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Ilhan Omar Is About to Lose Her Top Committee Assignment in Congress

Ilhan Omar’s career is hanging by a thread. With Democrats no longer in control of Congress, Omar could soon lose most of her power. And now, it appears Republicans are on the verge of getting the votes needed to strip…

Joe Biden’s Ally Was Embarrassed In Public By Three Basic Questions

Democrats exposed their own humilities ignorance. There’s no excuse for the knowledge they lack. Joe Biden’s ally was embarrassed in public by three basic questions.  One of President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees ran into difficulties answering even basic questions about…

Adam Schiff Just Announced the Unthinkable

Adam Schiff has just been expelled from the Intelligence Committee in Congress. And now, he’s asking for a promotion. But Schiff’s unthinkable announcement could end up leading to his political downfall. Fresh off of being humiliated in Congress by being…

Liz Cheney Found Out This Tragic Truth About Her Political Future

RINO former Congresswoman Liz Cheney still thinks she can run for office. But Cheney got some bad news. And Liz Cheney found out this tragic truth about her political future. After January 6 Liz Cheney launched a kamikaze mission against…

A High-Ranking Democrat Just Accused Joe Biden of This SINISTER Cover Up

Democrats continue to abandon Joe Biden. It’s getting ugly for Biden ahead of his expected re-election announcement. A high-ranking Democrat just accused Joe Biden of this sinister cover-up. Democrats keep making it clear in the most public ways possible that…

Joe Biden Faced This DOOMSDAY Prediction That Means World War 3

Joe Biden’s failures keep mounting and are growing more dangerous by the day. Every American is now threatened. And now Joe Biden faced this doomsday prediction that means World War 3. Joe Biden’s failed on the economy and on the…

A Key Republican Defended Ilhan Omar With These Two Jaw-Dropping Words

Ilhan Omar is one of the most outspoken and radical Democrats in Washington. But something strange happened. A key Republican defended Ilhan Omar with these two jaw-dropping words. RINO South Carolina Congresswoman claimed Speaker Kevin McCarthy booting Omar off the…

Democrats Just Introduced A Terrifying New Tax Bill That Could Change Everything

Democrats want to steal the wealth that hardworking Americans have created. Their awful ideas could destroy our nation. Democrats just introduced a terrifying new tax bill that could change everything. California’s taxes are among the highest in the country. Residents…

Nancy Pelosi’s Two Closest Allies Just Got Humiliated Thanks to One Letter

Democrats in Congress are panicking. With Nancy Pelosi no longer in power, her top allies are watching their power fade away. And now, Nancy Pelosi’s two closest allies just got humiliated thanks to one letter. After years of abusing their…

Democrats are ALREADY Panicking Over this 2024 Nightmare Scenario

Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats are already panicking. It’s all because the 2024 election is shaping up to be a disaster for the Left. And now, Democrats are publicly sounding the alarm that the party could face a nightmare scenario…

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