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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Revealed A Secret Fear Completely Divorced From Reality

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making delusional statements in order to gain sympathy. The claims she’s making are completely baseless. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed a fear completely divorced from reality. During the January 6th riot Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t even in the Capitol.…

These Five Words of Accusation Have Nancy Pelosi Trembling With Terror

Nancy Pelosi failed with her awful avoidance of duty. She was hoping to avoid this vote at all costs. These five words of accusation have Nancy Pelosi trembling with terror. The Democrats don’t want Covid regulations to ever to go…

Mark Levin Had One Demand That Will Turn Kamala Harris’ Life Upside Down

Popular Fox News host Mark Levin is on the warpath. The target of Levin’s anger will surprise you. Mark Levin had one demand that will turn Kamala Harris’ life upside down. Levin made his name in the conservative media as…

Democrats Called In Damage Control Because Of The Disaster Kamala Harris Made

Kamala Harris is proving to be a huge problem for the Democratic Party. And it’s only getting worse. Democrats called in damage control because of the disaster Kamala Harris made. Even though Vice President Kamala Harris has only been in…

One Set of Jaw Dropping Poll Numbers Just Set off a Panic in the Democrat Party

Democrats from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on down were taken by surprise. The left never thought this situation would fly off the rails. And one set of jaw dropping poll numbers just set off a panic in the Democrat…

You Won’t Believe Who Forced Nancy Pelosi to Tank One of Joe Biden’s Big Priorities

All hell broke loose when Nancy Pelosi turned on the Democrat base. No one saw this betrayal coming. And you won’t believe who forced Nancy Pelosi to tank one of Joe Biden’s big priorities. Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren pushed…

A Biden Victim Destroyed Jen Psaki’s Cover Up With A Damning Question

A top Democrat hit with an awful scandal has Joe Biden fearing the worst. It has the potential to destroy Biden entirely. A Biden victim destroyed Jen Psaki’s cover up with a damning question. Earlier this week New York Attorney…

Trey Gowdy Made This Top Democrat Wish They Never Opened Their Mouth on National TV

Democrats woke up to a massive political problem on their hands. That became clear in an instant. Trey Gowdy made this top Democrat wish they never opened their mouth on national TV. Democrats and the media elevated socialist Missouri Congresswoman…

Democrats Have Come Up With A New Scheme To Target Donald Trump

Democrats are going to insane lengths to go after Donald Trump. There’s no way that they can justify what they’re doing. Democrats have come up with a new scheme to target Donald Trump. Chicago owes former President Donald Trump a…

Joe Biden Decided To Hide An Awful Report That Could Destroy Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is failing at her job in a devastating way. It’s terrible news for Democrats. Joe Biden decided to hide an awful report that could destroy Kamala Harris. Vice President Kamala Harris was placed in charge of handling the…

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