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Barack Obama Just Revealed This One Huge Fear That Keeps Him up at Night

Panic is setting in for former President Barack Obama. Obama senses that everything he worked for is in massive danger. And Barack Obama just revealed this one huge fear that keeps him up at night. Former President Obama recently spoke…

Barack Obama’s World Fell Apart When These Criminal Allegations Surfaced

The walls are closing in on Barack Obama. His cover up of the worst scandal in American political history just collapsed. And Barack Obama’s world was turned upside down when these criminal allegations surfaced. The real scandal in “Russiagate” is…

Nancy Pelosi Issued Trump One Terrible Ultimatum That She Will Live to Regret

Nancy Pelosi just drew a line in the sand with Donald Trump. But Speaker Pelosi completely misread the playing field. And Pelosi ended up issuing this terrible ultimatum to Donald Trump that she will live to regret. When Donald Trump…

Chuck Schumer Had the Rug Yanked out From Under Him by This Defeat

Democrats thought they could count on one secret weapon to stop Donald Trump’s agenda. But not anymore. That’s because Chuck Schumer just had the rug yanked out from under him by this massive defeat. The U.S. Senate has approved Trump…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is in a Panic Now After Being Accused of One Big Crime

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in hot water. She thought this corrupt deal from her past would never see the light of day. But someone found the smoking gun that exposed the illegal deal that could destroy her. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cultivated an…

Maxine Waters Insulted Every American With This Comment About Jussie Smollett

Maxine Waters is flying off a cliff. The radical Democrat Congresswoman is notorious for her ridiculous statements. And this time, she insulted every American with this outrageous comment about the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime. California Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters is easily…

Brett Kavanaugh Is About to Change Every American’s Life With One Decision

The Supreme Court is back in session debating the key cases of 2019. While the battle lines are being drawn, one case, in particular, has gained a ton of attention. And Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s vote on this case could be…

Trump Turned Nancy Pelosi’s Life Into a Living Hell With This Threat

Nancy Pelosi and President Trump are gearing up for another major fight over the border. Pelosi walked into the battle thinking she held all the cards. But President Trump turned Nancy Pelosi’s life into a living hell with this threat.…

Chuck Schumer Instantly Regretted Making One Career Changing Mistake

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats just sunk to the lowest depths imaginable. They made it clear from ‘Day One’ that they were out to destroy Donald Trump. But Chuck Schumer instantly regretted making this one career-changing mistake. Chuck Schumer and…

Whistleblower Just Blew The Lid Off Of Barack Obama’s Biggest Crime In Office

Barack Obama’s former allies are starting to talk, and they are spilling the beans about Obama’s biggest scandal during his time in office. For years, Obama’s allies in the media and the Deep State covered up this massive wrongdoing. But…

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