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All Hell Broke Loose When Kamala Harris Melted Down on National TV

Kamala Harris manages to embarrass herself in every public appearance. Democrats grit their teeth and just hope the damage is not major. But now all hell broke loose when Kamala Harris melted down on national TV. Kamala Harris – like…

Fox News Just Double-Crossed Trump by Doing Joe Biden This Huge Favor

Joe Biden is trying to put Donald Trump in jail. Biden and the Democrats will do anything to prevent Donald Trump from running for re-election in 2024. Fox News just double-crossed Trump by doing Joe Biden this huge favor. Former…

Donald Trump Kept the Smoking Gun that Will Bring Down the FBI

The FBI is still after Donald Trump. But after six years of witch hunts the FBI is about to get some bad news. And Donald Trump kept the smoking gun that will bring down the FBI. When the FBI raided…

This One Disturbing Video Could End The Career Of A Top Democrat

A top Democrat made a disastrous speech that added fuel to a raging controversy. Voters are beginning to ask serious questions that can’t be avoided. This one disturbing video could end the career of a top Democrat. U.S. Senate candidate…

You Won’t Believe How This Democrat Accidently Called Himself A Fascist

A top Democrat is attacking Republicans with wild and outrageous claims. This attack backfired in a spectacular way that he didn’t see coming. You won’t believe how this Democrat accidently called himself a fascist. The new Democrat talking point is…

Donald Trump Hit Fox News With an Ultimatum that No One Saw Coming

Donald Trump’s relationship with Fox News Channel continues to fray. Trump is not happy with what he sees on the air at Fox New. And now Donald Trump hit Fox News with an ultimatum that no one saw coming. Donald…

Joe Biden Will Lose His Mind After He Sees What One Top Democrat Admitted in Public

Joe Biden got some more bad news ahead of the midterm election. This time it came from his own party. Joe Biden will lose his mind after he sees what one top Democrat admitted in public. Every poll shows inflation…

Donald Trump Has One Serious Concern About Joe Biden That He Won’t Answer

Joe Biden went out in public and gave the most awful speech from a modern American president. It’s amazing that he was allowed to make such a terrible public appearance. Donald Trump has one serious concern about Joe Biden that…

Donald Trump is on the Verge of Making One Jaw Dropping 2024 Announcement

Everyone expects Donald Trump to run for re-election in 2024. But Trump could throw everyone a curveball. And Donald Trump is on the verge of making one jaw dropping 2024 announcement. If Donald Trump wins the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination…

A Liberal Celebrity Humiliated Joe Biden With Just Seven Words

Joe Biden continues to create problems for himself. Even Biden’s own party is expressing their displeasure with him. And this liberal celebrity humiliated Joe Biden with just seven words. Joe Biden traveled to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to deliver the…

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