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One Democrat Made a Coronavirus Move That Left Everyone Scratching Their Heads

Officials across the country are scrambling to get their arms around the coronavirus outbreak. The virus appears to be spiraling out of control. One Democrat made a coronavirus move that left everyone scratching their heads. A top Democrat took one…

Nancy Pelosi Gave An Awful Hint On Impeachment. This is Her Redline

Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to let a huge crisis like the Chinese coronavirus go to waste. She’s looking to land a knockout blow. Nancy Pelosi Gave An Awful Hint On Impeachment. This is her redline. Democrats have a major problem…

Top Trump Ally Quit for one Reason that Will Change the White House

Donald Trump is facing an economic and health emergency that could turn into a political crisis. And the Trump administration is now in for this big change. And this top Trump ally quit for one reason that will change the…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is About To Destroy Lifesaving Coronavirus Relief

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just made an outlandish threat to bend Congress to her will. She could hurt America with one self-destructive move. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about to destroy lifesaving coronavirus relief. The radical left sees this crisis as their chance to…

China Made One Huge Attack On America That We Can’t Afford To Let Slide

China is trying use the coronavirus outbreak to their advantage in every possible way. They are going to shocking illegal lengths to control the situation. China made one huge attack on America that we can’t afford to let slide. November…

William Barr Announced One Crime Linked to Coronavirus That You Won’t Believe

It is all hands on deck for the Trump administration in trying to contain the spread of the coronavirus. There isn’t one stone the administration won’t leave unturned to beat back this viral outbreak. And William Barr announced one crime…

Joe Biden Was in For a Rude Awakening When This Brand New Poll Went Public

While the coronavirus pandemic stuffed the 2020 Presidential election into the background that does not mean the campaign stopped entirely. Things are not going according to plan for the Democrats. Joe Biden was in for a rude awakening when this…

Nancy Pelosi Just Lost This Big Fight. This is Who Shut her Down

Nancy Pelosi is not used to coming out on the wrong end of a political fight. But in one of the biggest legislative lifts in American history Pelosi had a huge demand. Now Nancy Pelosi just lost this big fight. …

Rush Limbaugh Returned to Show and Shared this Shocking Coronavirus Truth

Rush Limbaugh’s cancer diagnosis has forced the host to take longer and more frequent absences from his radio program. Limbaugh tried to correct that to speak to his audience during a time of great national worry. And Rush Limbaugh returned…

Joe Biden Got Hit with a Coronavirus Wake-Up Call that He Never Saw Coming

Despite the coronavirus pandemic raging across America there is still a Presidential election humming along in the background. And the bad news continues to pour in for “Sleepy Joe” Biden. Now Joe Biden got hit with a coronavirus wakeup call…

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