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Hunter Biden Issues Lawsuit Threat to Conservatives Over Laptop Story

Hunter Biden is outraged. After word of his laptop scandal got out, he tried to shut the story down. And now, Hunter Biden just threatened to sue conservatives who are shedding light on the story. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal…

The FBI Just Turned Up One Smoking Gun at Mike Pence’s House

Former Vice President Mike Pence keeps digging himself a deeper hole. Pence continues to sabotage his impending presidential campaign. And the FBI just turned up one smoking gun at Mike Pence’s house. Mike Pence thought he could ride the FBI…

Joe Biden Hopes You Never See This Damning Video

Joe Biden can try to deny it. But what happened was caught on camera. And Joe Biden hopes you never see this damning video. The Democrats go to play every election season is claiming Republicans want to kill grandma and…

Democrats Have One Secret Plan to Destroy Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy 

When the late Rush Limbaugh went on the air on August 1, 1988, it heralded the end of the liberal media’s dominance over the political discourse in America. The left seethed ever since. But now Democrats have one secret plan…

Mike Pence Just Did One Sinister Thing to Help Joe Biden Throw Donald Trump in Jail

Both Mike Pence and Joe Biden have an interest in stopping Donald Trump running for president. No one thought it would come to this. And Mike Pence just did one sinister thing to help Joe Biden throw Donald Trump in…

Top Republican Warns Former Twitter Executives To Prepare For Arrest

The way that Twitter handled the Hunter Biden story was potentially criminal. People could even end up in prison for the way they hid information. A top Republican warned former Twitter executives to be prepared for arrest. Republican Louisiana Rep.…

Donald Trump Revealed Why Joe Biden Won’t Shoot Down the Communist Chinese Spy Balloon

Joe Biden allowed a Communist Chinese spy balloon to fly over America and gather intelligence on the United States’ nuclear weapons and most advanced stealth bomber technology. Americans cannot understand why Biden let this happen. But Donald Trump revealed why…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Under Fire Over Payments to Communist Chinese Agents

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is facing new scrutiny for a financial scandal. Americans are asking some serious questions. And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is under fire over payments to Communist Chinese agents. Joe Biden permitting a Communist Chinese spy balloon is forcing a…

Hunter Biden Caused Joe Biden a Huge problem With a Big Confession About His Laptop

Hunter Biden came clean. You’ll be speechless when you see what Biden admitted. And that’s because Hunter Biden caused Joe Biden a huge problem with a big confession about his laptop. During the final debate in the 2020 presidential election,…

John Kerry is Under Investigation For a Secret Deal with Communist China

John Kerry is under investigation for a secret deal with Communist China. Kerry’s shady dealings are finally attracting scrutiny. And now John Kerry is under investigation for a secret deal with Communist China. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer sent…

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