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One Woman’s Jaw Dropping Confession Just Ended Joe Biden’s Career

Joe Biden was expected to enter the race as the frontrunner for the Democrat nomination. He was even considered as being the biggest threat to defeat Donald Trump. But now Joe Biden’s career could be over because of this woman’s…

Loretta Lynch Just Got the Really Bad News About This Big Cover up Falling Apart

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has a lot of explaining to do. Investigators are closing in on her role in the biggest scandal in American political history. And Lynch just got the really bad news that a smoking gun exists…

All Hell Broke Loose When Ilhan Omar Promoted This Muslim Holiday

Ilhan Omar ran for Congress by enacting radical change. Since her swearing-in back in January, Omar has pushed the envelope on her conduct. But now, all hell is breaking loose after Omar promoted this Muslim holiday. Ilhan Omar has emerged as…

Never-Trump RINO Ended Their Career by Betraying Trump With These Four Words

Never-Trump Republicans are still plotting behind the President’s back to bring down his Presidency. And this Never-Trump RINO just ended their career by betraying Trump with these four words. Lindsey Graham is one of the biggest RINOs in Congress. Graham…

Nancy Pelosi Just Made a Phone Call That Proved Her Guilty of One Big Thing

Nancy Pelosi spent months telling one big lie. Now her dishonesty is out in the open. That’s because Pelosi just made the one phone call that proved her guilty of one major thing. This past Saturday, just before the release…

A Sex Scandal From the Past Just Destroyed One Trump Challenger

A bombshell sexual misconduct scandal is turning the Democrat Presidential field upside down. Everyone thought this one Democrat would be a major player when she jumped into the race. But the ghosts of one scandal from the past just destroyed…

The U.S. Military Just Gave Chuck Schumer a Surprise That Ruined His Week

Chuck Schumer is furious. Once again, President Trump has humiliated him in front of the entire nation. And this time, the U.S. Military just gave Schumer a surprise that ruined his week. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer just got news he was dreading.…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has This Secret Plan to Impose Socialism on America

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has something terrible mapped out for America’s future. The New York Democrat is scheming to turn the United States into the next Venezuela. And she has this secret plan to impose socialism on America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her…

Brett Kavanaugh Is About to Give Trump the One Victory Nancy Pelosi Fears the Most

The Supreme Court are soon to rule on two cases that threaten Pelosi’s speakership. And you won’t believe what court watchers are saying about the likely outcome. In fact, Brett Kavanaugh could be about to hand Trump the one victory…

Ilhan Omar Told a Massive Career Ending Lie That She Instantly Came to Regret

Ilhan Omar may finally have discovered how far is “too far.” The one person who could end her career finally got fed up. And Omar instantly regretted telling a lie that could finish her political career for good. Congresswoman Ilhan…

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