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New Undercover Video Footage Is Making Dr. Fauci Panic With Fear

Dr. Fauci is facing serious allegations that could destroy his entire career in a moment. The evidence against him is growing stronger by the day. New undercover video footage is making Dr. Fauci panic with fear. National Institute of Allergy…

Joe Biden is About to Cross One big line that is bad news for Donald Trump

No one thought this could happen in America. But America is rapidly changing under the Democrats’ rule. Joe Biden is about to cross one big line that is bad news for Donald Trump. Democrats seized on the events of January…

A Supreme Court Justice Revealed Something Surprising about Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats are in for some bad news. They knew when Donald Trump reshaped the Supreme Court they could pay for years to come. But a Supreme Court Justice revealed something surprising about Brett Kavanaugh. Liberal Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan…

Chuck Schumer Used One Word that Proved this Terrible Truth

Chuck Schumer found himself in hot water. It was all entirely of his own making. Chuck Schumer used one word that proved this terrible truth. During a podcast interview Chuck Schumer referred to “retarded children” when discussing the New York…

Kamala Harris Had A Breakdown On Camera When Faced With This Ugly Truth

Kamala Harris had a big chance to prove that she’s the Democratic future. But instead she’s ruining her career. Kamala Harris had a breakdown on camera when faced with this ugly truth. Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t able to cope…

Kamala Harris Went into Hiding Rather than Face One Question

Kamala Harris found bad news at every turn. Harris’ trip abroad was a disaster. And now Kamala Harris went into hiding rather than face one question she did not want to answer. Kamala Harris came from a rocky trip to…

Joe Biden is Sitting on a Stunning Announcement about Retirement

When Joe Biden announced he was running for President everyone thought he would only serve one term. Now all hell is breaking loose. And that’s because Joe Biden is sitting on a stunning announcement about retirement. Joe Biden was the…

A Damning Piece Of Evidence Is The Last Thing Dr. Fauci Wanted To See

The attempt to cover up the origins of the coronavirus outbreak has been destroyed. There’s no getting away from the truth of the situation now. A damning piece of evidence is the last thing Dr. Fauci wanted to see. The…

Fox News Just Banned One Video That You Won’t Believe

Fox News is once again at the center of controversy. The network is under attack for a decision made at the highest levels of the corporation. Fox News just banned one video that you won’t believe. Fox News Channel refused…

Barack Obama Let One Truth Slip That Will Leave You Red with Rage

Right now Democrats have total control of the levers of power in Washington. Many Americans are worried about what that means. And Barack Obama let one truth slip that will leave you red with rage. Like all Democrats, Barack Obama’s…

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