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Rashida Tlaib’s Violent Outburst At the Police Was Destroyed With Five Words

The radical left no longer wants police officers to be able to protect themselves. They’re defending protesters no matter what the violence. Rashida Tlaib’s violent outburst at the police was destroyed with just five words. In Oakland, California a black…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Take Democrats Over a Cliff With This Giant Disaster

There is no question Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling the shots in the Democrat Party. That’s bad news for the left’s electoral prospects. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will take Democrats over a cliff with this giant disaster. Not too long ago, Democrats and…

Rand Paul Left Nancy Pelosi Stunned After He Revealed this Embarrassing Fact

Democrats are willfully tearing down history. Rabid leftists are ripping down statues across the country while Democrats encourage the behavior. Rand Paul left Nancy Pelosi stunned after he revealed this embarrassing fact. The socialist wing of the Democrat party has…

Fox News Host Just Gave Trump a Warning About Who He Should Fear the Most

The radical left is becoming bolder in their Anti-American actions. Every institution in the nation is under attack.. And a Fox News host just gave Trump a warning about who he should fear the most. Charles Payne of Fox Business…

Joe Biden Is Crushed. This Shocking Number Of Dems Think He’s Unfit For Office

Even Democrats are concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health. A recent poll shows a staggering number are rethinking their nominee. Joe Biden is crushed. This shocking number of Democratic voters think he’s unfit for office. The Democrat leadership learned the…

Dr. Fauci Made an Admission Under Oath that Left Americans Facing a Hard Truth

Dr. Anthony Fauci made a much anticipated appearance before the Senate. Democrats believe Fauci will always come through with bad news that damages Donald Trump’s re-election prospects. And Dr. Fauci made an admission under oath that left Americans facing a…

Ilhan Omar’s Plan To Defund The Police Was Destroyed With A Shocking Payment

The hypocrisy of the Democrat’s plan to defund the police has been completely exposed. They don’t plan on living by the same rules. Ilhan Omar’s plan to defund the police was completely destroyed with a shocking payment. In 2019 when…

Devin Nunes Said Two Words That Have Obama Shaking In His Boots

There’s a huge mysterious investigation making Obama fear the worst. He could outrun his crimes forever. Devin Nunes said two words that have Obama shaking in his boots. Americans already know some of the crimes that the Obama administration committed…

William Barr Dropped One Reality Check That Shut Down Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a growing political power in America. Politicians in both parties praise the group and embrace their political agenda. But William Barr dropped one reality check that shut down Black Lives Matter. In an interview with National…

A Wounded NAVY Seal Told a Truth About America That Left Jaws on the Ground

America is facing a frightening crisis as massive civil unrest instigated by the left threatens to overthrow the American civil society. All hell is breaking loose across the country. And a wounded NAVY Seal told a truth about America that…

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