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Joe Biden’s Alibi Just Collapsed in This Devastating Criminal Investigation

Joe Biden has some explaining to do. But it’s hard to see how Biden will weasel his way out of the jam he finds himself in. And Joe Biden’s alibi just collapsed in this devastating criminal investigation. Joe Biden hid…

Joe Biden Just Got Word The Biggest Swing State is UNWINNABLE in 2024

Joe Biden’s re-election announcement is around the corner. But he’s already starting off as the underdog in the next election. And it’s all because Biden just got news that America’s largest swing state is virtually unwinnable for Democrats in 2024.…

Dan Crenshaw Went on Fox News and What Happened Next Left Jaws on the Ground

RINO Congressman Dan Crenshaw is unhinged. Crenshaw picked fights with Tucker Carlson and the conservatives opposed to Kevin McCarthy. Dan Crenshaw went on Fox News and what happened next left jaws on the ground. During the drama over conservatives opposing…

The Pope Gave Joe Biden One Humiliating Order That He Will Never Recover From

Joe Biden claims he is a devout Catholic. Then something strange happened. And the Pope gave Joe Biden one humiliating order that he will never recover from. Pope Benedict XVI passed away at the age of 95 from natural causes.…

Tucker Carlson Wants Liz Cheney to Answer a Big Question About This Disturbing Killing

Liz Cheney wanted to get out of Washington without anyone poking around. But Cheney got some bad news. And Tucker Carlson wants Liz Cheney to answer a big question about this disturbing killing. Despite Liz Cheney leaving Congress under the…

A Top Republican DEVASTATED CNN With One Stone-Cold Truth

CNN operates as the propaganda megaphone for the Democrat Party. But a conservative turned the tables on the leftwing network. And this top Republican devastated CNN with one stone-cold truth. Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett was one of the conservatives refusing…

This Top Biden Donor Is About to Trigger the Trial of the Century

One of Joe Biden’s biggest donors is facing the possibility of life in prison. But he just pleaded not guilty to all charges. And now, the trial of the century is about to begin. Sam Bankman-Fried, who once enjoyed the…

Joe Biden Just Released A Disturbing New Tool For Children’s Indoctrination

The Biden administration is pushing radical sexual ideas on children. It’s sickening what they want in every classroom. Joe Biden just released a disturbing new tool for children’s indoctrination. In the old days the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention…

Dr. Fauci Will Want to Run and Hide After Facing this DISTURBING Accusation

There is little doubt that Dr. Fauci is one of the central villains of the COVID-19 pandemic. And Dr. Fauci thought retirement would provide a shield from accountability. Dr. Fauci will want to run and hide after facing this disturbing…

Joe Biden Created This Kill Switch That Threatens Every American

Joe Biden’s time in office has seen Democrats launch one attack on the Constitution after another. Now Biden has his most dangerous scheme in place. Joe Biden created this kill switch that threatens every American. With Republicans taking the majority…

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