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Trey Gowdy Just Shut Down Ilhan Omar With One Question That Omar Tried to Avoid

Ilhan Omar is leading the Democrat Party charge to defund the police. But she just got some bad news. Trey Gowdy just shut down Ilhan Omar with one question that Omar tried to avoid. Ilhan Omar embracing the “defund the…

Fox News Host Stunned Viewers With This Prediction about Trump’s 2020 Chances

Americans are beginning to tune into the Presidential Election. The pandemic, economic collapse and anti-police riots crowded that story into the background. But now the picture is coming into focus and one Fox News Host stunned viewers into silence with…

Black Lives Matter Has A Shocking Agenda. It Has Nothing To Do With Ending Racism

Many people don’t know what a radical organization that Black Lives Matters is. Their goals go beyond defunding the police. Black Lives Matter has a shocking agenda. It has nothing to do with ending racism. The debate in America is…

Hillary Clinton Pathetically Begged When This Bombshell On Her Emails Dropped

Hillary Clinton is terrified that the world will finally see her email. She’s engaging in a desperate legal battle to keep them from being revealed. Hillary Clinton pathetically begged when this bombshell on her emails dropped. It’s not typical for…

This Hollywood Star’s Warning about Black Lives Matter Will Leave You Speechless

Black Lives Matter protestors took over the streets in cities across America. Americans were shocked at the scenes they saw on their TV screens. And now this Hollywood star’s warning about Black Lives Matter will leave you speechless. Black Lives…

Joe Biden Demanded A Huge Change When He Saw What The NY Times Printed

Democrats are using the media to promote their propaganda to a shocking extent. They’re letting politicians control their coverage. Joe Biden demanded a huge change when he saw what the NY Times printed. The New York Times decided to change…

You Won’t Believe Why These Young Girls Were Called Out For White Privilege

The Democrat obsession with race has gotten out of control. Children were trying to do a good deed and had a shocking accusation thrown at them. You won’t believe why these young girls were called out for white privilege. The…

Rush Limbaugh Described the Results of One Poll That Will Have You Speechless

Democrats and their allies in the fake news media were already writing Donald Trump’s political obituary. The Washington conventional wisdom was that the election was in the bag and Joe Biden would cruise to victory. But then Rush Limbaugh described…

What Donald Trump Saw When He Turned on Fox News Left Him Deeply Worried

Donald Trump’s had issues with Fox News Channel’s programming recently. But nothing could prepare him for what he was about to see. And what Donald Trump saw when he turned on Fox News left him deeply worried. The media’s coverage…

George W. Bush is About to Do Barack Obama One Favor that Left Trump Scrambling

Barack Obama is all in on defeating Donald Trump in November. Obama knows the ability of President Trump to fully erase the Obama legacy depends on Trump winning a second term. And out of nowhere George W Bush is about…

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