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This Picture of Kamala Harris Just Turned into the Biggest Embarrassment of Her Life

Kamala Harris cannot get out of her own way. As the crisis in Afghanistan snowballs, Harris made everything worse. And this picture of Kamala Harris just turned into the biggest embarrassment of her life. Back in July, Joe Biden guaranteed…

Joe Biden Tried To Dismiss A Deadly Disaster With A Bizarre Defense

Joe Biden truly thinks that he did a good job withdrawing from Afghanistan. He’s become completely delusional in his thinking. Joe Biden tried to dismiss a deadly disaster with a bizarre defense. It’s completely obvious that America totally bungled the…

Joe Biden Had Some Really Bad News for Americans Stranded in Afghanistan

Joe Biden deserted thousands of Americans behind Taliban checkpoints after his disastrously executed withdrawal from Afghanistan. But each horrifying new detail that emerges exposes just how catastrophically incompetent the administration is. And now Joe Biden had some really bad news…

A Whistleblower Revealed How this Fraud Cost Donald Trump the 2020 Election

Donald Trump claimed the 2020 election was rigged against him. Trump was waiting for a story like this. And a whistleblower revealed how this fraud cost Donald Trump the 2020 election. After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Democrats and…

You Won’t Believe What Joe Biden Was Doing In The Middle Of A Crisis

Joe Biden wasn’t at the White House dealing with the situation as Afghanistan crumbled. Instead he had very different priorities. You won’t believe what Joe Biden was doing in the middle of a crisis. The Biden administration doesn’t know how…

This One Failure Joe Biden Committed Is Sure To Go Down In The History Books

Joe Biden is responsible for the worst American defeat in a generation. He’ll be known forever for this grave error in judgement. This one failure Joe Biden committed is sure to go down in the history books. President Joe Biden’s…

Joe Biden Finally Did the One Thing that Caused CNN to Turn on Him

CNN is one cable channel that Joe Biden and the Democrats can count on to parrot their political narrative. But even that relationship reached a breaking point. Joe Biden finally did the one thing that caused CNN to turn on…

One Senator Proposed Removing Joe Biden Using this Constitutional Amendment

Joe Biden’s presidency is in crisis. Biden’s botched and blood withdrawal from Afghanistan called into question Biden’s decision making and fitness for office. And one Senator proposed removing Joe Biden from office using this Constitutional amendment. Florida’s anti-gun Senator Rick…

Ron DeSantis Has a Boycott That Sent CNN Into A Complete Meltdown

The mainstream media have given up any pretense of objective journalism. But they aren’t willing to face the consequences of their actions. Ron DeSantis has a boycott that sent CNN into a complete meltdown. The left is worried about the…

Joe Biden Jumped To Cuomo’s Defense With Four Horrifying Words

A top Democratic governor has been forced to resign follow sexual harassment allegations. But that isn’t stopping Biden from giving him praise. Joe Biden jumped to Cuomo’s defense with four horrifying words. Following allegations that New York Governor Andrew Cuomosexually…

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