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George Soros Just Lost a Huge Court Case That Has Democrats in Panic Mode

George Soros tried to meddle in the midterm election. But that plan blew up in Soros’ face. And George Soros just lost a huge court case that has Democrats in panic mode. The Arizona State Supreme Court ruled a ballot…

Donald Trump Had Three Words to Say to His Home’s Redacted Search Warrant

The government needs to explain why the home of a former president was raided by the FBI. However the information being provided doesn’t justify the drastic decision. Donald Trump had three words to say to his home’s redacted search warrant.…

Ted Cruz Pointed Out One Fact That Will Drive Liz Cheney Crazy

A Trump-backed primary challenger routed Liz Cheney by 37 points. Cheney ended up planting the seeds of her own demise. And now Ted Cruz pointed out one fact that will drive Liz Cheney crazy. When the calendar turned to 2021…

A Deep State Leak Revealed the IRS Broke One Major Law to Target a Top Republican

Joe Biden already weaponized the FBI and the Department of Justice to target Donald Trump and his supporters. Now Biden twisting the machinery of government to crush his enemies is getting worse by the day. And now deep state leak…

A Major Democrat Finally Admitted How They Rigged the 2020 Election

The left is finally admitting Donald Trump was right about the 2020 election. There was a conspiracy. And this major Democrat finally admitted how they rigged the 2020 election. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confessed on Joe Rogan’s podcast that his…

Two Senators Dropped an Ultimatum to the FBI That Left Joe Biden a Nervous Wreck

The FBI is once again at the center of controversy. More shady conduct on behalf of the FBI to rig the election in Joe Biden’s favor has now come to light. And two Senators dropped delivered an ultimatum to the…

Fox News Humiliated Joe Biden by Trapping Him With This Question

Joe Biden went too far. Biden invited a political disaster. And Fox News humiliated Joe Biden by trapping him with this question. Joe Biden looted as much as $1 trillion from the treasury to transfer student loan debt from the…

A Top Democrat Has Five Strong Words of Condemnation For Joe Biden

Even some Democrats are scared at the federal overreach by the Biden administration. Biden’s student loan takeover isn’t going the way he planned. A top Democrat has five strong words of condemnation for Joe Biden. President Joe Biden is plowing…

Biden’s Own Justice Department Just Destroyed His Plans to Topple Trump

Joe Biden’s bid to destroy Donald Trump just got put on hold. And it’s all because his own Justice Department undermined Biden’s plans. Now, Biden is fuming after the highest law enforcement agency in the country just said they wouldn’t…

Ron DeSantis Sent Dr. Fauci a Message That Had Everyone Talking

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis built his political star on leading the fight against Dr. Anthony Fauci’s tyrannical COVID mandates. But now enough is enough. And Ron DeSantis sent Dr. Fauci a message that had everyone talking. Ron DeSantis spoke at…

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