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This Secret From Joe Biden’s Past Just Proved His Guilt in the Ukraine Scandal

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign staff is panicking. The former Vice President’s involvement in a conspiracy against Donald Trump is now coming to light. And this secret from Joe Biden’s past just proved his guilt in the Ukraine scandal. When reports…

CNN Is in Deep Trouble After an FBI Official Broke Down in a Stunning Confession

The FBI and CIA are working double time to take down President Trump. They are working hand in hand with Democrats and also the mainstream media. CNN is in deep trouble after an FBI official broke down in a stunning…

One Disturbing Truth About the Whistleblower Is Bad News for Adam Schiff

The success of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff’s impeachment coup hinges on one factor. And that would be the credibility of the spy that filed a “whistleblower” complaint. But this one disturbing truth about the whistleblower is bad news for…

FOX News Could Get Sued Into Oblivion if They Keep Running a Controversial Ad

Like most cable news networks, FOX News relies heavily on the support of advertisers to make money and continue producing programming for the viewing public to enjoy. The lion’s share of the ads FOX News runs are pretty tame, at…

The Supreme Court Announced One Case That Could Determine Donald Trump’s Future

The Supreme Court finally made its move. After months of speculation the Justices finally made a decision. And the Supreme Court just announced they were taking up this one case that could determine Donald Trump’s future. In 2016 the Supreme…

This Smoking Gun Proved Adam Schiff Was Guilty of One Major Crime Against Trump

Adam Schiff just made the biggest mistake of his life. Schiff thought he pulled off a master stroke that would lead to Donald Trump’s impeachment. But the smoking gun proving Adam Schiff was guilty of one major crime against Trump…

Obama Is Terrified William Barr Has Uncovered a Crime That Will Land Him in Jail

Obama is panicking because the 2016 election is being closely examined. He knows that he broke several laws trying to keep Trump out of office. Obama is terrified William Barr has uncovered a crime that will land him in jail.…

Ilhan Omar’s Ugly Sex Scandal Took a Turn for the Worse and She Could Get Deported

Ilhan Omar may have finally reached her breaking point. The controversial freshman Democrat is finding herself in the middle of a crisis that continues to snowball. And now Ilhan Omar’s ugly sex scandal took a turn for the worse and…

A Huge Supreme Court Case Is About to Change America’s Future Forever

The Supreme Court Justices are hearing the most important case of the year. It will decide if America will continue to have religious freedom. This huge Supreme Court case is about to change America’s future forever. The Civil Rights Act…

Devin Nunes Dropped One Bombshell That Just Exonerated Donald Trump

A Barack Obama loyalist inside the CIA got the ball rolling on impeachment by filing a “whistleblower” complaint against President Trump. The story just took a dramatic turn. And that’s because Devin Nunes dropped one bombshell that just exonerated Donald…

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