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A Judge Just Dealt Barack Obama This Life Changing Defeat

Barack Obama has been out of the White House for two years now. But he’s still working to keep his name in the headlines. Unfortunately for Obama though, a federal judge just dealt him a life-changing defeat. Former President Barack…

Nancy Pelosi Thought No One Would Notice If She Hid This Massive Screw Up

Nancy Pelosi has been on the ropes lately. And she was hoping no one would notice that she hid this massive screw up. But this latest scandal is coming back to bite her in a serious way. Nancy Pelosi has had…

Brett Kavanaugh Was Slammed With The Extremely Bad News That He Was Dreading

Ever since Donald Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Democrats have hunted around for a way to neutralize him. After months of failure, liberals may have struck pay dirt. And Justice Kavanaugh was just slammed with the bad…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Ended Up In A World Of Trouble That No One Saw Coming

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s losing streak continues. The socialist firebrand once again cooked up a new batch of trouble for the Democrats. And now Ocasio-Cortez is in a world of trouble that she never saw coming. When Amazon announced they would build…

This Bombshell Report Is Awful News For Nancy Pelosi And The Democratic Party

While Democrats are still celebrating their recent takeover of the House of Representatives, that may not last for long. Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House, but she may not be for much longer. And it’s all because this bombshell…

The FBI Tried To Entrap Mike Pence In This Crime That Will Make Your Blood Boil

The FBI’s conspiracy against Donald Trump was real. Rogue actors within the Bureau put a plan in motion to take out the President. As part of this scheme, they tried to entrap Vice President Mike Pence in this crime that…

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Career May Be Over Because Of One Jaw Dropping Secret Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is quickly becoming the most controversial Democrat in America. She continually finds herself wrapped up in crises and scandals that could bring down the Democrat Party. But now her career may be over because of this jaw dropping…

This Jaw Dropping Video Just Convicted Ilhan Omar Of Treason

Ilhan Omar’s career in Congress has seen her wrapped up in one scandal after another. This time, the Muslim Congresswoman crossed the line. That’s because this jaw dropping video caught her in the one act that just convicted her of…

Donald Trump Silenced Ilhan Omar With One Devastating Word

Ilhan Omar has made a name for herself as one of the most vocal anti-Semites in Congress. The Minnesota Democrat has received widespread condemnation from both the left and the right for her comments. And now, President Trump just silenced…

All Hell Broke Loose When Kamala Harris Said Two Jaw Dropping Words

California Democrat Kamala Harris was considered to be one of the top challengers to Donald Trump in 2020. But that all changed in an instant. That’s because Harris said two jaw dropping words that turned everything upside down. Harris recently…

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