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Mike Pence Humiliated Kamala Harris By Telling One Simple Truth

Mike Pence and Kamala Harris just engaged in a very public showdown. It did not end well for Harris. And Mike Pence humiliated Kamala Harris by telling one simple truth. Kamala Harris spoke at an event hosted by the radical…

A Liberal Comic Devastated Jen Psaki With One Joke That Democrats Did Not Want to Hear

Jen Psaki’s time as White House press secretary is over. And Psaki’s tenure ended on an embarrassing note. And this liberal comic devastated Jen Psaki with one joke that Democrats did not want to hear. Popular standup comedian and podcast…

Hillary Clinton Went on TV and What She Did Just Told Everyone She Was Running For President

Hillary Clinton made her 2024 intentions known. There is no doubt what Clinton intends to do. And that became clear when Hillary Clinton went on TV. What she did just told everyone she was running for President. Hillary Clinton could…

Jen Psaki Made a Stunning Retirement Announcement That Took Everyone By Surprise

Many Americans considered Jen Psaki one of the worst White House press secretaries in history. But now Psaki is calling it quits. And Jen Psaki made a stunning retirement announcement that took everyone by surprise. Jen Psaki’s been in negotiations…

Ron DeSantis Said Two Words About the Supreme Court Leak That You Won’t Believe

Someone leaked a draft opinion of a Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade to the press. Bedlam broke out in Washington. And then Ron DeSantis said two words about the Supreme Court leak that you won’t believe. POLITICO…

Joe Biden Broke This Promise to Kamala Harris That Will End Her Career

When Kamala Harris accepted the position of Joe Biden’s running mate Harris thought she was the heiress apparently. That is no longer the case. And now Joe Biden broke this promise to Kamala Harris that will end her career. When…

Nancy Pelosi Exposed Obama’s True Feelings About Joe Biden’s Presidency

Barack Obama isn’t happy with having Joe Biden in the presidency. The relationship between them is rapidly deteriorating. Nancy Pelosi exposed Obama’s true feelings about Joe Biden’s presidency. Former President Barack Obama has felt envious of his former vice president…

Nancy Pelosi Just Agreed To Take On A Shocking Role In A Drag Queen Show

Democrats are making a horrendous spectral of themselves catering to the radical left. They are losing average Americans with their awful pandering. Nancy Pelosi just agreed to take on a shocking role in a drag queen show. House Speaker Nancy…

Tucker Carlson Called Barack Obama One Name That Put Jaws on the Ground

Barack Obama made a big return to the national political stage. Democrats were thrilled. And Tucker Carlson called Barack Obama one name that put jaws on the ground. Big Tech rigged the 2020 election by censoring true stories about Hunter…

Trey Gowdy Obliterated Joe Biden With a Smackdown About a Massive Court Defeat

Joe Biden keeps losing. The mounting setbacks are causing meltdowns on the left. Trey Gowdy obliterated Joe Biden with a smackdown about a massive court defeat. A federal judge in Florida struck down Joe Biden’s public transportation mask mandate. So-called…

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