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Nancy Pelosi’s Alliance With this Chinese Ally will Have You Screaming Treason

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have gone too far. Americans expect Democrats to want to defeat a Republican President, but they won’t tolerate working with hostile foreign governments. Now Nancy Pelosi’s alliance with this Chinese ally will have you screaming…

Nancy Pelosi said Two Words about the Coronavirus that Instantly Backfired

Nancy Pelosi is in deep trouble. The Speaker of the House is facing a crisis. Nancy Pelosi said two words about the coronavirus that instantly backfired. Democrats and Republicans alike believe the 2020 Presidential Election will come down to voters…

William Barr Said 3 Words that Shut the Door on a Potential Joe Biden Running Mate

Democrats are making an unprecedented grab at Americans’ rights. Some Democrat Governors are auditioning for a national role tightening the screws on their citizens with a coronavirus power grab. William Barr Said 3 Words that shut the door on a…

China Made One Admission They Were Guilty of This Big Coronavirus Crime

China is working hard to cover up the origins of the novel coronavirus. But that just collapsed. And China made one admission they were guilty of this big coronavirus crime. Saying that the Chinese government is responsible for the current…

Nancy Pelosi Put Her Career at Risk by Ignoring this One Number

Even the coronavirus crisis could pull Nancy Pelosi’s focus from partisan politics. But there’s one area the desperately needs her attention. Nancy Pelosi put her career at risk by ignoring this one number. Many of the coronavirus numbers that are…

This Smoking Gun just Blew up China’s Big Coronavirus Cover Up

The coronavirus escaped from China in January and wreaked havoc across the globe. One mystery surrounding the virus is where it came from. And this smoking gun just proved the coronavirus came from a lab in China. For months fake…

Devin Nunes Hit Barack Obama With Some Bad News About His Allies Going to Jail

Barack Obama’s world is unraveling before his very eyes. Despite the nation’s focus resting on the coronavirus pandemic, investigators are getting even closer to the truth about the origins of the Russian collusion hoax. And now Devin Nunes hit Barack…

Bernie Sanders Made A Big Announcement That Shocked His Most Loyal Followers

Bernie Sanders has never been a team player for the Democrats. But now he’s openly divided them. Bernie Sanders made a big announcement that shocked his most loyal followers. There’s a huge problem that is now facing the Democratic Party…

One major Republican just gave Trump this Demand to Fire Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the faces of the President’s coronavirus task force. But in recent days as the doomsday predictions failed to materialize many Americans are wondering if the government made a major mistake. Now one major Republican…

You Won’t Believe Who is about to Kick Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out of Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasted no time in making herself one of the biggest names in Washington. Ocasio-Cortez succeeded in pushing the Democrat Party farther towards socialism. But her career is about to turn on a dime and you won’t believe who…

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