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A Secret Meeting With this Woman Turned Mike Pence’s Life into a Living Hell

Mike Pence served four years as Donald Trump’s Vice President. The relationship ended very badly. And a secret meeting with this woman turned Mike Pence’s life into a living hell. Former Trump Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo…

Ron DeSantis CRUSHED George Soros With This Massive Win in Court

Democrats got some more bad news. It, as usual, came out of Florida. And that’s because Ron DeSantis CRUSHED Democrats with this massive win in court. George Soros made one of his top political projects installing District Attorneys in cities…

A Secret Billion-Dollar Payment Could Ruin This Top Democrat

Democrats are looking at a challenging 2024 political environment. The Senate is up for grabs and Joe Biden is unpopular. And a secret billion-dollar payment could ruin this top Democrat. Democrats are defending 21 of 33 Senate seats up in…

A Top Democrat Went Off On A Loud Unhinged Rant That Made Him Look Crazy

The left is claiming a massive world crisis is looming completely without basis. Their reckless fear-mongering is off the charts. A top Democrat went off on a loud unhinged rant that made him look crazy. Back in 2009 former U.S.…

Tucker Carlson Just Exposed The Most Evil Bill In Congress

One top Congressional Democrat just put forward one horrible bill unlike any other. And Tucker Carlson just called them out on national television. And what he had to say about this Democrat’s bill will leave conservatives seeing red. With the…

Joe Biden’s 2024 Chances Were Blown to Pieces Thanks to This Crippling Scandal

Joe Biden’s political career has been on the rocks for years. But one breaking scandal just finished it off for good. And now, Democrats are panicking like never before as Biden’s political standing plumets in the wake of this career-ending…

Dr. Fauci Said Eight Words to Elon Musk That Just Landed Him in Deep Trouble

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the biggest villains in American history. It was Fauci who pushed the disastrous COVID lockdowns and mask mandates as well as the risky vaccine. But his troubles are just getting started because Dr. Fauci…

CNN Faced One DOOMSDAY Scenario That No One Saw Coming

It’s panic time at CNN. The network is in complete collapse. And that’s because CNN faced one doomsday scenario no one saw coming. When Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016 CNN made two big bets. Then network president Jeff…

Mitch McConnell Saw a Shocking Poll That Will Leave Him Shivering

RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell can see the walls closing in. The bad news is obvious to all. And now Mitch McConnell saw a shocking poll that will leave him shivering. Mitch McConnell recently took a victory lap celebrating…

A Top Democrat Exposed Just How Serious Democrats Are About Putting Trump In Prison

The Trump derangement syndrome Democrats suffer from isn’t just for cameras. They actually want to put him behind bars. A top Democrat exposed just how serious Democrats are about putting Trump in prison. Democrats have had many theories as to…

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