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Donald Trump Just Got Censored By The Left For Saying These Two Words In Public

Democrats don’t want to justify their coronavirus restrictions. And they are willing to silence anyone who gets in their way. Donald Trump just got censored by the left for saying these two words in public. Over a billion students are…

Nancy Pelosi Got Annihilated Over This Wild Lie

Nancy Pelosi has come unhinged. The pressure of the elections is getting to her. And Nancy Pelosi got annihilated over this wild lie. For months Democrats have been attacking Trump because he mentioned the fact that hydroxychloroquine had been found…

A New Candidate in the Presidential Race Could Cost Joe Biden This Key State

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign just got some bad news. And it came in a battleground that has haunted Democrats in the past. Now a new candidate in the Presidential race could cost Joe Biden this key state. In 2016 Donald…

See The Shocking Violent Outcome Of Ilhan Omar’s Plan To Destroy The Police

Ilhan Omar’s home district is suffering because of her insanity. The Democrats should be rethinking their radical agenda. See the shocking violent outcome of Ilhan Omar’s plan to destroy the police. Rep. Ilhan Omar comes from Minneapolis a city that…

You Won’t Believe What Joe Biden’s Health May Force Him to Drop Out Of

Despite Joe Biden’s lead in the polls Democrats have always kept one worry hidden secret from the American people. Now it’s out in the open. You won’t believe what Joe Biden’s health may force him to drop out of. The…

Donald Trump Made One Big 2020 Change That Had All Hell Breaking Loose

Donald Trump knows he is facing historic opposition in his quest to win a second term. President Trump has been under pressure for weeks to shake up his campaign. And now Donald Trump made one big 2020 change that had…

Doctor Fauci Was Backed Into A Tight Corner With A Question He Couldn’t Answer

Democrats want to shut down social events across America regardless of size. But there’s one kind of event they won’t ban. Doctor Fauci was backed into a tight corner with a question he couldn’t answer. If Doctor Fauci was really…

Barack Obama Sent a Message to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that Everyone Noticed

Everyone assumes that because they are both socialists Barack Obama and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be natural allies. That is not the case. And Barack Obama sent a message to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that everyone noticed. In 2018 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez assumed the…

A Fox News Host Issued a Dire Warning that Could Cost Trump the Election

There are less than 100 days until the Presidential election. Polls show President Trump trailing in the polls and trying to mount a comeback. A Fox News host issued a dire warning that could cost Trump the election. Fox News…

Nancy Pelosi Made A Shocking Sexual Comment About Her Republican Colleagues

There’s no way that Nancy Pelosi can come to a compromise with Republicans. She’s attacking them instead of doing her job. Nancy Pelosi made a shocking sexual comment about her Republican colleagues. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reached her…

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