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Chuck Schumer Made a Huge Confession That Will End Impeachment

The Democrats’ last hope of impeachment is finally doomed. A significant vote was a huge failure for the Democrats. Because Chuck Schumer made a huge confession that will end impeachment. The Democrats lost big on their final gamble to save…

A Top Democratic Candidate Killed Impeachment With One Thoughtless Question

A desperate attempt campaign strategy destroyed a vital Democratic impeachment plan. The Democrats are proving once again that they are their own worst enemy. A top Democratic candidate killed impeachment with one thoughtless question. The Democrats knew that they could…

Adam Schiff Failed After One Secret Meeting. This Republican Is Who Took Him Down

Adam Schiff almost pulled off an impeachment coup. But the Democrats’ quest to remove Donald Trump ended in defeat. And it’s all because Adam Schiff failed after one secret meeting. This Republican is who took him down. The question with…

Mike Pence Was Left Speechless When He Discovered This Traitor Working for Him

The impeachment witch hunt has reached Vice President Mike Pence’s door. Vice President Pence found out the same sinister forces conspiring against the President were also working against him. And Mike Pence was left speechless when he discovered this traitor…

John Bolton Got Caught Breaking This Law. Here Is the Legal Punishment He Faces

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton declared war on Donald Trump. In the final days of the Senate impeachment trial the contents of Bolton’s upcoming book leaked to the New York Times in an 11th hour bid to boost the…

Devin Nunes Told Tucker Carlson Some Bad News That Stunned Him Into Silence

Devin Nunes was one of President Trump’s key defenders during the impeachment witch hunt. Nunes made a guest appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to discuss the current state of affairs in the impeachment witch hunt. And Devin Nunes…

The Supreme Court Crushed Chuck Schumer With This Epic Impeachment Defeat

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats played their last card in the impeachment witch hunt. And it involved the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But the Supreme Court crushed Chuck Schumer with this epic impeachment defeat. When Tennessee RINO Lamar…

Donald Trump Knocked John Bolton Off His High Horse With a Single Sentence

John Bolton may be the Democrats’ newest darling with his conveniently leaked story. But a word from Trump has put him right back in his place. Donald Trump knocked John Bolton off his high horse with a single sentence. It’s…

A Top Republican Has Set Up an Impeachment Ambush Adam Schiff Can’t Escape

Adam Schiff is in for an embarrassing time he has no way of avoiding. His underhanded impeachment shenanigans are about to be completely exposed. A top Republican has set up an impeachment ambush Adam Schiff can’t escape. The only reason…

Sean Hannity Took This Big Risk. Now His Career Will Be Changed Forever

Sean Hannity is one of the most popular hosts on Fox News Channel. On many nights Hannity procures the most watched show on cable news. But now Sean Hannity took this big risk. Now his career will be changed forever.…

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