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These Military Heroes Just Smacked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez With a Nasty Surprise

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bit off way more than she could chew. The freshman Congresswoman picked a fight that blew up in her face. And a group of military heroes just smacked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with this nasty surprise. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s home turf…

Neil Gorsuch Was Hit With a Nasty Surprise That Could Change Everything

When Republicans confirmed Neil Gorsuch to replace Antonin Scalia, it cemented a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. President Trump and his supporters expected to emerge victorious on all the major cases. But Neil Gorsuch was just hit with this…

William Barr Has a Message for Robert Mueller That Will Leave Mueller Seeing Red

Ever since Robert Mueller said he would not appear before Congress to testify about his report, people have been wondering. They’ve been wondering if Mueller is really as brave as he seemed to be. And now, William Barr has a…

Fox News Just Turned On Trump By Saying Something You Won’t Believe

With a few notable exceptions, Fox News no longer fairly covers President Trump. They have been shifting to the left ever since he took office. And Fox News just turned on Trump by saying something you won’t believe. Following the…

Maxine Waters Just Gave Donald Trump Some Insanely Bad News

Maxine Waters just gave Donald Trump some insanely bad news The moment Maxine Waters was waiting for finally arrived. Special counsel Robert Mueller put all his cards on the table regarding impeachment. And Maxine Waters just gave Donald Trump some…

What Robert Mueller Said Means He’s in Much Deeper Trouble Than Anyone Predicted

Robert Mueller may have admitted he can’t charge a sitting President. And he may have said that’s the main reason why he won’t go before Congress and offer further testimony on the obstruction charges. The problem for Mueller is what…

Ruth Bader Ginsberg Wrote Something That Had Everyone Questioning Her Future

Speculation swirled around Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s retirement after doctors removed cancerous tumors from her lungs last year. Ginsberg ended up returning to the court. But Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote something that has everyone questioning her future. The Supreme Court recently…

CNN Attack Against Trump Backfires After An Astounding Admission of Guilt

CNN reporter Ana Navarro implored her Twitter followers not to get “used to” Trump’s insanity. In reality, she was the one promoting insanity and falsehood. But CNN’s attack against Trump backfired after an astounding admission of guilt. CNN claims to…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Just Embarrassed Publicly by This Big Time Liberal

It hasn’t been an easy past few weeks for AOC. Not long ago there was a lawsuit involving a comic book featuring her. And just a few days ago Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was embarrassed publicly by this big time liberal. This…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacted to a huge defeat in this jaw dropping way

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez entered Congress on a mission. But just months into her term, she suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in politics. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reacted to the huge embarrassment in this jaw-dropping way. The Green New Deal is…

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