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Joe Biden Is Pushing A Shocking Conspiracy Theory That Could Destroy Trump

Democrats are gambling big on a giant lie that could completely discredit Trump. They desperately need to paint Trump as a criminal. Joe Biden is pushing a shocking conspiracy theory that could destroy Trump. There’s good reason for the Democrats…

Donald Trump Gave Biden A Career-Ending Challenge. Here’s How He Responded

Joe Biden is working overtime to make sure his recent scandal stays secret. He can’t afford any more problems. However, Donald Trump gave Biden a career-ending challenge. Here’s how he responded. Joe Biden’s campaign is just trying to survive. He’s…

Donald Trump Crushed A Vile Conspiracy Theory Hillary Clinton Was Spreading

Hillary Clinton crossed a line when she made an underhanded attack on Trump’s family. Trump couldn’t let her get away with it. Donald Trump crushed a vile conspiracy theory Hillary Clinton was spreading. The Democrats have become completely unhinged with…

Andrew Cuomo Covered Up One Scandal That Could Take Down Democrats in 2020

Democrats want to make the 2020 election a referendum on the response to the coronavirus outbreak. But there is a secret everyone on the left wants to hide from the American people. Andrew Cuomo covered up one scandal that could…

Trump Couldn’t Believe What He Heard This Republican Say About Investigating Obama

Donald Trump and his supporters pushed Congress to get to the bottom of Obamagate. That put the spotlight squarely on one Senator with the power to expose former President Barack Obama’s crimes. And Donald Trump couldn’t believe what he heard…

A Republican Senator Stepped Down After a FBI Raid. This is How Trump Responded

Donald Trump had his issues with the FBI. All hell’s breaking loose in Washington as just months before the November election another Republican found themselves in the FBI’s crosshairs. And now one Republican Senator stepped down after a FBI raid.…

Sean Hannity Said Nine Words That Blew The Lid Off This Obama Scandal

Barack Obama is watching his world turn upside down. Democrats are ducking for cover as they face blowback for the crimes committed during the 2016 election. Now Sean Hannity said nine words that blew the lid off this Obama scandal.…

Nancy Pelosi Could Become President Because of This Coronavirus Meltdown

America is in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Democrats are determined to exploit the crisis to end Trump’s Presidency. And now Nancy Pelosi could become President because of this coronavirus meltdown. The fake news media seized on the news…

Barack Obama Is Still Hoping To Put Michael Flynn In Jail With This Scheme

Barack will do anything to stop the emerging scandal that could destroy him. Even if it means putting an innocent man in prison. Barack Obama is still hoping to put Michael Flynn in jail with this scheme. When Democrats get…

Joe Biden Just Blew His Cover Story With One Jaw-Dropping Admission Of Guilt

Joe Biden was hoping one big crime committed would slip under the radar. He knows this could bring his whole campaign down. Joe Biden just blew his cover story with one jaw-dropping admission of guilt. Democrats have relied heavily on…

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