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Joe Biden Hit Red States With an Ultimatum That Has All Hell Breaking Loose

Republican governors are pushing back against Joe Biden’s socialist agenda. But Biden has one more card to play. And Joe Biden hit red states with an ultimatum that has all hell breaking loose. Led by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, red…

Joe Biden Heard Five Devastating Words That Drove the Final Nail in His Coffin

Democrats and the corporate media are losing faith that Joe Biden can right the ship. In fact, it may be too late. And Joe Biden heard five devastating words that drove the final nail in his coffin. The biggest blunder…

Joe Biden Is Rattled By One Disaster That No One Ever Would Have Expected

Joe Biden’s presidency is a dumpster fire. There are crises and failures on every front. And Joe Biden is rattled by one disaster that no one ever would have expected. Joe Biden’s presidency flew so far off the rails that…

You Won’t Believe What Paul Ryan Just Said About Fox News

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sits on the board of Fox News Channel. But Ryan is also at war with Donald Trump for control of the Republican Party. And you won’t believe what Paul Ryan just said about…

Donald Trump Won’t Be Running For President For One Jaw-Dropping Reason

Everyone thought Donald Trump was running for re-election in 2024. But that may not be the case. And now Donald Trump won’t be running for president for one jaw-dropping reason. In all interviews and public appearances, Donald Trump strongly hints…

Mitch McConnell is Plotting to Betray Every Trump Supporter by Agreeing to This Secret Deal

All hell is about to break loose in Washington. No one can believe what the GOP RINOs are set to sell out their voters on. And Mitch McConnell is plotting to betray every Trump supporter by agreeing to this secret…

Joe Biden Went on TV and Just Said the Unthinkable

Joe Biden stooped to a horrifying new low. Americans were not happy. And Joe Biden went on TV and just said the unthinkable. Joe Biden’s poll numbers sunk to another record low with Reuters finding just 36 percent of Americans…

Sean Hannity Revealed the Shocking Voting Scandal That Could Cost Republicans Everything

Sean Hannity had some bad news for conservatives. This is many Trump supporters worst nightmare. And Sean Hannity revealed the shocking voting scandal that could cost Republicans everything. It took more than a week for Pennsylvania election officials to count…

Trey Gowdy Discovered a Truth about Joe Biden That Will Shock You

Joe Biden’s biggest failure in office is even worse than you think. The depths of this scandal are just coming to light. And Trey Gowdy discovered a truth about Joe Biden that will shock you. From the moment Joe Biden…

Democrats Want to Impeach Clarence Thomas Because of Emails From This Woman

The left began waging character assassination on Clarence Thomas back in 1991. Liberals never gave up their quest to destroy Justice Thomas. And the Democrats want to impeach Clarence Thomas because of emails from this woman. The corporate media continues…

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