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Chuck Schumer Lost a Major Fight to the Last Person He Ever Expected

Chuck Schumer’s plan to oust Donald Trump involves obstruction, delays, and inventing fake scandals. The Democrat leader in the Senate put this plan in motion from the first day of Donald Trump’s Presidency. But Schumer suffered a major defeat when…

Nancy Pelosi Just Suffered the Humiliating Defeat of Her Life

Nancy Pelosi developed an image as an unbeatable power player in Washington. That all went down in flames. Pelosi was just exposed as a fraud in this most humiliating defeat of her life. Speaker Pelosi was backed into a corner.…

Top Trump Challenger Caught Covering Up This Treasonous Scandal

One top Democrat looking to challenge Donald Trump in 2020 has problems that are just getting started. And one might be a career killing controversy. That’s because this top Trump challenger was caught covering up a treasonous scandal. The one…

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is on the Verge of Disaster With This New Poll

Bernie Sanders has emerged as the leading Democratic primary candidate. But his campaign is in serious trouble. This new poll could spell disaster for the Sanders campaign in a way no one expected. Bernie Sanders is once again running for…

Chuck Schumer Had No Idea What Hit Him When He Saw the Results of This Shocking Poll

From ‘Day One,’ Chuck Schumer’s plan to defeat Donald Trump was through resistance and sabotage. Schumer – and the rest of the Democrats – goal was to grind down President Trump’s support and set him up for defeat in 2020.…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Terrified This Secret From Her Past Will Go Public

There is a ticking time bomb hovering over the career of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Secrets from her past could destroy her career at any moment. And you won’t believe who is sitting on the smoking gun that will end Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s…

Ilhan Omar Pressed the Panic Button When This Awful Truth Surfaced

Ilhan Omar never saw it coming. The controversial freshmen Democrat made a racist attack on Trump supporters. But Ilhan Omar is pressing the panic button now that this awful truth surfaced. Like all Democrats, Omar is a strong supporter of…

Nancy Pelosi Has One Shocking Problem that Could Bring Her Reign Crashing Down

Nancy Pelosi’s past is coming back to bite her. The Speaker’s continued actions on this issue is destroying her grasp on power. And it’s a shocking problem that could bring her reign crashing down. The Democrats seem to be in…

Barack Obama Just Revealed This One Huge Fear That Keeps Him up at Night

Panic is setting in for former President Barack Obama. Obama senses that everything he worked for is in massive danger. And Barack Obama just revealed this one huge fear that keeps him up at night. Former President Obama recently spoke…

Barack Obama’s World Fell Apart When These Criminal Allegations Surfaced

The walls are closing in on Barack Obama. His cover up of the worst scandal in American political history just collapsed. And Barack Obama’s world was turned upside down when these criminal allegations surfaced. The real scandal in “Russiagate” is…

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