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Nancy Pelosi Killed One Measure That Would Give Doctors Critical Coronavirus Gear

Democrats are putting red tape in the way of America’s response to a global pandemic. The top priority should be to protect our medical workers. But Nancy Pelosi killed one measure that would give doctors critical coronavirus gear. WHO just…

Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Is Officially Dead After A Shocking Election Loss

Bernie Sanders has reached the end of his rope. There’s no coming back after this stunning defeat. Bernie Sanders’ campaign is officially dead after a shocking election loss. There’s little chance left for the 78-year-old socialist senator to win the…

Joe Biden Was Caught On Video Threatening One Crime When All Hell Broke Loose

Former Vice President Joe Biden really stepped in it this time. Biden’s campaign has been plagued by the candidate’s bizarre behavior which has many Americans questioning his mental decline. But no one was prepared for when Joe Biden was caught…

This Hillary Clinton Ally is Terrified of Dying in Jail For One Big Reason

Hillary Clinton’s connections to shady characters are one of the defining characteristics of her public life. And many of them have a habit of turning up dead under mysterious circumstances. Now this Hillary Clinton ally is terrified of dying in…

Rush Limbaugh told a terrible secret about how Democrats will beat Trump in 2020

Donald Trump entered 2020 as the favorite to win re-election. But now all hell is breaking loose on the campaign trail. Matters escalated when Rush Limbaugh told a terrible secret about how Democrats will beat Trump in 2020. Democrats and…

Donald Trump Hit CNN With A Big Lawsuit That Will Stop Their Lies For Good

CNN crossed a line when they tried to take Donald Trump down with one huge lie. The President isn’t about to take this one lying down. Donald Trump hit CNN with a big lawsuit that will stop their lies for…

Bill Clinton Went Off The Rails. He Defended A Terrible Crime He’s accused of

Bill Clinton’s sexual harassment has come back to bite him yet again. He has no self-control around women. Bill Clinton went off the rails. He defended a terrible crime he’s accused of. Bill Clinton’s reputation when it comes to women…

There’s A Great Piece Of Coronavirus News CNN Doesn’t Want You To Know

The Democrats are spreading fear that a major recession is on its way in. But they couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a great piece of coronavirus news that CNN doesn’t want you to know. One of the hard things about…

A Shocking Email Blew Open A Scandal That’s Got Joe Biden Dashing For Cover

Joe Biden will help out Hunter Biden no matter what the personal cost. The Democrat leadership can’t go on saving him from himself forever. A shocking email blew open a scandal that’s got Joe Biden dashing for cover. If Joe…

Mitt Romney is Supporting Joe Biden. This is How Romney Stabbed Trump in the Back

RINO Senator Mitt Romney crossed the line when he voted for one of the Democrats hoax articles of impeachment. With that vote, Romney made it clear his number one goal for 2020 was to remove Donald Trump and put a…

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