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Massive Scandal With Mitch McConnell Could Put a Democrat Into the Oval Office

Just a few short days ago protestors posted up outside of Mitch McConnel’s home late at night. They were yelling and screaming for him to “face justice” and crying out for someone to “stab the motherf****r because he’d scandalously blocked…

Chuck Schumer Celebrated the One Victory That Turned Trump’s Life Into a Living Hell

Chuck Schumer only has one goal in mind for 2020. And that is to defeat Donald Trump. That’s why Chuck Schumer celebrated the one victory that turned Trump’s life into a living hell. Democrats continue to twist the screws on…

Brett Kavanaugh Put His Head in His Hands When He Found Out This Truth About His Fate

Democrats still seethe with rage over Donald Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The left refuses to give up their plans to bring them down. And Brett Kavanaugh put his head in his hands when…

This Strange Thing Happened Right Before Jeffrey Epstein Died

Accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in a Manhattan jail under highly suspicious circumstance. As details trickled out, the American people raised even more questions about the official story. And jaws were left on the ground when everyone learned…

Donald Trump Ended Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign With These Eight Words

Former Vice President Joe Biden was riding high in the polls. Many pundits even speculated that Biden possessed the political chops to take on and defeat Donald Trump. But that all changed when Donald Trump ended Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign…

William Barr Was Slapped With the One Lawsuit That Could End His Career

Attorney General William Barr made taking on the Deep State his top priority. Barr’s investigating how the Obama administration and the FBI cooked up the Russian collusion hoax. But William Barr was slapped with the one lawsuit that could end…

Bill Clinton Broke Out in a Panic When This Dead Body Turned Up

Bill Clinton and scandal are never far apart. But this latest crisis takes the cake. And Bill Clinton broke out in a panic when this dead body turned up. Billionaire financier, Bill Clinton friend and alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly…

Mitch McConnell Is About to Make One Mistake That Will Cost Republicans Everything

Mitch McConnell found himself lucky that Republicans were able to hold the US Senate in 2018. But he may be on the verge of throwing his majority away for good. And one move may cost the Republicans everything in 2020.…

Joe Biden Left Jaws on the Ground With a Bombshell About This Massive Health Issue

Former Vice President Joe Biden has clung to his shaky status as frontrunner in the Democrat Presidential primary. But after this past weekend, all bets are off. That’s because Joe Biden left jaws on the ground with a bombshell about…

Trey Gowdy Just Blew the Lid Off of the FBI

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy is the Deep State’s worst nightmare. Even after leaving office earlier this year, Gowdy continues to dig for the truth. And now, he just blew the whole lid off of the biggest FBI scandal of the…

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