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Joe Biden Is Hiding a Massive Failure That Could Destroy the Democrat Party

One bombshell report is going to be big trouble for the Democrats in 2020. A major promise Joe Biden made has backfired in a major way. Joe Biden is hiding a massive failure that could destroy the Democrat Party. The…

A Court Gave One Ruling That Left Barack Obama’s Jaw on the Ground

Former President Barack Obama was facing the reckoning he never imagined would come. The criminal conspiracy Obama presided over during the 2016 election was laid bare for all to see. And then a court gave one ruling that left Barack…

A Top Republican Smacked Nancy Pelosi With a Reality Check That Changes Everything

Life isn’t going well for Nancy Pelosi. Her political career is falling apart as her impeachment hoax is imploding before her eyes. And a top Republican just smacked her with a reality check that changes everything. Nancy Pelosi’s entire impeachment…

A Smoking Gun in Court Is the Bad News Joe Biden Feared About Ukraine

This is the day Joe Biden was dreading. The former Vice President hoped this dirty laundry would stay buried forever. But this smoking gun in court is the bad news Joe Biden feared about Ukraine. The Democrats invented a fake…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Could Be Thrown Out of Congress for This Shocking Reason

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is talked about as a possible future president. But the socialist Congresswoman for New York just got some really bad news. And now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be thrown out of Congress for this shocking reason. New York is…

Obama Just Got Huge News About His Future That Will Terrify Trump Supporters

After his eight year reign as President, Americans were relieved to finally be free of Barack Obama. But it’s clear that he wants nothing more than to be back in politics. And he just got huge news about his future…

Fox News Just Said Three Words About Nancy Pelosi That Will End Her Career

Nancy Pelosi has continuously been in the spotlight the last few weeks. The House Speaker has been the subject of scrutiny over her involvement in the botched impeachment trial against President Trump. And Fox News just said three words about…

Adam Schiff Turned Pelosi’s Life Upside Down by Admitting One Fact

For the first weeks of the impeachment effort, Adam Schiff was Nancy Pelosi’s biggest ally. But now his name doesn’t come up nearly as much as it used to. And Schiff just turned Pelosi’s life upside down by admitting one…

Barack Obama’s Legacy Will Never be the Same After What Trump Just Did

The legacy of Barack Obama is one of corruption, economic ruin, and racial division. This is despite the mainstream media working overtime to cover for him. And Obama’s legacy will never be the same after what Trump just did. At…

Impeachment Just Backfired So Badly That Nancy Pelosi’s Career Is Done

Impeachment is the Democrats’ last chance to remove Trump. While the Senate trial is virtually impossible to go their way, they have no other hope. But impeachment just backfired so badly that Nancy Pelosi’s career is done. President Trump is…

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