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All Hell Will Break Loose When Jeff Sessions Makes This Decision About His Future

Jeff Sessions did not leave the Trump administration on good terms. That’s because much of the blame for the Russia witch hunt rests with Sessions. And now all hell will break loose when Jeff Sessions makes this decision about his…

Mike Pence Said the Four Words That Just Shut Down CNN for Good

Everyone knows CNN is fake news and out to destroy Donald Trump. But the stunt CNN pulled is beyond the pale. And Mike Pence responded by saying the four words that shut down CNN for good. Mike Pence led a…

Rush Limbaugh Just Gave Joe Biden the Most Terrible News of His Entire Career

Joe Biden has been a fixture in the Democratic Party for over 40 years. But his time there may be nearly up. Rush Limbaugh just gave Joe Biden the most terrible news of his entire career. Joe Biden entered the…

Megan Rapinoe Is About to Make This Unthinkable Challenge to Trump in 2020

Megan Rapinoe and her America hating teammates on the U.S. women’s soccer team made waves with their protesting the national anthem. But Rapinoe just took things to a new level. And now Megan Rapinoe is about to make this unthinkable…

This Murder in a Sex Scandal Has One Awful Connection to Bill and Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton have one of the shadiest pasts in American politics. Now it is catching up with them. That’s because this murder in a sex scandal has one awful connection to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Ed Buck is…

Ilhan Omar’s Luck Just Ran out After Being Caught in This Massive Lie

Ilhan Omar is going to regret this one. The freshmen Congresswoman from Minnesota has made a career out of escaping accountability from scandal. But Ilhan Omar’s luck just ran out after being caught in this massive lie. Ilhan Omar’s track…

Barack Obama Is Furious With Joe Biden After This Lie Blew up in His Face

Obama thought Trump would take the fall for his terrible mistake. But in a recent interview, Biden made a startling confession. And Barack Obama is furious with Joe Biden after this lie just blew up in his face. Obama likes…

Nancy Pelosi Near Tears As One Of Her Closest Allies Viciously Betrayed Her

Nancy Pelosi is used to having the support of her party. The House Majority Leader wields her power like a tyrant and most of her supporting members of Congress go along. Which is why Nancy Pelosi was nearly in tears…

Brett Kavanaugh Can Laugh at Liberals Since This Famous Woman Says She Supports Him

The only thing the Democrats are good at is making something out of nothing. It’s precisely what they did when they created the sex scandal accusations to keep Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to the Supreme Court. But the good…

Chuck Schumer Is Shaking In His Boots after a New Fact about Trump was Released

Chuck Schumer, like many Democrats, thinks about 2020 a lot. His hope is that 2020 finally brings the ousting of Donald Trump. However, Chuck Schumer is shaking in his boots after this new fact about Trump was released. And this…

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