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Disney Fired A Popular Pro-Trump Actress For Dropping This Truth Bomb

It isn’t safe for Republicans to express their opinions in Hollywood. Since the election Disney has been looking for the excuse to fire a lead Mandalorian actress. Disney fired a popular pro-Trump actress for dropping this truth bomb. Last September…

Former ICE Director Sounded The Alarm Over Joe Biden Scandalous Border Plan

The Democrats are hoping to change America through illegal immigration. Joe Biden is destroying national security to get his way. Former ICE director sounded the alarm over Joe Biden’s scandalous border plan. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that illegal…

Nancy Pelosi Is Terrified At This Video Evidence Trump Has Up His Sleeve

The Democrats have no answer to Donald Trump’s impeachment defense. There’s no way for them to justify what they’re doing. Nancy Pelosi is terrified at this video evidence Trump has up his sleeve. The hypocrisy of the Democrats could make…

Biden Administration Seeks To Undo All Of Trump’s Work With This Latest Order

Biden’s first few weeks in office have been turbulent. And now they’re about to get even rockier. Now, the Biden administration seeks to undo all of Trump’s work with this latest order. In a move that is surprising to some,…

Joe Biden Got Called Out for a Growing Problem by This Close Ally

This criticism has seemingly come out of the blue. But is it just addressing what we’re all thinking? Now, Joe Biden Got Called out for a growing problem by this close ally. The past few weeks of Biden’s presidency have…

Liz Cheney Was Horrified To Learn How Bad Her Chance Of Re-Election Is

Liz Cheney is going to cost her big in ways that she didn’t expect. Her constituents are angry with her impeachment vote. Liz Cheney was horrified to learn how bad her chance of re-election is. Rep. Liz Cheney has often…

Fox News Made a Surprising Prediction About Who Will Take Over for Donald Trump

Republicans in Washington and out in the states are preparing for the 2024 Presidential campaign. Everyone has an opinion on who is the frontrunner. And Fox News made a surprising prediction about who will take over for Donald Trump. Donald…

Rush Limbaugh Asked One Question That Could Cost Joe Biden the Next Election

Joe Biden wasted no time in imposing his socialist agenda on America. Democrats are betting that if Biden can steamroll his policies through it will create the appearance of success and position Democrats for electoral success. And Rush Limbaugh asked…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Grabbed Media Sympathy With This Manipulative Lie

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez forgot to mention one important fact that changed everything. A Republican Congresswoman had to set the record straight. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grabbed media sympathy with this manipulative lie. In an Instagram Live stream Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave an emotional…

Chuck Schumer Isn’t Telling the American People One Big Truth about Coronavirus

Americans have lived under lockdowns and mandates for nearly one year. Joe Biden claimed he had a plan to end the pandemic. But Chuck Schumer isn’t telling the American people one big truth about coronavirus. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader…

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