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The Left’s Cancel Culture Was Dealt a Massive Defeat by This Unexpected Foe

Democrats want to use cancel culture to ban Trump supporters from social media, fire them from their jobs and exile them from American life. But liberals just got some bad news. And that’s because the left’s cancel culture was dealt…

Bernie Sanders Was Horrified To Learn The Serious Accusation Leveled Against Him

The left is constantly changing their standards in increasingly radical ways. Even Bernie Sanders can’t keep up with them. Bernie Sanders was horrified to learn the serious accusation leveled against him. The most memorable part of President Joe Biden’s inauguration…

Even Democrats Slammed Kamala Harris For Making This Radical Statement In Public

Moderate Democrats are alarmed at the way Kamala Harris is talking. It’s causing them real problems. Even Democrats slammed Kamala Harris for making this radical statement in public. President Joe Biden is looking to pass a massive $1.9 trillion spending…

A Trump Supporter Faces Ten Years In Jail For What he Said about Hillary Clinton

A badly timed joke could ruin the life of one Donald Trump support. He was charged with a serious crime. A Trump supporter faces ten years in jail for what he said about Hillary Clinton. Instead of looking into cases…

Tucker Carlson Revealed the One Thing That Joe Biden Fears the Most

Joe Biden promised a return to normalcy. Americans got some bad news as the Capitol was put under military occupation, Wall Street tried to rig the stock market and Democrat cancel culture marched on unabated. But now Tucker Carlson revealed…

Donald Trump Made One Call That Had all Hell Breaking Loose

Everyone wants to know Donald Trump’s next move. They just got a big hint for his plans in 2022. And that’s because Donald Trump made one phone call that had all hell breaking loose. The fake news media and Democrats…

Joe Biden Sets Aside Claims of “Unity” To Reveal His True Colors

It’s only been a week, but things are not looking up. Now, Joe Biden sets aside claims of “unity” to reveal his true colors. In his Inaugural Address, Biden stated: “[T]o restore the soul and to secure the future of…

Joe Biden Was Just Abandoned by Some of His Closest Allies After This Double Cross

No one truly knows what to expect. But this will be a turning point for the Democrats. Now, Joe Biden was just abandoned by some of his closest allies after this double cross. One such display of power was proposing…

The Mainstream Media Is Trying To Hide One Humiliating Word Of Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer made an embarrassing error on the Senate floor. Now he’s trying to cover up his mistake. The mainstream media is trying to hide one humiliating word of Chuck Schumer. As Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was talking about…

Joe Biden Is Going to Pay Big For A Shockingly Short Sighted Executive Order

Many Democrat voters are already regretting supporting Joe Biden. Biden’s damaging the American people to keep radicals happy. Joe Biden is going to pay big for a shockingly short sighted executive order. President Joe Biden on his first day in…

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