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Kamala Harris Has Come Up With An Insane Solution To Solve The Critical Border Crisis

When Donald Trump was president, immigration laws had been strictly enforced at the border. But with a Biden administration now in the White House, all hell is breaking loose. And Kamala Harris has come up with an insane plan to…

One Republican Has Big Questions to Answer After This Defection to the Democrats

Republican voters were horrified. They expect their elected officials to fight for them and their values. But one Republican Senator has big questions to answer after this defection to the Democrats. South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott wants to run…

This Emergency Declaration Exposed a Crisis That Is Making Joe Biden Pace The Floor

Even Democrats cannot deny the crisis that Joe Biden personally caused. Governors are being forced to take matters into their own hands. This emergency declaration exposed a crisis that is making Joe Biden pace the floor. Arizona Republican Governor Doug…

A Key Joe Biden Ally’s One Word Confession Set Democrats Up For One Giant Defeat

Democrats got some bad news. It came from one place the party could not afford. Now this key Joe Biden ally’s one word confession set Democrats up for one giant defeat. Michigan is undergoing the worst coronavirus outbreak in the…

Joe Biden Set To Take A Deal With Mexico’s President That Will Only Hurt Americans

No one could believe their eyes. But this is really happening. Now, Joe Biden is set to take a deal with Mexico’s President that will only hurt Americans. President Joe Biden has finally admitted to the crises at the border,…

Democrats Are Furious After Maxine Waters Made This Insane Statement

No one could believe what she said. Everyone was immediately on high alert. Now, the Democrats are furious after Maxine Waters made this insane statement. It is no secret that tensions have been running high these past few weeks. The…

A Medical Examiner Exposed The Awful Hoax Nancy Pelosi Used To Attack Trump

The Democrats used a huge lie in order to help impeach Donald Trump. But they couldn’t hide the truth forever. A medical examiner exposed the awful hoax Nancy Pelosi used to attack Trump. The New York Times ran the headline…

Ron DeSantis Made A Vaccine Statement That Sent Dr. Fauci Into a Meltdown

Ron DeSantis is fighting hard against the Democrats covid insanity. He’s not about to let people be trapped in lockdowns forever. Ron DeSantis made a vaccine statement that sent Dr. Fauci into a meltdown. Democrats aren’t willing to follow the…

A Top Black Republican Suffered A Horrific Racist Attack No One Ever Expected

A widely respected newspaper chose to send an unthinkable message to a Congressman. They made an awful reference to the Ku Klux Klan. A top Republican suffered a horrific racist attack no one ever expected. Republican Utah Rep. Burgess Owens…

Dr. Fauci’s Response to Tucker Carlson’s Question Will Leave You Speechless

Dr. Fauci and Tucker Carlson have a contentious relationship. But Fauci just escalated things to a whole different level. And Dr. Fauci’s response to Tucker Carlson’s question will leave you speechless. Dr. Fauci recently testified before Congress in hearing about…

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