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Nancy Pelosi Just Agreed To Take On A Shocking Role In A Drag Queen Show

Democrats are making a horrendous spectral of themselves catering to the radical left. They are losing average Americans with their awful pandering. Nancy Pelosi just agreed to take on a shocking role in a drag queen show. House Speaker Nancy…

Tucker Carlson Called Barack Obama One Name That Put Jaws on the Ground

Barack Obama made a big return to the national political stage. Democrats were thrilled. And Tucker Carlson called Barack Obama one name that put jaws on the ground. Big Tech rigged the 2020 election by censoring true stories about Hunter…

Trey Gowdy Obliterated Joe Biden With a Smackdown About a Massive Court Defeat

Joe Biden keeps losing. The mounting setbacks are causing meltdowns on the left. Trey Gowdy obliterated Joe Biden with a smackdown about a massive court defeat. A federal judge in Florida struck down Joe Biden’s public transportation mask mandate. So-called…

Donald Trump Shocked Everyone When Revealed He Would Not Make This Big Comeback

With the 2024 election getting closer each day the main source of speculation centers on Donald Trump’s political future. One of those questions just received a big answer. And Donald Trump shocked everyone when he revealed he would not make…

A Top Democrat Said Two Words About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that Will Start a Civil War

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the biggest stars in the Democrat Party. Not everyone is happy about that fact. A top Democrat said two words about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that will start a civil war on the left. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becoming…

CNN Suffered a Brutal Collapse That’s Making Everything Completely Unravel

CNN has just suffered the worst failure in their entire history. They’ll never recover from this jaw- dropping blow. CNN suffered a brutal collapse that’s making everything completely unravel. In Joe Rogan’s first month exclusively on Spotify his podcast attracted…

Elon Musk Has A Theory About Joe Biden That Is Making Democrats Quake

There’s a terrible price the American people have to pay for Democrats’ irresponsibility. Biden is trying to hide the damage that he’s done. Elon Musk has a theory about Joe Biden that is making Democrats quake. In March the annual…

Nancy Pelosi Trembled When She Learned The Two Major Groups Democrats Lost

Democrat’s radical policies are alienating voters in key demographics. They’ll have no hope of recovering. Nancy Pelosi trembled when she learned the two major groups of Democrats lost. The Democratic Party used to be perceived as the party of the…

Joe Biden Made A Border Decision So Awful It’s Horrifying Even Top Democrats

Democrats are panicking as they realize how much Biden is hurting their election chances. His plans will be disastrous for normal Americans. Joe Biden made a border decision so awful it’s horrifying even top Democrats. Far-left Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate…

Ron DeSantis Just Pulled This Power Play That Will End Nancy Pelosi’s Career

Democrats face an ever-narrowing path to maintain their majorities this November. One just got closed off. And Ron DeSantis just pulled this power play that will end Nancy Pelosi’s career. After the 2020 election, Republicans held a massive advantage in…

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