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Barack Obama Said One Word About Donald Trump That Will Have You Seeing Red

Former President Barack Obama long had it out for Donald Trump. But no one knew how far Obama would go to destroy Trump. And Barack Obama said one word about Donald Trump that will have you seeing red. The streaming…

Adam Schiff Was Red With Rage When He Saw How Chuck Schumer Betrayed Him on TV

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt is off to a rocky start. Democrats showed up in the Senate unprepared to argue the case they claimed was airtight. Adam Schiff was red with rage when he saw how Chuck Schumer betrayed him…

Mike Pence Let the Cat Out of the Bag on if He Would Turn on Trump in Impeachment

Democrats and the fake news media keep trying to drag Vice President Mike Pence into the impeachment witch hunt. The goal is drive a wedge between Pence and the President. And as the trial got underway Mike Pence let the…

William Barr Shut Down the Democrats’ Surprise Impeachment With Just Two Words

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats thought they pulled a rabbit out of their hat on impeachment. Democrats’ prayers were answered in the form of an 11th hour smoking gun. And William Barr shut down the Democrats’ surprise impeachment witness with…

One Republican Called Chuck Schumer’s Bluff and the Results Were Not Pretty

Chuck Schumer and the Democrats know they are playing a losing hand on impeachment. Their only chance for victory is some kind of procedural Hail Mary to rig the trial in the Democrats’ favor. But now this one Republican called…

A Shocking Warehouse Find Confirmed One of Donald Trump’s Worst Fears

Democrats blamed Trump for a deadly disaster that left thousands dead. But new information has revealed that the true villain was far closer to home. A shocking warehouse find has confirmed one of Donald Trump’s worst fears. In 2017 a…

Mitch McConnell Has a Trick Up His Sleeve That Could Kill Impeachment at Any Moment

Mitch McConnell has a clever plan to guarantee Democrats never control the Senate trial. This one move has made Trump’s victory completely inevitable. Because Mitch McConnell has a trick up his sleeve that could kill impeachment at any moment. The…

Ilhan Omar Fired Off One Ultimatum to Trump That Could End His Presidency

Ilhan Omar is usually at the center of scandal and controversy. That’s why many Americans are not surprised to see her in the eye of the impeachment hurricane. And now Ilhan Omar fired off one ultimatum to Trump that could…

Michelle Obama Just Got Hit With Some Really Bad News on Her Birthday

Many Democrats are secretly hoping former First Lady Michelle Obama offers herself up as a candidate for President at the national convention this summer. Barack Obama’s refusal to – as of yet – endorse a candidate got many Democrats’ hopes…

Democrats Were Left Speechless by the Deal Donald Trump Just Made

The Democrats are desperate to stop Donald Trump’s re-election. They’re doing whatever they can to sell the narrative that Trump is off the rails. But Democrats were left speechless by the deal Trump just made. The Democrats and their big…

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