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An Arrest on One Ugly Sex Scandal May Reveal Bill Clinton’s Worst Crime Ever

Bill Clinton’s past continues to haunt the Democrat Party. But no one was prepared for what came next. And an arrest on one ugly sex scandal may reveal Bill Clinton’s worst crime ever. Federal law enforcement officials arrested billionaire financier…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Latest Lies Will Put Her In Trouble With The Law

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is incapable of speaking the truth. Even members of her own party have been running away from her blatant falsehoods. Now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s latest lies may put her in trouble with the law. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets a lot…

Joe Biden Made a Confession About This Crime That Just Tanked His Campaign

Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign is taking on water. The Democrat front runner is under fire and his numbers are sagging. And things just got a whole lot worse after Joe Biden made a confession about this crime that just tanked…

This Injured War Hero Asked One Question That Just Destroyed Barack Obama’s Biggest Ally

Barack Obama and his co-conspirators were plotting in the shadows to take down Donald Trump. But they never counted on one Navy SEAL to blow up their plan. And that happened when this injured war hero asked the one question…

Bill Clinton Took One Act of Revenge on William Barr That Will Have You Seeing Red

Forces within the government have been out to sabotage Attorney General William Barr ever since he replaced Jeff Sessions. The campaign to undermine Barr threatens the rule of law. And now Bill Clinton took one act of revenge on William…

Rush Limbaugh Destroyed This Top Trump Challenger With a Harsh Reality Check

The 2020 Presidential election just took an interesting turn. Candidates are rising and falling in the polls after the first Democrat Presidential debate. And Rush Limbaugh just destroyed this top Trump challenger with a harsh reality check. Former Texas Congressman…

Brett Kavanaugh Was Shocked When This Person He Trusted Betrayed Him In Public

Brett Kavanaugh knows what it’s like to have enemies. However, now that he’s establishing himself in D.C., he’s learning even friends can be enemies. Which is why Brett Kavanaugh was shocked when a person he trusted betrayed him in public.…

Robert Mueller Is Sweating Bullets As Some Very Big News about Him Came Out

All the Democrats think Robert Mueller testifying is going to give them traction for impeachment. But there’s something they don’t know about this hearing. And that is Robert Mueller is sweating bullets as some very big news about him just…

Nancy Pelosi Just Dropped a Bomb and It Could End the Democrat Party Forever

The Democrat Party is in terrible shape and Nancy Pelosi is partly to blame. After taking a beatdown in the Democrat debates last week, they were already hobbled. But Nancy Pelosi just dropped a bomb that could end the Democrat…

Chuck Schumer Should Be Ashamed Now That We Know This Dark Truth

Can you imagine being the leader of a party that’s actively trying to destroy their own country? Of course, you’d probably deny trying to do so. And if you’re Chuck Schumer, you should be ashamed that Americans now know a…

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