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Donald Trump Dropped Everything When He Heard This News About His Reelection

Donald Trump would have no trouble winning in a fair race. But Nancy Pelosi has an underhanded plot to destroy him before 2020. Donald Trump dropped everything when he heard this news about his reelection. The American people have grown…

Ilhan Omar is Facing Deportation After This Financial Crime Surfaced

Ilhan Omar’s shady past is catching up to her. Omar’s hid behind identity politics to deflect her various scandals and wrongdoings. But now Ilhan Omar is facing deportation after this financial crime surfaced. While Democrats talk a lot about “white…

Mitt Romney Turned on Fox News and Saw the One Video That Just Ended His Career

Never Trump RINO Senator Mitt Romney is at the center of the Democrats’ plans to remove Donald Trump from office. Democrats are counting on Romney to lead a group of Republican Senators to betray the President in an impeachment trial.…

Obama Tried a Sneak Attack That Backfired in a Major Way

Obama is trying to help out his old friend Joe Biden. He is doing it by going after Trump in the most underhanded way possible. Obama tried a sneak attack that backfired in a major way. The Democrats’ efforts to…

Adam Schiff Is Hiding a Secret That Could Bring Impeachment Crashing Down

Democrats are acting confident in public about the impeachment inquiry. But behind closed doors they are panicking because the truth could destroy them. Adam Schiff is hiding a secret that could bring impeachment crashing down. Adam Schiff is a huge…

Adam Schiff Got Caught in a Huge Lie That Is About to Explode in His Face

There isn’t any evidence to justify the Democrats’ impeachment investigation. They are changing their stories daily to try and stay out of trouble. Adam Schiff got caught in a huge lie that is about to explode in his face. The…

The Whistleblower Has Been Totally Destroyed by This One Shocking Statement

A Top Democrat has thrown the whistleblower under the bus. He has ruined any chance of a serious impeachment inquiry. The whistleblower has been totally destroyed by this one shocking statement. None of the information that has come out about…

Donald Trump Suffered One Loss in Court That Left Him Red With Rage

The Democrats’ scheme to remove President Trump through a coup will run through the court system. Nancy Pelosi and her allies waged a legal battle that could determine if President Trump finishes his term in office. And Donald Trump suffered…

Tucker Carlson Just Blew the Whistle on This Major Bill Clinton Scandal

Bill Clinton and scandal go hand in hand. But now Clinton’s wrongdoings are coming to light at the worst possible moment for the Democrat Party. And that’s because Tucker Carlson just blew the whistle on this major Bill Clinton scandal.…

Barack Obama Couldn’t Believe This Plot With Adam Schiff Blew Up in Their Faces

Adam Schiff is quarterbacking the Democrats’ attempted coup against Donald Trump. But Schiff is not working alone. And Barack Obama couldn’t believe this plot with Adam Schiff blew up in their faces. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff blatantly lied…

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