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A Big Name Democrat Made a Mind Blowing Prediction about a Second Civil War

The political situation in America grows more contentious every day. Democrats find new ways every day to flex their power and punish Trump supporters. And this big-name Democrat made a mind-blowing prediction about a second Civil War. Liberal activist Carl…

One General Sat for a Secret Meeting that Could End Joe Biden’s Presidency

Joe Biden thought he had the deep state on his side. But with Biden’s political situation deteriorating by the day even his allies are looking to jump ship. And one general sat for a secret meeting that could end Joe…

Trey Gowdy Sent Joe Biden Running For Cover With This Epic Truth Bomb

Joe Biden tried to get away with lying to the American people. But that was not about to happen. Trey Gowdy sent Joe Biden running for cover with this epic truth bomb. Joe Biden created a crisis on the southern…

Jen Psaki Exposed Her Own Outlandish Stupidity With Three Insane Words

The Biden administration doesn’t understand basic economics. They can’t grasp the predictable consequences of their radical policies. Jen Psaki exposed her own outlandish stupidity with three insane words. Many key industries have low profit margins and when costs go up…

Joe Biden Plans To Expand The IRS In A Way That Should Scare Every American

Joe Biden is looking to expand the control that the federal government has. It will not be looking over most financial transactions. Joe Biden plans to expand the IRS in a way that should scare every America. In an effort…

This Piece Of Foreign Interference By Hunter Biden Shows How Dangerous He Is

Hunter Biden has made it crystal clear the unethical ways he’ll go for cash. He’s even willing to try and change America’s policy goals. This piece of foreign interference by Hunter Biden shows how dangerous he is. New emails from…

All Hell Broke Loose When Kamala Harris Encountered This Medical Emergency

Vice President Kamala Harris thought she was in store for a routine day. That was not the case. And all hell broke loose when Kamala Harris encountered this medical emergency. Despite being fully vaccinated for months, Kamala Harris was set…

Devin Nunes Filed One Lawsuit That Could Drive a Stake Through the Heart of CNN

The corporate media spent years trying to take down California Congressman Devin Nunes. Nunes helped the lead the investigation that exposed the Russian collusion hoax and the Deep State coup to overthrow Donald Trump. Devin Nunes filed one lawsuit that…

Fox News Just Cut Off Joe Biden and Shut Him Down With This Brutal Fact Check

Joe Biden’s accustomed to soft press coverage from adoring fans in the corporate media. Fox News just cut off Joe Biden and shut him down with this brutal fact check. Joe Biden is trying to change the narrative surrounding his…

Ted Cruz Humiliated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez With this Dirty Little Secret

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeks out high profile fights. That does not always work out to her advantage. Ted Cruz humiliated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with this dirty little secret. Joe Biden’s border crisis is a political albatross and a threat to American national…

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