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Donald Trump Just Found Out Some Bad News About GOP Impeachment Betrayals

The Senate impeachment trial is set to begin as Democrats will transmit the articles of impeachment this week. The President is counting on Republicans to stand united behind him. But then Donald Trump just found out some bad news about…

This Video Is the Smoking Gun in a Suspicious Death That Has Bill Clinton on Edge

The Clintons and mysterious deaths are never far apart. But now Americans are asking some hard questions that the Clintons and their allies don’t have any good answers for. And this video is the smoking gun in a suspicious death…

Adam Schiff Is Hiding a Huge Impeachment Secret That Could Explode the Senate Trial

There’s one simple question that Adam Schiff is stubbornly refusing to answer. He knows if he answered it would backfire on the Democrats in a major way. Adam Schiff is hiding a huge impeachment secret that could explode the Senate…

Hillary Clinton Got a Get Out of Jail Free Card That’s About to Cost Her Big

Hillary Clinton was part of a huge FBI cover-up that just exploded in her face. Her long history of crimes is about to catch up with her. Hillary Clinton got a get out of jail free card that’s about to…

Michelle Obama Released One Video That Was a Major Hint About Her Future

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is the biggest wild card in American politics. Obama could change the 2020 election overnight if she decided to run for President. Michelle Obama released one video that revealed this major hint about her future…

A Court Delivered a Victory That Donald Trump Thought He Would Never See

Democrats celebrated a string of victories in court that thwarted Donald Trump’s agenda. But the left just got some really bad news on that front. And that’s because one court delivered this victory that Donald Trump thought he would never…

Jeff Sessions Just Shut Down This Ugly Rumor About Him and Donald Trump

Jeff Sessions’ tenure in the Trump administration ended under a black cloud of controversy and hard feelings. Sessions tried to move past that by making a comeback for his old Senate seat which raised more questions about Sessions’ relationship with…

Megyn Kelly Revealed a Big Lie About a Scandal That Nearly Ended Her Career

Megyn Kelly’s career at Fox News was clouded in controversy. But now Kelly wants to set the record straight. And Megyn Kelly revealed a big lie about a scandal that nearly ended her career. Hollywood put out the “Oscar bait”…

One Democrat Went on Fox News and Told a Mind-Numbing Lie About Obama

The Democrats will do anything to defend Barack Obama. They treat Obama like a revered king who could do no wrong. And one Democrat went on Fox News and told one mind-numbing lie about Obama. Barack Obama has to be…

This Announcement Was the Democrat Party’s Death Warrant

President Donald Trump is the worst thing ever to happen to the Democrat Party. He is crushing them with his ‘America First’ agenda. And now they are done after this announcement signed the Democrat Party’s death warrant. After three years…

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