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Nancy Pelosi Is Quaking With Fear Over These Horrendous Numbers

Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows best how to run the country. But the middle class families in her district are facing major challenges. Nancy Pelosi is quaking with fear over these horrendous numbers. While Democrats say that they care about…

Barack Obama Celebrated One Victory That Is Bad News for Donald Trump

Unlike past ex-Presidents, Barack Obama did not fade away into obscurity. Obama dove headfirst into the political arena. Barack Obama celebrated one victory that is bad news for Donald Trump. One of the most under reported stories from Obama’s two…

Trey Gowdy Nearly Broke the Internet When He Said This About James Comey

James Comey will long be remembered for what he failed at doing, not what he accomplished. They’ll remember how he failed to find Hillary’s missing emails, and how he failed to keep classified information out of the hands of journalists’…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Faces a Potential Lawsuit That Could Ruin Her Life

Did you know that President Trump and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have a lot in common? Not only are they both from New York, but both of them are some of the most influential social media stars on the planet. As…

Nancy Pelosi Got Smacked in the Face With a Cold Truth About Trump’s Future

There’s not a person in the nation who likes Nancy Pelosi. Many in her party can’t stand her because they feel she’s not doing enough to get Trump impeached, and Republicans can’t stand her because she pushed the Russian meddling…

CNN Doesn’t Want You to Know About This Domestic Terrorist Attack

The media turns a blind eye to violence that doesn’t fit their agenda. On Friday, a vicious attack occurred that the media chose not to cover. CNN doesn’t want you to know about this domestic terrorist attack. The mainstream news…

Obama’s Attorney General Exposed an Evil Plot to Brainwash the American Public

Democrats have stopped using rational debate. They are not even trying to hide the nefarious ways they are trying to change opinions. Obama’s Attorney General exposed an evil plot to brainwash the American public. Education is vitally important to America.…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Stunned Americans Into Silence With News About Retirement

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the leader of the court’s four-member liberal block. But Ginsburg has also suffered from health issues – including multiple bouts with cancer – for years. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg stunned Americans into silence…

A Brand New Poll Hit Every Democrat in America With Some Really Bad News

All the experts thought the pieces of the 2020 election puzzle were falling into place. But Democrats are quickly realizing they may have counted their chickens before they hatched. And now this brand new poll hit every Democrat in America…

What Barack Obama Did to the U.S. Military Left Donald Trump Red With Rage

Barack Obama spent eight years trying to undo everything that makes America great. There was no bigger target for Obama to take down than the nation’s armed forces. And what Barack Obama did to the U.S. military left Donald Trump…

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