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This One Horrifying Photo of Children Threw Joe Biden Into A Fit Of Panic

The Biden administration has tried to keep journalists from seeing the conditions at the border crisis. A leaked photo shows the awful way kids are being housed. This one horrifying photo of children threw Joe Biden into a fit of…

Joe Biden Just Got Called Out For Doing This Big Favor For Child Molesters

The Democrats are picking a fight they may come to regret. It could cost them everything. And Joe Biden just got called out for doing this big favor for child molesters. Texas Senator Ted Cruz rallied activists to oppose the…

Kamala Harris Will Have You Red With Rage After What She Just Said About America

As Vice President, Kamala Harris is supposed to represent the United States of America. But Harris’ latest actions have many up in arms. And Kamala Harris will have you red with rage after what she just said about America. A…

Twenty-One States Joined Together And Hit Joe Biden With This Massive Lawsuit

Joe Biden started off his presidency with a huge mistake that cost Americans their livelihoods. There’s no justifications for what Biden did. Twenty-one states joined together and hit Joe Biden with this massive lawsuit. In 2011 the U.S reviewed 15,500…

Joe Biden’s New Tax Plan Is Destined To Doom America

There have been many worries about Biden’s presidency. Now those fears are coming true. Now, Joe Biden’s new tax plan is destined to doom America. In light of his controversial COVID-19 stimulus bill, President Biden has announced a new tax…

Joe Biden is Facing Huge Backlash For This Catastrophe at the Border

President Biden has made the news again. But not for the reason he hoped. Now, Joe Biden is facing a huge backlash for this catastrophe at the border. In the few weeks that he has been President, Joe Biden has…

A Top Democrat Used Military Power To Make A Shocking Political Point

The Democrats are trying to turn the military into a political weapon. And they are using it for political intimidation. A top Democrat used military power to make a shocking political point. This week top members of America’s military decided…

Nancy Pelosi Said Four Shocking Words To Justify Democrats Stealing An Election

Democrats aren’t willing to stand by a certified and decided election. They’re working to undermine election integrity. Nancy Pelosi said four shocking words to justify Democrats stealing an election. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled her support of Democrats launching…

CNN Is Excited At A Massive Democrat Bailout They’re In Line To Receive

Nancy Pelosi is looking to make the mainstream media even more powerful. And she thinks she’s found the perfect solution. CNN is excited at a massive Democrat bailout they’re in line to receive. There’s a bill in Congress that would…

Tucker Carlson Stunned Fox News Viewers Into Silence With This Regret About His Show

Joe Biden is now using the United States military to cancel Tucker Carlson. That had all hell breaking loose. And then Tucker Carlson stunned Fox News viewers into silence with this regret about his show. The Biden administration used the…

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