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Nancy Pelosi Feared For Her Career When She Saw These Results

She did not want to admit it. But now she must face the truth. Nancy Pelosi feared for her career when she saw these results. In light of a rather poor showing of the Democratic candidates in the 2020 election,…

Democrats Are Going To Pay Big For This Underhanded Move During The Election

This election has been filled with nothing but tension and fear. The winner may have been called, but does he deserve it? Now, the Democrats are going to pay big for this underhanded move during the election. This election has…

Tucker Carlson Had Jaw-Dropping Message to Trump Voters About the Election Result

Donald Trump is mounting legal challenges to the vote counts in certain key states. Democrats and the media are demanding the President waive the white flag of surrender. And Tucker Carlson had a jaw-dropping message to Trump voters about the…

Mitt Romney Defected to Joe Biden With This Endorsement

This was the moment Mitt Romney was waiting for. The diehard Never Trumper did everything in his power to sabotage President Trump. And now Mitt Romney defected to Joe Biden with this endorsement. The fake news media falsely claimed Joe…

Sean Hannity Had Found One Legal Loophole That Could Hand the Election to Trump

The outcome of the 2020 election is still very much in doubt. Democrats are counting votes in the dead of night in hopes of swinging the election to Joe Biden. But now Sean Hannity has found one legal loophole that…

Rush Limbaugh Revealed the One Truth that Devastated Democrats on Election Night

Election Night was a massive disappointment for Democrats. The much promised “blue wave” never materialized. And Rush Limbaugh revealed the one truth that devastated Democrats on Election Night. Fake news CNN spent hours lying about President Trump and demonizing him…

Tucker Carlson Exposed the Fatal Flaw that Threw the Election Into Chaos

All hell broke loose in America on Election Night. It was like nothing no one had ever seen. And Tucker Carlson exposed the fatal flaw that threw the election into chaos. As Americans headed to the polls on Tuesday all…

Trump Made One Promise About the Election that Made the Supreme Court Nervous

Americans went to bed last night not knowing who the President was. As the results were rolling in, President Trump spoke to the nation. And Donald Trump made one promise about the election that made the Supreme Court nervous. Donald…

One Official Investigation By the FBI Has Joe Biden Shaking in Fear

He never wanted this story to be revealed. But now his worst nightmare is coming true. Now, one official investigation by the FBI has Joe Biden shaking in fear. This past Thursday, Sinclair investigative reporter James Rosen tweeted that: “EXCLUSIVE:…

Tucker Carlson Is Not Afraid To Speak This Truth About The Biden Family

They never wanted this story to get out, so they hid the truth. Now, Carlson is calling the Biden family out for their lies and the media’s coverup of their story. Tucker Carlson is not afraid to speak this truth…

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