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Joe Biden Was Caught Hiding One Secret About His Health That Ended His Campaign

Former Vice President Joe Biden regained his footing as the favorite to win the Democrat Party nomination as polls showed Biden with the best chance to defeat President Trump. And then disaster struck. That’s because Joe Biden was caught hiding…

William Barr Called Out Barack Obama for a Criminal Act That Added Up to Treason

The American people were horrified to see the extent of the Obama administration and FBI’s criminal scheme to meddle in the 2016 election by spying on the Trump campaign. Millions of citizens are wondering who – if anyone – will…

Donald Trump Went to War With Fox News Over One Giant Error

Fox News used to be the one channel Americans could count on for a fair and balanced take on Donald Trump. But that all changed with the impeachment witch hunt. Now Donald Trump went to war with Fox News over…

Trump Couldn’t Believe What Voters in This Key State Said About His Re-Election

The 2020 election will come down to a handful of key battleground states. One group of voters will determine who comes out on top. And Donald Trump couldn’t believe what voters in this key state said about his re-election. Saginaw…

Donald Trump Saw Impeachment Shut Down With These Three Words

President Trump and his allies have had enough of the impeachment witch hunt. After months of investigations and hearings, they are fighting against Adam Schiff’s rigged trial. And Donald Trump saw impeachment shut down with these three words. Adam Schiff…

Nancy Pelosi’s Big Impeachment Lie Is About to Come Back to Haunt Her

Nancy Pelosi is on the war path against President Donald Trump. But the Democratic Speaker of the House is about to get hit with a massive surprise. And now, Pelosi’s big impeachment lie is about to come back to haunt…

Adam Schiff Turned Pelosi’s Life Upside Down by Admitting One Fact

For the first weeks of the impeachment effort, Adam Schiff was Nancy Pelosi’s biggest ally. But now his name doesn’t come up nearly as much as it used to. And Schiff just turned Pelosi’s life upside down by admitting one…

Donald Trump Knew It Was All Over When He Saw This 2020 Poll

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to defeat Donald Trump next November. Like every election, the 2020 contest will come down to a handful of key swing states. And Donald Trump knew it was all over when he saw…

All Hell Broke When Trump Found Out the Democrats’ Next Move on Impeachment

Democrats are proceeding with two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. But a major curveball just got thrown the Democrats’ way. And now all hell broke when Trump found out the Democrats’ next move on impeachment. The American people are…

Fox News Experienced This Major Shake-Up That Will Change It Forever

Fox News and Donald Trump have been at war for months over the network’s coverage of impeachment. The President and his supporters noticed Fox News moving left just as Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are scheming to remove Donald Trump…

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