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Fox News Just Told Donald Trump One Thing He is Not Used to Hearing

Liberal critics of Fox News attack the top rated cable news channel of being propaganda for Donald Trump. Fox News Channel had two ways it could respond. And Fox News just told Donald Trump one thing he is not used…

Sean Hannity Just Found out CNN Got Slapped with a Massive $300 Million Lawsuit

Fake news CNN long ago abandoned any pretense of being a news network. That decision came back to bite them. And now Sean Hannity just found out CNN got slapped with a massive $300 million lawsuit. Appearing on Sean Hannity’s…

Rush Limbaugh Pointed Out the One Thing that Joe Biden is Hiding From

Joe Biden’s handlers know their candidate has serious problems. But they also know they just have to run out the clock for a few more weeks until Election Day. That strategy collapsed when Rush Limbaugh pointed out the one thing…

Joe Biden Pulls This Insane Stunt That Will Crush His Campaign

Joe Biden thought he could have both sides. He never expected the backlash that would cause. Now, Joe Biden pulls this insane stunt that will crush his campaign. No one is a stranger to the violent riots that have slowly…

Nancy Pelosi Said Two Words That Made People Question Her Sanity

Nancy Pelosi thought everyone would be on her side. She did not realize how ludicrous her words sounded. Now, Nancy Pelosi said two words that made people question her sanity. It is no surprise to everyone that Nancy Pelosi makes…

A Top Fox News Star Was Just Named in a Lawsuit Alleging This Ugly Sex Crime

Fox News continues to find itself under attack. Now one of the network’s biggest stars is under fire. That’s because a top Fox News star was just named in a lawsuit alleging this ugly sex crime. Judge Andrew Napolitano is…

Democrats Suffered a Major Defeat That Could Tip One Key Swing State to Trump

With fewer than 50 days remaining until the Presidential Election both parties are fighting for any advantage they can get. And it was the Joe Biden campaign that was dealt some bad news. Democrats suffered a major defeat that could…

This Lie about the Coronavirus Just Backfired on Joe Biden in One Way No One Expected

The fake news media, Joe Biden campaign and the Democrat Party want to frame the 2020 election as a referendum on Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. They just got some bad news. And that’s because this lie about…

Donald Trump Found Out Something About the Military that Left His Jaw on the Ground

It seems like every institution in America is working to defeat Donald Trump. No President has ever faced this level of hostility and opposition. And now Donald Trump found out something about the military that left his jaw on the…

Trump Just Got Turned Down by His Top Choice to Replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg

There is much speculation in Washington that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire from the Supreme Court after the 2020 election. Donald Trump already put in his list of possible replacements. But President Trump just got turned down by his top…

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