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One Woman Filed a Criminal Complaint that Could Force Joe Biden to Drop Out

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign was rocked by a bombshell allegation they never saw coming. And it involves an alleged sexual assault scandal from Biden’s past. Now this one woman filed a criminal complaint that could force Joe Biden to drop…

Barack Obama Dropped a 2020 Announcement that Turned Trump’s Life Upside Down

Democrats are now turning their attention to the General Election and their quest to defeat Donald Trump. Former President Barack Obama is now ready to get off the sidelines and jump on to the field of play. Barack Obama dropped…

A Top Democrat Hit The Roof When A Scandal from His Past Came Back to Bite Him

A Democrat’s troubling past was brought back into the public’s view by the mainstream media. They’re apologizing like crazy for hurting one of their own. That’s because this top Democrat hit the roof when a scandal from his past came…

Ilhan Omar Threw Down One Ultimatum That Could Lead to This Illegal Alien Bailout

Ilhan Omar left Americans speechless with her response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Minnesota Congresswoman is not looking to return the economy and American way of life back to normal. Instead, Ilhan Omar threw down one ultimatum that could lead…

China Was Caught Red-Handed in this Atrocity That Will Make Trump See Red

All hell is breaking loose across the globe because of China. The Chinese government concealed the truth about the coronavirus until it was too late for the United States and every other government on the face of the planet. And…

Donald Trump Taught Chuck Schumer A Lesson He Won’t Forget Anytime Soon

Donald Trump isn’t letting Chuck Schumer get away with his underhanded political antics. Democrat’s useless political attacks need to stop now. Donald Trump gave Chuck Schumer a lesson he won’t forget anytime soon. The Democrats are so biased against Trump…

A New Discovery In The Coronavirus Genetics Terrifies The Chinese Government

The Chinese Government is paying the price for the lies they’ve told the world. There will be a huge reckoning for their communist government when the crisis is over. A new discovery in the coronavirus genetics terrifies the Chinese government.…

The Supreme Court handed Trump a 2020 victory that left Nancy Pelosi speechless

Democrats thought they had a foolproof plan to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. But the left just got hit with some bad news. And that’s because the Supreme Court handed Trump a 2020 victory that left Nancy Pelosi speechless. Wisconsin’s…

Barack Obama Just Dropped this Giant Hint about Joe Biden’s Running Mate

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a giant decision facing him. It could help decide the outcome of the 2020 election. And now Barack Obama just dropped this giant hint about Joe Biden’s running mate. Former Vice President Biden announced…

Andrew Cuomo Tied Doctors’ Hands With An Awful Restriction To Attack Trump

Democrats keep telling Trump he should listen to the medical experts. They critically need to follow their own advice or people could die. Andrew Cuomo tied doctors’ hands with an awful restriction to attack Trump. The Democrats attack on hydroxychloroquine…

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