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One Letter Just Revealed Joe Biden Will Make This Major Change to the Supreme Court

Republicans just confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Democrats are seething with rage. And now one letter just revealed Joe Biden will make this major change to the Supreme Court. When Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to…

Trump Told a Crowd What Barack Obama Said Behind Closed Doors about Joe Biden

In Washington not everything is always as it seems. That is especially true with a politician as dishonest and corrupt as Barack Obama. But now Donald Trump told a crowd what Barack Obama said behind closed doors about Joe Biden.…

Someone Released a Sex Tape That Has Joe Biden Wanting to Go into Hiding

Joe Biden was blindsided by the all time October surprise. The Biden campaign is hanging on to the hope that the fake news media can suppress this story. But someone released a sex tape that has Joe Biden wanting to…

Kamala Harris Wishes This Horrifying Story Never Got Out

This story hit the news once before, but was never addressed. It appears the past has come back to haunt Kamala Harris. Now, she wishes this horrifying story never got out. A tragic incident occurred on June 22, 2008. Tony…

This One Shocking Picture Is Bad News For Joe Biden

Hunter Biden’s scandal has hit pretty much every news source in the country. But his father, Joe Biden has been denying his involvement every step of the way. Now, this one shocking picture is bad news for Joe Biden. Hunter…

Mitt Romney Just Came Out For Joe Biden With These Seven Words

Mitt Romney finally showed his true colors. The Never Trump traitor saw his chance to make an impact on the election. And Mitt Romney just came out for Joe Biden with these seven words. Two weeks before the election Mitt…

A Police Report about a Crime Involving Children is Keeping Joe Biden Up at Night

The contents of Hunter Biden’s emails are causing massive problems for the Democrats. Just like in 2016, the issue of corruption surrounds a long time establishment insider. Now a police report about this crime involving children is keeping Joe Biden…

A Covert Meeting at the White House Has Joe Biden in Serious Legal Jeopardy

The scandals surrounding Joe Biden continue to mushroom. That’s bad news for Democrats with just under two weeks to go before the election. And now this covert meeting at the White House has Joe Biden in serious legal jeopardy. Hunter…

One Huge Change Was Made To The Presidential Debate To Save Joe Biden

No one was sure if the next presidential debate would happen. But the show will go on. Now, one huge change was made to the presidential debate to save Joe Biden. The Commission on Presidential Debates officially announced on Monday…

Joe Biden Ran For Cover The Moment He Heard This One Word

This is perhaps one of the largest scandals in political history. But Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge it. Now, Joe Biden ran for cover the moment he heard this one word. The scandal of Hunter Biden’s emails has not only…

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