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Ilhan Omar’s Crazy Move To Defund The Police Just Had Jaw-Dropping Results

Politicians are stopping the police from being able to do their jobs properly. This has drastically changed violence in the inner cities. Ilhan Omar’s crazy move to defund the police just had jaw-dropping results. Ilhan Omar, the Democratic congresswoman from…

William Barr Started 500 Investigations That Are Making Antifa Tremble

The Democrats thought they had gotten away clean with their violent riots. But they have a terrible reckoning coming that will put the criminals in jail. William Barr started 500 investigations that are making Antifa tremble. In Minneapolis alone there…

The Supreme Court Will Undergo One Big Change After the 2020 Election

Will Clarence Thomas or Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire after the November election and change the balance of the Supreme Court for a generation? That is one of the big questions voters are asking themselves as they prepare to make their…

Barack Obama Confessed One Thing About George W. Bush That No One Saw Coming

Barack Obama spent eight years in the White House blaming George W. Bush for everything that went wrong during his Presidency. But then something changed. And now Barack Obama confessed one thing about George W Bush that no one saw…

Rush Limbaugh Issued This Warning for Trump That Took the President by Surprise

Some Republicans are worried about the state of the Presidential election. Polls show Joe Biden holding a lead over President Trump. Rush Limbaugh issued this warning for Trump that took the President by surprise. A recent New York Times/Siena poll…

A Shocking Armed Takeover Could Topple The Career Of Biden’s Top VP Pick

Joe Biden thought he had found the perfect pick to be his Vice President. But the uncontrolled violence in her city is getting out of hand. A shocking armed takeover could topple the career of Biden’s top VP pick. Joe…

Nancy Pelosi Doubled Down On An Accusation Of Murder That’s Totally Wild

Nancy Pelosi’s attacks against Republicans are becoming completely unhinged. The way she talks is pushing violence in America to another level. Nancy Pelosi doubled down on an accusation of murder that’s totally wild. When George Floyd died in police custody…

William Barr Said Eleven Words That Made John Bolton Go Pale With Terror

Bolton thought that his tell-all book would be the ultimate key to success. But the government is about to destroy his plans. William Barr said eleven words that made John Bolton go pale with terror. Democrats didn’t like former national…

Megyn Kelly Dropped the Hammer on One Trump Critic with this One Simple Truth

Controversial former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly just picked a big fight. Kelly’s opponent was the one person no one ever thought Kelly would feud with. But Megyn Kelly dropped the hammer on one Trump critic with this one simple…

Tucker Carlson Went on TV and Made the Most Dangerous Report of his Career

Americans are living in a time when speaking the truth can end careers. Democrats and major institutions punish and censor anyone that deviates from the preferred left-wing narrative. That’s why viewers were stunned when Tucker Carlson went on TV and…

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