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Ilhan Omar Could End Up Behind Bars Because of Shocking New Terrorist Links

Since getting into office, Ilhan Omar has been caught with ties to terrorism-linked groups. Despite that, she has remained in office to this day somehow. But she could end up behind bars because of shocking new terrorist links. Since getting…

The Last Person Adam Schiff Ever Expected Just Betrayed Him on Impeachment

Adam Schiff was left speechless. The full scale of Schiff’s disastrous decision to hold public impeachment hearings began to dawn on him. And then things went from bad to worse when the last person Adam Schiff ever expected just betrayed…

William Barr’s Latest Move Will End Impeachment and Jail the Deep State

Unlike most officials in Washington, William Barr is unafraid of taking on the deep state. As Trump’s Attorney General he is taking them head-on. And his latest move will end impeachment and jail the deep state. The reason Democrats are…

Adam Schiff Was in Tears After Seeing One Picture That Spells His Doom

Adam Schiff is under a lot of pressure by the deep state. They are counting on him to push impeachment of President Trump over the finish line. But Schiff was in tears after seeing one picture that spells his doom.…

Whistleblower Revealed George Soros’s Awful Link to Impeachment

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt against Donald Trump just took this turn for the worse. But before this report on Fox News, no one knew the depths to which the Democrats and the Deep State were colluding to bring down…

All Hell Broke Loose When Barack Obama Made This Jaw-Dropping 2020 Endorsement

This was the moment Democrats had been waiting for. Former President Barack Obama finally waded into the Democrat presidential primary. And all hell broke loose when Barack Obama made this jaw-dropping 2020 endorsement. Barack Obama finally made his thoughts about…

Fox News Host Said Two Words That Had Adam Schiff Grinning From Ear to Ear

Adam Schiff and his allies put their cards on the table. Democrats held multiple public show trial hearings to brainwash the American people into supporting their coup to remove Donald Trump from office. And this Fox News host said two…

Bill Clinton Left Adam Schiff Red With Rage by Telling One Impeachment Truth

Bill Clinton knows a thing or two about surviving impeachment. But Democrats were not prepared for what former President Clinton was about to reveal in public. And Bill Clinton left Adam Schiff red with rage by telling one impeachment truth.…

Chick-fil-A Revealed Some Bad News That Could Shut Them Down for Good

For years liberals targeted the fast food chain Chick-fil-A for destruction. Democrat activists want to close down the franchise because of their Christian values. And now Chick-fil-A revealed some bad news that could shut them down for good. Back in…

Trump Sent Adam Schiff Into a Fit of Rage by Embarrassing Him on National TV

Adam Schiff truly believes he will take down President Trump. But his entire impeachment scheme is nothing more than a sham. And Trump just sent Schiff into a fit of rage by embarrassing him on national TV. Democrats think they…

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