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Democrats Allow Shelters To Keep Transgender Runaway Children From Parents

The insanity Democrats have been pushing is completely horrifying. They’re willing to allow the sexualization and exploitation of minors to an alarming extent. And Democrats are putting children in radical danger with this new runaway law. Washington Democrat Governor Jay…

Joe Biden Falsely Claims White Supremacy Is The Number One Terrorist Threat Facing America

Joe Biden can’t get out of his own way. Biden’s re-election campaign just hit its latest stumbling block. And what Joe Biden just got caught saying on camera about white people will make your head spin. The Real Clear Politics…

AOC’s Tweet Inspired Donald Trump During CNN Town Hall

Democrats were seeing red. One of their worst nightmares with Donald Trump just came true. And that’s because Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave Donald Trump this secret weapon to wreck CNN. Donald Trump received positive reinforcement from an unlikely source during a…

Poll Shows Donald Trump Leading Joe Biden By Seven Points

Joe Biden learned some seriously bad news. The poll called Democrats’ thoughts about the next election into question. And this jaw-dropping poll showed a 2024 result that will make Democrats scream. Joe Biden’s notion that Donald Trump winning the GOP…

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson May Team Up For A 2024 GOP Debate

As soon as news broke that Fox fired Tucker Carlson speculation soon mounted that Carlson would involve himself in the 2024 presidential election. The rumors were true. And you’ll be speechless when you see what Trump and Tucker Carlson have…

Judge Rules Trump Cannot Post On Social Media About Evidence In Alvin Bragg’s Criminal Case

Donald Trump is going to be furious. The witch hunt against him has picked up steam. Alvin Bragg just won a huge decision that is a devastating defeat for Donald Trump. George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg notched a…

Polls And Fundraising Show A Lack Of Enthusiasm For Joe Biden

Joe Biden is running for re-election. The polls show that Americans could see a rematch between Donald Trump and Biden. But Joe Biden is trying to hide one dark secret that will change everything about the 2024 election. For more…

Tucker Carlson Slams Barack Obama For Inflaming Racial Tensions

When Tucker Carlson finally broke his silence, he had a lot to say. But he had one specific target in mind. And Carlson just accused Barack Obama of committing this UNFORGIVEABLE sin. During a speech at a charity event for…

Joe Rogan Blasts Democrats For Shielding Biden From Debates

Democrats are trying to prop up Joe Biden for another election. But they know they can’t let him talk freely in public. And Joe Rogan is completely disgusted with this Democrat trick to shield Biden. Podcaster Joe Rogan blasted the…

Leak Campaign Against Tucker Carlson Intensifies

Fox News is playing dirty in its fight with Tucker Carlson. The network is enlisting some unlikely allies. And Fox News declared war on Tucker Carlson with this jaw-dropping leak. Just as Megyn Kelly predicted, Fox News colluded with its…

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