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Texas Enacted A Stunning Ban That Sent The Radical Left Into A Meltdown

Democrats want ultimate control over every aspect of Americans lives. But they have hit a huge roadblock in their scheme for power. Texas enacted a stunning ban that sent the radical left into a meltdown. President Joe Biden claims that…

The Radical Left Has a Shocking New Scheme To Replace The American Flag

Democrats have made it clear they want to fundamentally change America. They want to erase every part of our nation’s identity. The radical left has a shocking new scheme to replace the American flag. Flags are national symbols that show…

Joe Biden Flipped Out When this Democrat Crushed Him With this Massive Insult

Even Joe Biden’s former friends are turning on him. And Biden is losing the one ally he cannot afford to have turn. And now Joe Biden flipped out when this Democrat crushed him with this massive insult. After vaccine mandates…

Kamala Harris Went into Hiding When a Major Scandal Blew up in Joe Biden’s Face

Joe Biden is not getting much help from Kamala Harris. In fact, the Vice President is turning into a major liability. And Kamala Harris went into hiding when a major scandal blew up in Joe Biden’s face. This past March,…

Tucker Carlson Said the One Thing on TV That He Swore He Never Would

Fox News viewers were stunned into silence. They could not believe what they were hearing. Tucker Carlson said the one thing on TV that he swore he never would. During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson spoke for the millions of…

A Top Democrat Accidently Exposed How Bad Joe Biden’s Mental Decline Is

Joe Biden isn’t even aware of a major crisis that’s happening under his watch. It’s clear that he’s completely out of the loop. A top Democrat accidently exposed how bad Joe Biden’s mental decline is. Last month the French government…

Joe Biden Instantly Regretted This Order When He Saw Ron DeSantis’ Response

Joe Biden just crossed a line that no American president ever has before. But it came back to bite Democrats in a big way. Joe Biden instantly regretted issuing this order when he saw Ron DeSantis’ response. Ever since his…

Democrats Took Their Harassment Way Too Far With an Ugly Tactic

The Democratic Party has been completely taken over by the radical left. And they are vicious towards anyone that doesn’t fall into line. Democrats took their harassment way too far with an ugly tactic. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is a Senator…

Joe Biden Made a Huge Change That’s Making the Border Crisis Even Worse

America is experiencing historic levels of illegal immigration. But Democrats are encouraging the problem. Joe Biden made a huge change that is making the border crisis even worse. The Biden administration doesn’t even give an estimate on illegal immigration numbers.…

Nancy Pelosi Privately Let Democrats Know About This Jaw Dropping Retirement News

Nancy Pelosi’s been in Congress since 1987. The 81-year-old leftist is slowing down and stumbling. And Nancy Pelosi privately let Democrats know about this jaw dropping retirement news. Nancy Pelosi is struggling. Pelosi oversaw double digit losses in the House…

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