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Adam Schiff Was Fuming With Anger After Being Embarrassed on National TV

For months, Adam Schiff has been the biggest name in the Democrat Party. He has become the face of impeachment. But he was fuming with anger after being embarrassed on national TV. When Nancy Pelosi announced her support for impeachment,…

A Top Republican Made One Prediction That Has Nancy Pelosi Shaking in Her Boots

Nancy Pelosi is working overtime to remove President Trump from office. She will stop at nothing to force him from the White House. But everything changed after a top Republican made one prediction that has Pelosi shaking in her boots.…

Donald Trump Just Ended This Giant Barack Obama Mistake

Barack Obama left behind a failed legacy when Donald Trump assumed the Presidency. Donald Trump is having to work overtime to clean up the awful mess Obama left him. And now Donald Trump just ended this giant Barack Obama mistake.…

Donald Trump Just Revealed Which Big Democratic Candidate Is Already Done For

A former front runner made one mistake there’s no coming back from. Because the media favorite has poll numbers there’s no recovering from. Donald Trump just revealed which big Democratic candidate is already done for. Democrats have had more quantity…

Ilhan Omar Allied With a Terrorist Organization for This Awful Reason

Ilhan Omar is once again in the hot seat. The Minnesota Congresswoman’s constant scandals for apologizing for Islamic terrorism cast a long shadow over the Democrat Party and their prospects for the 2020 election. And now Ilhan Omar was caught…

Bill Clinton Doesn’t Want You to See These Humiliating Sex Scandal Photos

Bill Clinton and trouble go hand in hand. Now the smoking gun is about to surface that could prove Clinton’s guilt in one of the ugliest crimes Americans can imagine. And now Bill Clinton doesn’t want you to see these…

Nancy Pelosi Went on TV and What Happened Next Left Americans Speechless

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has clearly lost a step. But no one was prepared for this. And that’s because Nancy Pelosi went on TV and what happened next left Americans speechless. Speaker Pelosi appeared on ABC’s “This Week” to discuss…

Trump Had a Big Grin on His Face After Getting the Best News of the Year Yet

President Donald Trump is facing the hardest month of his presidency. After the House voted to impeach him on two articles of impeachment, Trump still has to face a Senate trial. But Trump had a big grin on his face…

Joe Biden’s Campaign Turned Upside Down With a Judge’s Ruling on This Sex Scandal

Joe Biden is the top contender to win the Democratic presidential nomination this year. But he may lose it all. And that’s because Joe Biden’s campaign turned upside down with a judge’s ruling on this sex scandal. A judge smacked…

Sean Hannity Made One Announcement About His Career That Left Everyone Speechless

Sean Hannity just jumped feet first into the 2020 election. And what he did took everyone by surprise. That’s because Sean Hannity made one announcement about his career that left everyone speechless. New York Times bestselling author Peter Schweizer is…

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