistake With Iran Could Lead to World War 3

Barack Obama spent years appeasing the radical Islamic government in Iran. That just blew up in his face. And this big Barack Obama mistake with Iran may have just kickstarted World War 3. During his second term, Obama made reaching…

Maxine Waters Admitted She Had This Ace up Her Sleeve to Impeach Trump

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters was on the verge of a massive defeat. Waters had counted on the Mueller report delivering the smoking gun that would lead to removing Donald Trump from office. But Maxine Waters went on TV and admitted…

Mike Pence Made a Statement About the Flag That Will Leave Your Jaw on the Ground

Vice President Mike Pence has largely steered clear of controversy. That all changed in one stunning interview. And what Vice President Mike Pence said about the American flag will leave your jaw on the ground. When Hillary Clinton served as…

What Fox News Put on the Air About Donald Trump Will Leave You Speechless

Fox News is often accused of being biased towards the right. Yet, if that were true, then there’s no way they’d feature guests whose opinions were completely opposite of theirs. And recently, FOX put something on the air that will…

Hillary’s Got Another Dead Body to Explain After This Controversial Figure Died

Ask the average Trump supporter what they think of Hillary, and they’ll tell you there’s no doubt about it, Hillary is evil. They’ll say that for decades now that everywhere she and her husband go, the bodies stack up. And…

All Hell Broke Loose After Kavanaugh Was Accused Of Making Women Do This

People have accused Brett Kavanaugh of all kinds of things. They’ve said he’s guilty of sexual assault and that he’s nothing more than a miserable drunkard. But now all hell broke loose after Kavanaugh was accused of making women do…

Maxine Waters Ended Her Career After Trump Crushed Her On A Top Issue

There is nobody with a more anti-Trump message than Rep. Maxine Waters. On every issue, she is squarely against President Trump. But now she just ended her career after Trump crushed her on this top issue. When the economy is…

Nancy Pelosi Is Facing One Giant Crisis That She Never Saw Coming

Speaker Nancy Pelosi thought she had everything under control. But one unsuspecting traitor launched the biggest challenge to her power to date. And now Nancy Pelosi is facing one giant crisis that she never saw coming. Nancy Pelosi knows impeachment…

William Barr Is in Serious Trouble Because of This Huge Crisis

Democrats and the media want to bring down William Barr. And they think they may have stumbled upon the silver bullet to help them achieve this goal. Now William Barr is in serious trouble because of this huge crisis. Democrats…

Barack Obama Was Not Prepared for the Smoking Gun Fox News Just Uncovered

Barack Obama cannot escape the fallout from the Russia collusion hoax. Eventually, the truth was going to come out. But Barack Obama was not prepared for Fox News airing the smoking gun that proved crimes were committed. North Carolina Congressman…

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