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You Won’t Believe What One General Admitted to Michelle Obama about Trump

Horrifying details continue to drip out about the forces inside the government lining up against President Trump. Even the highest levels of the U.S. military were involved. And you won’t believe what one general admitted to Michelle Obama about a…

Joe Biden Just Got News that Texas is Off the Table in 2024

For years, Democrats have dreamed of flipping Texas blue. And many think that they can do just that in the next presidential election. But now, Joe Biden just got news that Texas is off the table in the 2024 election.…

One Shock Poll Shows Trump Could Dominate in 2024

Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican Party even six months after leaving office. And there are signs that he is set to sweep the 2024 election in a landslide. And it’s all because one shock poll gives Trump a…

A Top Republican Said Five Words That Sent Dr. Fauci Into A Nervous Breakdown

The covid regulations that Democrats are clinging to are way overboard. There’s no scientific evidence to back up their claims. A top Republican said five words that sent Dr. Fauci into a nervous breakdown. At the beginning of the coronavirus…

A Top Fox News Executive Called Trump on Election Night and Changed Everything

Donald Trump and his supporters got blindsided on Election Night. The source of the controversy was unexpected – Fox News. A top Fox News executive called Trump on election night and changed everything. On Election Night Donald Trump and many…

Barack Obama Has This Secret Tie From His Past to Critical Race Theory

The fight against critical race theory is raging across America. The truth is even worse than people think. Barack Obama has this secret tie from his past to critical race theory. Parents are turning into activists to stop schools from…

One Key Democrat Just Explained Why Kamala Harris Failed at This Important Job

Kamala Harris is beginning to take on more responsibilities at the White House. Many take it as a sign she is preparing to replace Joe Biden in 2024. But one key Democrat just explained why Kamala Harris failed at this…

Joe Biden Just Walked Off Stage When He was Hit With This Hard Question

Joe Biden is showing just how feeble his mental capacity is. He’s collapsing under the stress of the job. Joe Biden just walked off stage when he was hit with this hard question. When President Joe Biden met with Russian…

A Top Democrat Put Herself In An Embarrassing Situation With An Awful Accusation

Democrats in the highest offices aren’t willing to support their own government. Their anti-American attitude is disgraceful. A top Democrat put herself in an embarrassing situation with an awful accusation. Far-left Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO)who is a member of the…

Joe Biden Made Claim About The Fourth Of July That Made Him Look Insane

The president of America is completely out of touch with reality. He has no idea how his massive failures are hurting the American people. Joe Biden made a claim about the Fourth of July that made him look insane. Even…

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