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William Barr May Have Just Destroyed the Democratic Party by Signing This

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they can’t seem to get William Barr to do what they want. He didn’t comply with their demands to use the Mueller report to damn Trump… And now, William Barr may have just destroyed the Democratic…

William Barr Said One Thing To Nancy Pelosi That She Never Expected

Nancy Pelosi wants to destroy Attorney General William Barr more than anything. His only crime is serving under President Trump. But through all the attacks, Barr is standing strong and just told Pelosi the one thing she never expected. Democrats…

Trey Gowdy Just Dropped A Tip That Could Bring The Deep State Down For Good

Trey Gowdy made a name for himself by exposing corrupt Democrats. During his time in Congress, he became the worst enemy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. And now he just dropped a big tip that could bring down the…

A Smoking Gun Surfaced That Convicted Barack Obama in This Mind Blowing Scandal

Barack Obama’s scandal plagued Presidency was one of the most corrupt in American history. Even after Obama left office, the ugly details of his administration’s misdeeds continue to leak out. And now a smoking gun just surfaced that convicted Barack…

Nancy Pelosi Threw Down an Ultimatum That Will Make Donald Trump Flip Out

Nancy Pelosi went ballistic. The Speaker of the House escalated her war with President Trump to an unthinkable level. And now Nancy Pelosi threw down an ultimatum that will make Donald Trump flip out. Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib set off…

William Barr Is Holding One Ace up His Sleeve That Will Ruin Barack Obama

Democrats and William Barr are engaged in one of the most high-profile fights in American political history. And it’s all about Barack Obama and his legacy. But William Barr is holding this ace up his sleeve that will ruin Barack…

William Barr Just Received Very Bad News That Could End His Career Forever

If you think William Barr is safe you may want to think again. While the Mueller report is released and available to anyone who wants it… William Barr just received terrible news that could end his career forever. A career,…

Mike Pence Has a BIG Problem With Ilhan Omar That Could Eliminate Her for Good

The Freshman Democrats are categorically ruining the country. AOC has a Green New Deal that’d wreck the economy for centuries And Ilhan Omar’s recent behavior has Mike Pence saying he’s got a big problem with Ilhan Omar that could eliminate…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Declared This Victory That Instantly Blew up in Her Face

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just made the biggest blunder of her life. She may never recover from this disaster. That’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared this victory that instantly blew up in her face. Upon entering Congress, Ocasio-Cortez made so-called…

William Barr May Be on His Way to Destroying One Democrat’s Life

Things have gone from bad to worse for the Democrats. Not only is Trump’s economy doing well enough to get people voting Republican… Now William Barr may be on his way to destroying one Democrat’s presidential hopes. If Trump turns…

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