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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Signed a Piece of Paper That Will Change Her Life Forever

Up until now, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s rise to political stardom faced no turbulence. But that’s all about to change. And it’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez signed this piece of paper that will change her life forever. Democrats are grappling with how to…

Obama is Furious as Documents Reveal his Most Disgusting Crimes

Documents are revealing even more lies and criminal activity committed by Barak Obama during his Presidency. They are worse than anyone thought. And Obama is furious because they will expose his most disgusting crimes. We have known for quite some…

Nancy Pelosi Just Exposed the Biggest Lie of Her Career With Seven Words

Nancy Pelosi is on the run. And after a disastrous few months as Speaker, she’s desperately trying to find something to hit President Trump on. And now, her greatest lie is crashing down around her after she said just seven…

Maxine Waters Just Admitted to a Crushing Defeat That No One Saw Coming

Maxine Waters spent the last several months banging the drums for Donald Trump’s impeachment. But now with Robert Mueller’s report set to be made public, Waters is singing a different tune. And Maxine Waters just admitted to a crushing defeat…

Ilhan Omar’s Newest Ally Just Made Things Ten Times Worse With These Comments

Ilhan Omar has made a name for herself by saying outrageous things. But this time she’s in trouble like never before. And it’s all because her newest ally made things ten times worse for her with this outrageous comment. Ilhan…

One Trump Critic Is Jobless After This Fake Hate Crime Blew Up in His Face

President Trump’s critics are losing their minds. Two years into his first term in office, they can’t stand the fact that he’s President. And now, one critic is jobless after this fake hate crime blew up in his face. There…

Nancy Pelosi Took the Biggest Gamble of Her Life and It Backfired in a Major Way

Nancy Pelosi was backed into a corner and had only one move she could make. It was a high-risk, high-reward play that would determine the future of the Democrat Party. So Pelosi ended up taking the biggest gamble of her…

Brett Kavanaugh Looked on in Horror With What This Senator Just Accused Him of

The never ending war over Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation rages on. Democrats are still finding ways to smear Kavanaugh and destroy him. And Brett Kavanaugh looked on in horror with what this Senator just accused him of. California Democrat Kamala Harris…

Barak Obama Panics as Shocking Indictment Means He Could Be in Hot Water

This Obama official appeared in court and was indicted in a major scandal. The Obama juggernaut is in shambles as the dominos are beginning to fall. And Barak Obama is panicking as this shocking indictment means he is next on…

Michelle Obama Broke the One Rule That Has Everyone Accusing Her of Treason

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of Donald Trump’s most high-profile critics. It is unusual for former Presidents or their spouses to attack the sitting President. But Michelle Obama broke the one rule that has everyone accusing her of…

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