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One Pollster Warned the Polls Were About to Make this Catastrophic Error in 2020

Democrats are taking comfort in the fact that polls show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump nationally and in some key battleground states. They have already forgotten about four years ago. And one pollster warned the polls were about to make…

Chris Wallace Stunned Joe Biden With the Challenge that Biden Never Expected

Chris Wallace emerged as Joe Biden’s chief defender on Fox News. Wallace bent so far backwards to protect Biden that crowds at President Trump’s rallies boo when the President mentions how the network covers Biden. But Chris Wallace stunned Joe…

Joe Biden Snapped When He Heard Some Bad News About This Battleground State

Joe Biden isn’t acting like a candidate cruising towards a blowout win. There is good reason for that. And Joe Biden snapped when he heard some bad news about this battleground state. In 2016 Donald Trump fell just 50,000 votes…

The New York Times Was Forced to Admit This Humiliating Defeat to Trump

The New York Times has led the resistance to Donald Trump. But the paper crossed a line and their lies were exposed. And now the New York Times was forced to admit this humiliating defeat to Trump. Since the beginning…

Tony Bobulinski Revealed Another Shocking Layer To the Biden Crime Family Puzzle

This is the scandal the Bidens never wanted to be revealed. But now another layer to their inside dealings has been exposed. Tony Bobulinski revealed another shocking layer to the Biden crime family puzzle. The National Pulse published a leaked…

The Polls are Missing One Group of Voters That Could Swing The Election to Trump

As the election winds down the so-called “experts” are focusing in on the polling data to claim Joe Biden is about to score a massive landslide victory. The forecasters and the pundits all said the same thing in 2016. But…

Kamala Harris’ Latest Move Made Jaws Drop In Horror

She wants to position herself in a certain light to the media. But that fantasy has just come crashing down. Now, Kamala Harris’ latest move made jaws drop in horror. Harris’s office has a sign plastered all over her office…

Joe Biden Got Some Bad News About How All the Polls in 2020 Are Wrong

All the polls in 2020 show Joe Biden in the lead. Some pollsters and election forecasters believe Biden is on the verge of a historic landslide victory. But Joe Biden got some bad news about how all the polls in…

Barack Obama Crossed this Unthinkable Line with What He Said About the Police

Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for Joe Biden. The former President is desperate to defeat Donald Trump and deny Trump a second term. But all hell broke loose when Barack Obama crossed this unthinkable line with what he said…

Donald Trump Asked What Happened When the Polls in This Key State Shifted 7 Points

In the final week of the Presidential campaign the polls are undergoing a massive change. No one on either side can believe what is happening. And Donald Trump asked what happened when the polls in this key state shifted 7…

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