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Attorney General Declared This Joe Biden VP Contender May Have Broken The Law

Presumptive Democrat Party Presidential nominee Joe Biden faces the biggest decision of his political career. Who will Biden choose as his running mate? And now Biden got smacked with some bad news when an Attorney General declared this Joe Biden…

Dr. Fauci is on the Hot Seat after this Giant Scandal Erupted

President Trump has followed Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recommendations to try and contain the coronavirus outbreak. Now everything is on the verge of falling apart. And that’s because Dr. Fauci is on the hot seat after this giant scandal erupted. As…

William Barr Gave A Warning On The Coronavirus Lockdown America Needs To Hear

There’s a medical emergency that most Democrats aren’t paying attention to. And it’s about to make the coronavirus far worse. William Barr gave a warning on the coronavirus lockdown America needs to hear. At Olmsted Medical Center in Minnesota hospital…

Trump Couldn’t Believe his Eyes when he Saw the Results of this New Poll

Democrats and some Republicans think Donald Trump is toast this November. Many Republicans in Washington are preparing themselves for the bad news on Election Day. And Donald Trump couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the results of this new…

This War Hero Blew the Whistle on a Coronavirus Scandal that will Ruin Democrats

Democrats are trying to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to bring down Donald Trump. Their scheme just imploded right before their very eyes. This war hero blew the whistle on a coronavirus scandal that will ruin Democrats. Democrats and their partners…

Donald Trump Asked One Question That Destroyed The Trap Democrats Set

Liberals finally thought they had Donald Trump boxed in on the coronavirus pandemic. But President Trump turned the situation around in a moment. Donald Trump asked one question that destroyed the trap Democrats set. The Democrats know that the history…

Nancy Pelosi Is Taking The American Economy Hostage With An Awful Move

Nancy Pelosi will stop at nothing to pass her radical agenda. Her policies are hurting those she claims she’s trying to help. Nancy Pelosi is taking the American economy hostage with an awful move. The American economy isn’t doing so…

A New Study On The Coronavirus Death Rate Gave A Shocking Result No One Suspected

The long awaited antibody studies are starting to give us the data we desperately needed. It contains fantastically good news. A new study on the coronavirus death rate gave a shocking result no one suspected. There are two important numbers…

Nancy Pelosi’s Own Party Is Deserting Her As This Massive Failure Brings Her Down

Americans are suffering while Nancy Pelosi is playing politics with their livelihoods. They’ve reached their limit on her partisan games. Nancy Pelosi’s own party is deserting her as this massive failure brings her down. More than 110,000 restaurants in America…

Barack Obama Has A Massive Corrupt Plot To Guarantee Biden An Election Victory

Barack Obama knows that Joe Biden’s campaign is a complete disaster. He’s hoping that an unfair rule change will give Biden a big enough advantage. Barack Obama has a massive corrupt plot to guarantee Biden an election victory. Barack Obama…

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