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Ilhan Omar Was Convicted This Crime That Could Seal Her Fate

Ilhan Omar found herself in one scandal after another since entering Congress. Now Omar may have finally hit her breaking point. That’s because Ilhan Omar was convicted of this terrible crime that could seal her fate. Ilhan Omar’s campaign for…

Rand Paul Exposed One Deep State Secret That Will Destroy a Key Obama Ally

There is a deep state working overtime to take down Trump from inside his own government. Trump continues to weaken them, but they are still hiding in the shadows. And Rand Paul just exposed one deep state secret that will…

Chuck Schumer Knew He Made the Biggest Mistake Ever When These Words Left His Mouth

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had no idea what he was in for. Schumer thought this was just a normal fight with Donald Trump. But Chuck Schumer knew he made the biggest mistake of his life the second these words…

This Top Democrat Said Nine Words That Turned William Barr’s Life Into a Living Hell

Attorney General William Barr is facing incoming fire from every direction. His enemies in Washington are throwing everything including the kitchen sink at the Attorney General to destroy his reputation. And now this top Democrat said nine words that turned…

Barack Obama’s Favorite TV Star Just Got the News Proving His Life Is Over

Hollywood loves Barack Obama, and wishes he could serve a third term. They constantly look to him as a hero, instead of the horrible President most of America sees him as. And one of Obama’s favorite TV stars just got…

A Top Trump Ally Just Smacked Ilhan Omar With the Worst News Possible

Ilhan Omar may never win re-election or serve in public office again. For the first few months in Congress she has been exposed as an anti-Semite time and time again. And a top Trump ally just smacked Ilhan Omar with…

Trump Said Two Words That Shook Barack Obama to His Core

President Donald Trump is the anti-Barack Obama. His vision of America is in stark contrast to the twisted vision from the former President. And Trump just said two words that shook Obama to his core. After every act of mass…

All Hell Broke Loose After William Barr Said One Thing About Mueller

The only person the left hates more than Trump is William Barr. Being Trump’s Attorney General is enough to unleash the Democrat hate machine. And all hell broke loose after William Barr said one thing about Robert Mueller. The amount…

What Donald Trump Did for One Navy SEAL Will Have Your Jaw on the Ground

You’ve probably have heard of Eddie Gallagher by now. He’s the US Navy SEAL who was arrested for supposedly murdering a young ISIS combatant. And what Donald Trump did for this Navy SEAL will have your jaw on the ground.…

Jeff Sessions Made This Giant Mistake That Just Came Back to Haunt Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions’ tenure as Attorney General was marked by controversy. Donald Trump quickly lost faith in Sessions for caving into the Deep State. And now Jeff Sessions made this giant mistake that came back to haunt President Trump. Jeff Sessions…

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