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Donald Trump Was Heartbroken When He Learned His Prediction Had Come True

Donald Trump tried his best to bring justice for George Floyd’s death. He hoped that America would avoid this terrible outcome. Donald Trump was heartbroken when he learned his prediction had come true. When Trump heard about the death of…

Tucker Carlson Dropped This Truth Bomb About Police That Obama Hid From You

Barack Obama and his allies are giving air cover to a violent left-wing revolution trying to overthrow the country’s system of law and order. A key front in the left’s war on America is to destroy the police which is…

This Hollywood Megastar Said Five Words Promising Blood in Response to Trump

Every election Hollywood loses its collective mind over the prospects that a Republican can win. But this year the combination of Donald Trump and riots in the streets has all hell breaking loose. This Hollywood megastar said five jaw-dropping words…

Nancy Pelosi Picked One Fight That Will End in Her Most Embarrassing Defeat Ever

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has never faced a conflict like this before. Pelosi’s reputation as an invincible iron lady of Washington is on the line. But the Speaker of the House may have bit off more than she could chew…

Hillary Clinton Was Caught Spreading A Shocking Lie That Could Destroy America

The Democrats are looking to capitalize off the violence that’s shaken the country. They’re putting their agenda before the safety of minority communities. Hillary Clinton was caught spreading a shocking lie that could destroy America. A black woman was caught…

Nancy Pelosi is Hoping This Attack On Trump Will Pay Off Bigger Than Impeachment

Nancy Pelosi is planning a huge political move that could destroy Donald Trump. The Democrats will stop at nothing to remove Trump. Nancy Pelosi is hoping this attack on Trump will pay off bigger than impeachment. The impeachment of Donald…

Trump Said Six Bone Chilling Words About Using the Military to Stop the Riots

Left-wing rioters and anarchists spent days trying to tear the country apart. Americans watched as cities burned and civil society teetered on the brink of collapse. And then Donald Trump said six bone-chilling words about using the military to stop…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made A Huge Threat That Could Keep The Violence Going

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says that she wants the violence to stop. But immediately she went back on her word. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a huge threat that could keep the violence going. There should be justice for the death of George Floyd.…

Joe Biden’s Scheme To Attack Police Could Cost Him The Election

Joe Biden thought using the riots would secure his position within the party. But his state quickly went off the rails. Joe Biden’s scheme to attack police could cost him the elections. Joe Biden clearly doesn’t have a clue how…

Tucker Carlson Looked into the Camera and Told Trump One Very Hard Truth

Donald Trump is facing the biggest crisis of his Presidency. Bad news rolls in on a daily basis. And now Tucker Carlson looked into the camera and told Trump one very hard truth. Tucker Carlson was not happy. The popular…

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